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The kindness of strangers.

Model: Adrian Adams, 20, freelance model

That’s the line from Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, where lead character Blanche DuBois lived her life dependent on “the kindness of strangers.” Of course, it had a whole lot of meaning in that play, but today, I’m taking it in its simple form. Early this morning, I had an important appointment at the grand Makati City Hall. After that I went home. A good 3 hours passed by and I noticed that my wallet was missing. Since I turned the house upside down looking for that wallet, I presumed I must have left it at the city hall. It weirded me out that my wallet – with all my cards, real and fake id’s, receipts, prescriptions and what-nots, was somewhere in Makati, floating for anybody to see and scan. Something told me that I should not give it up for being lost forever. So I went back to the city hall, and tried their Lost and Found section at the lobby. My wallet was there. Intact. The woman guard told me that it was a man [“Mukhang mahirap, Sir, naka alpombra nga lang e“. Darn this woman.] who surrendered it there. It felt good finding my wallet – nothing lost, and it felt better knowing that there are still angels out there. This will have me smiling for the rest of the day. People are good.

Postlude 2: Cruise – The Provocative Tour

1. Thanks to regular reader Barbarella for sending the photos to my email. These are photos backstage before the opening number where the boys are in sailor stripes and hot pants [which had velcro on the sides, as the boys peeled them away to reveal their barely-there thongs at the end of the number].

2. Niko Arellano, the most hospitable Provoq guy, boldly fastened himself in the monkey bars – upside down and in a G string – during the most applauded number. Later, in between sets, he would take frantic puffs of cigarettes backstage to “relieve the stress.”

3. Justin nearly bared all onstage when his fundoshi was carefully taken off during their Japanese Yakuza production. Many were expecting he’ll pull off a stunt, until the lights dimmed and a collective grunt was heard from the audience.

4. Harry finished school in Bicol province as a Marine Merchant, or so I heard when I asked him about school. Charming and soft-spoken, clearly, he is the new star of the group. [And he’s moved to Makati, somewhere in a relatively new condo in a busy part of the city.]

5. Chunky Maico or Ivan was more popular with the girls [yes, there were girls in the audience]. He was seen backstage, mobbed by the girls for photos.

6. The boys are set to go on tour in Singapore and Sydney, as revealed by Lex Bonife.

7. The video of the event will be released anytime soon. For those living abroad, regularly check out or


His name is Morgan Gauthier, a fly-in model of Elan Models International [Philippines]. Probably Canadian or French, Morgan is currently a finalist in the Shopwise [Supermarket] Face to Face image model search, along with Mike Young and Danny Marco Odejar. The Face to Face search will have its Grand Finals on September 12, 2007 at the Festival Mall in Alabang, where the male and female winners will receive a total of One Million Pesos plus a contract with the supermarket.

Who’s been had?

JV Roxas [left] and Joeffrey Javier

Familiar storyline: two guys, feeling exploited, approach the self-styled investigative shows on tv and do a tell-all. JV Roxas and Joeffrey Javier were on Channel 7’s Imbestigador last week, complaining about the insertion of footage [behind-the scenes] of their naked photo shoot for their direct-to-video Masahe M2M. The extra footage was supposedly added as a come-on for buyers of the instructional video. The thing is, the boys were shown being photographed au naturel. And they are complaining. I’m not so sure about this but I think GMA 7 has a competent Legal Division, Imbestigador has intelligent writers and segment producers, and the producers of Masahe M2M are just astute. This story falls under the “Things That Make You Go Hmm” section.

Postlude: Cruise – The Provocative Tour

l-r: Johnron Tanada, John Miller, Gabriel del Rosario
l-r: Chester Nolledo, Niko Arellano,Josh Ivan Morales

1. Johnron Tanada revealed after the show that his direct-to-video flick entitled Hubad: Striptease Sessions for Daring Men, produced by his mother studio Viva, will be released in September this year. It will be his most audacious project for his legions of happy fans. Details and photos will be posted here soon.

2. Harry Chua’s Ang Lalaki sa Parola [The Man in the Lighthouse] is all set for limited theatrical release, and not as a direct-to-video movie anymore. Viva is working on the details for the release date so watch out for this debut of Provoq’s new star.

3. Harry disclosed to me that he has moved from Sampaloc, Manila to a Makati City condo, where one of my siblings also lives.

4. It was Justin de Leon’s birthday that night, making him the oldest in his batch at 29 years.

5. The most applauded number was the pole dance sequence of Niko, Chester and Harry.

6. There were no “predatory” old men at the show. The people seated at the couches were decent guys, gracious enough to offer us remaining spaces in their seats and bottles of the free drinks. There were, however, pompous little queers who think they are above the rest because of their age and Greenhills garb.

