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Johnron Rules!

That’s Johnron Tanada getting primped for their rehearsals for their show Cruise. Tomorrow is THE day! Cruise, the Men of Provoq’s show is on tomorrow, August 10, 2007 at the NBC Tent. There are few remaining VIP tickets left so buy ’em all guys! Here are plus points for getting VIP slips:

1. You get to meet the Men of Provoq plus the backup boys and interact with them during the show.
2. You get a free drink, shaken not stirred.
3. You get to view Johnron’s family jewels up close. Or maybe Chester’s. Or Justin’s. Them all!
4. You have your own entrance and exit points to the venue.
5. There are cute yuppies watching the show too at the VIP section.
6. You’ll get to see UPH slobbering at the guys. [I’m not sure if this is a plus point , though]

For reservation of VIP tickets, email your name and contact number to VIP tickets cost Php1,500 each. For other ticket inquiries to Cruise, you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745. [Thank you Lex for the photos you sent. Keep ’em coming!]

Still Hot and Dishy: Patrick dela Rosa

Patrick dela Rosa, 2007.
Patrick dela Rosa, 1983.

When I was young [and too young to understand], my ultimate lust object was a captivating chinito who always appeared in his publicity photos in tight speedos. Twenty four years ago, a handsome cheerleader of the San Sebastian College was discovered by a talent scout, who asked a young Patrick dela Rosa to do a VTR for a CloseUp toothpaste tv commercial. Patrick reluctantly went to the VTR and he was immediately cast as the lead in the toothpaste TVC. Regal Films eventually signed up the toothy chinito cheerleader in a series of sexy movies. His first movie was in the 1983 hit flick, Shame, with doomed beauty Claudia Zobel. Back then, a butt exposure was big deal and Patrick had no qualms in his sex scenes. Next he did Climax [1985] and White Slavery [1985], movies with gratuitous sex scenes. Patrick took a respite from sex flicks after the car-accident death of his leading lady in Shame. He resurfaced in 1990, as the villain in action B-movies. He was, in fact, good at villain roles that producers always got his services as the proverbial bad guy with the big gun. Last year, the still-single actor was cast in a popular soap on ABS-CBN, this time as the good guy. The 40-year old actor’s career has since been resurrected on tv – with various guest appearances in soaps and sitcoms.

The Harrys

J., these are the chinito Harrys I was telling you about – Harry de Guzman [right] and Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel of the new Men of Provoq team. Harry de Guzman, late 20’s, is a ramp and commercial model, who was a regular fixture in the past editions of the Cosmopolitan [Philippines] Magazine’s Bachelors’ Bash. Harry Chua, early 20’s, was the grand winner in Heatwave 2007 – A Bikini Showdown. He is also in an indie movie called Ang Lalaki sa Parola [The Man in the Lighthouse]. Whoever ticks your fancy, both chinito guys are hunky dory, if you ask me.

Two days to go [Cruise: the Provoq show]!

Provoq Man Anthony Logan, 23 years old

Just a couple of days to go and it’s time for the boys of Provoq in their most-anticipated show. Come hell or high water, Cruise is pushing through this Friday August 10 at the NBC Tent, with a series of “sexually-charged production numbers” from the main men, together with a host of other stripteasers and impersonators. A few remaining VIP tickets are still available. Get a free drink and a chance to interact with the Men of Provoq for every purchase of a VIP ticket. VIP section will give the perfect view of the Men of Provoq as they perform on stage.

For reservation of VIP tickets, email your name and contact number to VIP tickets cost Php1,500 each. For other ticket inquiries to Cruise, you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.

The Mystery of Jerks

Ido Victor. Not a jerk. Model only.

