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Where’s Rey Talosig?

On a quiet Saturday night, alone and simulating some order and sense inside the house, it came upon me that tomorrow, Sunday, would have to be my showbiz overload, should I have the time. Maybe I will start with the noontime shows – with a variety of singers, dancers and acrobats onstage. Then the teen shows [I’m a closet fan of that teen show on Channel 2]. And of course, the inane talk shows, Pete and Pete included, over at that hazy channel. Speaking of noontime shows, I turn on the tube at 1 pm to wait for the SOP Take 5 Boys [with main boy Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion. And there’s another hottie in there, the long-haired one called Rey Talosig, Jr. He has been in the modeling biz – mainly Bench underwear – for quite sometime now. And this hunky daddy [married with a daughter], has been trying to make it as a boyband singer, complete with the moves. In the publicity materials for the February 2007 launch of the group, 26-year old Rey has been tagged as the intelligent one [he finished Broadcasting at the University of the Philippines]. I haven’t been seeing the Take 5 boys perform though on SOP lately. Maybe they have been replaced by the much younger The Studs? Too bad, I just wish they’ll come back. Rey Talosig was one of the boys in that group who always gave me the full quiver.

Érotique: Christian Navesis

Christian Navesis was last seen in the movie Twilight Dancers, as one of the bump and grinders with too much derring-do. Christian Navesis, who lists his birthdate on December 19, 1985 [which makes him all of 21 years only!], was born in Cebu City. He has appeared in countless male personality searches, from Mr. Caloocan 2006 to Kouros Male Model Search to the bikini contests in the resort provinces. The freelance actor and model, who stands at 5’9.5″, has also modeled swimwear, resort wear and bikinis for the usual runway shows of the underwear designers. [Thanks to Chris L., from France, for the topmost photo].

How about waiters?

In the previous discussion on working class men, I unconsciously neglected to mention the waitErs. I have a lot of friends who waited on their waiters till the end of their shifts, usually at 3am or even 6am. And I haven’t heard any bad reviews. Not yet. S., a good old friend who collects paintings and big bikes, has two waiter-boyfriends from the posh bars in Makati. J., another friend, loves them North Park boys, and the classic, G., drives for his waiter-lover all the way from their swanky Antipolo hills love-nest to Spirals in Sofitel Philippine Plaza inside the CCP Complex. Perhaps, I would never know how it feels but these friends swear by the beau-ideal of their relationships with the waiters. Are they agile? Polished to please? With hunky-dory service? Model is Raffy Santos, apparently a waiter coaxed into posing bare-skinned.

Candid Raymond Miranda

Someone sent me an email last night [in relation to my most recent post] with attached photos of this attractive diamond in the rough. For a minute I was wondering who this guy is, and then it hit me again that this is Raymond Miranda, a bit player in the movies and tv, and part-time model. So this is how he looks like, far from the footlights, with no make up or concealers. Just the same, he looks, uh, delectable, if you ask me. And as to my previous post on the -Er guys, my answers to all your comments would have to be: “I Know!”. Great treasures can come in even the most soiled packages.


At a late dinner last night, UPH was his usual chatty self – aside from, of course, complaining about the food he ordered. The conversation turned towards a quite-famous friend of his, who, apparently, had a penchant for construction workers, truck drivers [and family drivers, too], and security guards. He was wondering how a [then] young man with prominent status and patrician looks would dip into the soiled skivvies of the working class. Frankly, I am wondering too about the sociology of it all: while most Filipino gay guys lust after the mestizoid class, there is quite a number out there who would rather pine for the dark, sweaty, muscled worker, more commonly termed in local gayspeak – endearingly or otherwise, as the -Er variety [waitEr, workEr, drivEr]. Maybe it’s the masculine archetype of those jobs, you know, the lonely construction worker driving a nail into wood, the oiled and greasy truck driver riding a big machine or the security guard who speaks softly but carries a big stick. Ah, such human nature.

Models are, from left, Fernando Antonio and Fernando Montenegro, erstwhile bare-naked actors in the 90s era of the R-films.

What’s with Cedric Javier?

The last post on Cedric Javier has generated many comments and emails from readers, mostly pointing out bitty proportions and money changing hands. Some even emailed his real name: Christopher Libunao, from Antipolo City. For whatever it’s [or he’s] worth, Cedric Javier sure deserved some second look, another close scrutiny at a gay man’s lust-have. Did he break hearts? Satisfy some fantasies? Or dissipate some energies [and funds] along the way? Was he worth it? I can only second-guess from all the emails and comments. Other victims, lovers, lunatics can come out now and speak.

Dick-A-Day: Noel Zacarias

He was a dancer at the infamous Hercules Gay Bar in Pasay City [relocated to Timog Avenue in Quezon City] and Hot News Hunks [also in Quezon City]. Prior to that, Noel Zacarias [aka “Zach”] tried to go mainstream in the movies and tv guest appearances. He also appeared for the gay magazines in his time, as another

fresh-out-of-school teener, naked as a jaybird. As universally accepted, the commercial life span of an exotic dancer and guest relations officer would only go as far as the first signs of getting up in years. Thus, Noel Zacarias, grown up and mellowed, has gone on to expected obsolescence.

Downpour, downturn.

Halfway through the week, the rains started to pour like crazy with light and sound effects at that. I’m going apeshit from the intense heat at midday and then the heavy downpour by late afternoon. Imagine the traffic in the city caused by flash floods [and kids going home from school, trying to flag rides in the middle of the street]. I’m complaining because I miss the summer – the careless, lazy days of the sunny season. The endless beach trips or dips in the pool. Dog days, picnic days. Heat wave and hot wave. And of course, the bikini contests. Here’s Harold Montano, daring actor [Twilight Dancers] and erstwhile bikini open vet, casual and loose by the pool.

Titillating: Edward Paez

Twenty-four year old freelance model Edward Paez first came into the collective consciousness of a few gay guys sometime in 2004 when he joined the Ginoong Pilipinas pageant. The dark-skinned lad didn’t get to win the title and went back to school afterwards. Edward Paez took up a BS course in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the famed Mapua Institute of Technology. After school, he went on to appear in the fashion runways and in teevee and print advertisements. He was last memorably seen in the commercial that raised awareness on dyspepsia. Too, he is remembered for brainlessly recording on amateur video his sexual episode with a woman, with his privates exposed. I think UPH posted it somewhere in his site.

Jerwin Mercado in new movie!

ORLANDO Nadres’ award-winning play “Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat” is now a digital movie. Digital film director Lino Tañada adapted the play into film after Fr. VG Nadres, Orlando Nadres’ nephew, gave him the go signal. “Hanggang Dito na Lamang” is about homosexual love and how it is expressed in a small Philippine town. It stars Nonie Buencamino, Jon Santos, and Jerwin Mercado [aka James Mercado of the Viva Hotmen]. Nonie Buencamino [as a closet case] and Jon Santos [as a flaming queen] play bosom buddies, and Jerwin Mercado is the object of the former’s affections. The buzz is that a frontal nudity scene by Jerwin Mercado happens midway in the movie, so local film buffs are anticipating the showing of the film in the coming weeks.

“Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat: the Movie” is included in the 2007 Cinemalaya alternative filmfest and will be premiered at the CCP Little Theater on July 22, 6 p.m. Its regular showing will start on July 25 at Robinson’s Galleria IndieSine. The film will have its premiere showing on August 3 at SM City Lucena and sponsored by the Office of the City Mayor, Lucena Council for Culture and the Arts, and SM City Lucena. This is for the benefit of the Museo ng Lucena.

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