7. Spotted among the audience were GMA Starstruck eliminee and model Randolf Stamatelaky and Mossimo Bikini finalist Rafael Gonzales with his duded out boyfriend. They were also seen backstage, after the show, hobnobbing with the boys.

8. After the show, the boys gamely posed for photos with some of the audience, backstage. Niko Arellano was the most playful, Maico Eduria was tired and grumpy, Chester, Gabriel and John Miller were bashful, and Justin, Harry and Johnron were very accommodating.

9. The new magazine of Provoq was also launched that night. It costs Php 340.00. Go buy the photozine as I will not be scanning and posting the revealing pictures here guys. For those abroad, you may email Lex Bonife at on how to place orders for the new video and the magazine.

Are mom jeans in fashion again?

Chris Pettersen [left] and Luke Jickain
Hermann Weber [left] and Jeff Misolas

They say they love my ass,
Seven Jeans, True Religion’s,
I say no, but they keep givin’
So I keep on takin’
And no I ain’t taken
We can keep on datin’
I keep on demonstrating.

Black Eyed Peas, My Humps

[Gasp] Are they in fashion again? I hope not. I saw a young woman wearing mom jeans [high-waisted, light colored and tapered jeans] last night going up to Piedra. I don’t care if it’s an 18th Amendment mom jeans, it just doesn’t hold right. Awful, awful. I still prefer the slim bootleg jeans. Or maybe the one featured in that popular billboard of Folded & Hung in EDSA with Mexican model Cedric Sandez in scandalously-low waist jeans. Guys just look sexy in those cuts – whether they are Bench or Rag & Bone. Bit of jeans anecdote: I used to date a modish guy who was raving about cheap but finely-crafted Vorve [?] jeans, supposedly a little-known denim store in Market!Market! Sure enough, his pants were the well-constructed ones, with perfect stitching, and I thought this local Vorve jeans must be really something. While he was taking a shower, I checked out his jeans; much to my surprise and awe – it was an Alexander van Slobbe, the one pair I couldn’t afford. We dated for two months.

Happy Weekend! [with Del Felicidario]

“We have only 3 reasons to be truly happy: something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.” That is the blurb in the Friendster account of male mod Rodel Felicidario. Such nice words for the weekend, which surely got some of us thinking, ticking the three things that really make us happy. By the way, 22-year old Rodel is a talent of Mercator Model Management, Inc., and has appeared in the recent Bench Fever Underwear Show and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Eligible Bachelors list. The soft-spoken 5’10”-tall model has made a quantum leap from his humble origins in the side streets of Caloocan City to the glaring footlights of modeling and showbiz.

Everybody loves Harry!

That’s Harry with the new Provoq magazine
Harry with Niko Arellano
Harry with Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales
Harry with Johnron Tanada

Harry Laurel aka Harry Chua, easily became the crowd favorite earlier tonight at the Cruise show of the Men of Provoq. The youngest in the peeled pack at 20 years, Harry’s baptism of fire as the newest member of the glam stripteasers of Viva Entertainment went amazingly fine. Of course, it went very well since he was in thongs throughout the stark extravaganza, together with the boys. For more compelling photos of this cute chinito from Bicol province [he recently graduated from the Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation in his home province], buy the new Provoq magazine out now in magazine stands [check out CV Magazines in Landmark Makati or Freddie’s near KFC Welcome Rotonda].

Cruise tonight!

Anthony Logan [in the Puma shirt] and Niko Arellano [who looks fresh and charming in person] of the Men of Provoq pose during a break from their rehearsals earlier at the NBC Tent. Polished and game, the boys are all set for their show tonight at 9:00. Tickets are available at the gate for those who wish to catch the show. The show Cruise has for its theme the different continents around the world: the macho dancers of the Philippines, the Yakuza of Japan, the punks of England, slaves of ancient Egypt, and the Chippendales of the US to name a few. Looks like it will be fun, fun, fun tonight at the Tent.

Harry drops his pants, and more!

Today is Provoq Day! Will Harry Laurel aka Harry Chua drop his pants, jockeys and thongs? It will be the baptism of fire for this new member of the Provoq Men, and many are anticipating what he’ll do to upstage Justin, Maico and Niko, the group’s more daring trio. I’m not sure with the VIP tickets if they are still available, but there’s still time to inquire. Cruise will be at 9 pm tonight at the NBC Tent. For reservation of VIP tickets, email your name and contact number to VIP tickets cost Php1,500 each. For other ticket inquiries to Cruise, you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.
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