A friend recently got entangled in a pseudo-relationship: he didn’t know that he was dating a guy who already has a boyfriend. Thanks to my loud mouth quite accidentally, he discovered early on. He was, how do you say that again? Devastated. Because the guy is hot, charming, handsome, smart and, uh, hot. And he was beginning to love the jerk, beyond the late-night sex and the amorous text messages. Later, my friend, during comfort episodes, would reveal that the Mr. Jerk was inconsistent and mercurial at times. Tell-tale signs of something amiss in the calculus of Mr. Jerk’s so-called affections for my poor friend. Which got me thinking – what is it about jerks anyways that make them so appealing sometimes? Do we get attracted at some point in our lonely lives to the self-destructive skunks? But how? In the article The Mystery of Jerks by Katz and Holmes, the conclusion reads: Admittedly, there are a few people who probably enjoy the histrionics and the moods and the make-up sex that come with dating drama kings and queens. But I’d bet that most are just willing to tolerate the drama, because, thus far, that drama comes attached to the “best” person they could find. Essentially, they’re saying, “Yeah, he’s inconsistent, selfish, and distant, but he’s all mine.” Just realize that every second you’re spending with the wrong guy is a second that you’re not out looking for the right one, the guy who gives, the guy who listens, the guy who learns. Darn, this is all so true. Are you reading this, Honey?

Babycake: Bryan Cruz

Remember the previous post on the the tall naked twinkie in the library? Ninenteen-year old Bryan Roz Cruz is back, this time more buff and beefy. This freelance model, who stands 5’11”, is still a student at the Far Eastern University, where he’s gained heartthrob status. He also appears in TV shows such as Bubble Gang on GMA 7, as one of the extras.

Winsome: Vincent Jose

Nineteen-year old Vincent Jose was one of the winners of the 2007 Lakan ng Maynila male pageant [together with the fancifully-named Kish Mcbride]. He was supposed to be in this year’s edition of Ginoong Pilipinas, but, for unknown reasons, backed out at the last minute. Kish McBride, however, went on to join the Ginoong Pilipinas as one of the top favorites, only to end up in the runner-up list.

Men of Provoq Week

It’s the Men of Provoq Week, as the boys gird for their show Cruise on August 10, 2007 at the NBC Tent. Rehearsals have, of late, been quite frantic and rigorous, but I guess the boys are ready for their bump-and-grind numbers. Aside from the main men, there are other stripteasers, dancers and impersonators during the show, which will highlight the different continents around the world. For tickets you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.

A Perfect Day

Roman de Dios and Jay Villanueva [longer hair]

Just a perfect day,

Drink Sangria in the park,
And then later, when it gets dark,
We go home.
Just a perfect day,
Feed animals in the zoo
Then later, a movie, too,
And then home.

Just a perfect day,
Problems all left alone,
Weekenders on our own.
It’s such fun.
Just a perfect day,
You made me forget myself.
I thought I was someone else,
Someone good.

Oh it’s such a perfect day,
I’m glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on

[Lou Reed, Perfect Day]

Somehow, I’m humming Perfect Day today [There’s a version by Abra Moore and the raspy female singing makes you feel the lightness of being]. Except that I didn’t drink sangria in Salcedo Park, feed the spitting ape in Manila Zoo or watch Ouija in Greenbelt. It would have been perfect if I spent it with someone special, at home watching 16-in-1 bootleg DVDs of Transformers, Fantastic 4, The 300 and Masahe M2M. Maybe later a pillow fight in bed and then some. Instead, I just spent the whole day in my dark and cold room, running on my mind my schedule for the impending menace of Monday and the week to come. And dozing off intermittently. I can’t complain, though. I have always been the weekender slacker. Amoy kama, as some would call me during these times, reeking of the smell of my bed – a combination of Bounce, stale cologne, night juices and someone else’s nocturnal emissions. Just a perfect day, indeed. Earlier, UPH [his site is up at], haggard from a 3-day event, came for a visit and we dropped by McDees. And then later when it got dark, we went home.

“Bad Boy on the Dance Floor”

Yep, that’s how he is called every Sunday on GMA 7’s noontime circus, SOP. Mark Angelo Herras or Mark Herras, is the station’s prized male teenybopper star [although he is already turning 21 this December]. He won GMA 7’s first talent search in a reality show format, Starstruck, and from then on, his career soared to high heavens. Known for his intense and inventive dance moves, Mark Herras also endorses the teen brand for Carter briefs [photos above].
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