Daydreaming Saturday

Model: Richard Guebar

I had a nutsy but fun Friday night at My Spoon [] near the ABS-CBN studios. The place serves continental cuisine [with a former Via Mare Maitre’D in the kitchen], and later into the night, turns to a bar where there are sexy go-go boys and girls on the ledge. And so, after a hectic night, I’m setting off as a peaceful sloth on a Saturday morning – with nothing to do but ponder, wonder and letting my mind wander. I’m freeing myself from all the week’s worries – the stress of work, relationships, finances and global warming. Recent research indicates that daydreaming as a part of daily life is essential for maintaining equilibrium. Daydreaming, science has discovered, is an effective relaxation technique akin to meditation. It contributes to intellectual growth, increases the powers of concentration, and enhances the ability to interact and communicate with others. Further, daydreaming jump-started the successes and achievements of famous people. And so, I’m off to la-la land.

Rodel v. Leonardo [The Leopard-Print Bikini Face-off]

How about Rodel Velayo [left] and Leonardo Litton in a skimpy animal print bikini romp? Literally poster boys of a sorely-missed era of bedeviled hunks in scanty swimwear, Rodel and Leonardo were the glam stars of Seiko Films in the 90s. Plucked from nowhere, Rodel – who was born and raised in Cagayan Valley, and Leonardo – from nearby Nueva Ecija province, were the bold and brassy duo of their time. Together they starred in countless skin flicks, always teasing whatever queer sensibilities we had then. Yet, unlike most baring boys then [and now], they never had any bad press or salacious backgrounds. The boys have since moved on, in different continents – Rodel in Sydney and Leonardo in New York.

Swart: JC Mendoza

JC Mendoza is a 23-year old freelance model who believes that his best feature is his skin color. Swarthy and mysterious enough, JC is a Marketing graduate of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines [PUP]. The 5’9″-tall model was discovered by an agent in his school when he won the Mister Marketing World [PUP] title in 2004. He also finished second-runner up in the Mr. and Ms. Sexy Body 2005 [where Provoq guy Johnron Tanada landed in the top 6].

The Men of Provoq are back!

That’s the complete main cast of Cruise, the Men of Provoq’s show on August 10, 2007 at the NBC Tent. Too bad two original members – Michael Raymond Lim and Dennis McIrvin – decamped, but there’s a new member, Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel of Sampaloc, Manila [where Kanto Boy Johnron Tanada also lives]. Aside from the Men of Provoq, there will also be dancers and strippers in the party, plus a bunch of jolly and gay impersonators. I’m not so sure if cameras and camera phones will be allowed inside the venue though, as the show will be the second video of the Men of Provoq, produced by Viva Entertainment. Just the same, the skin parade, which will have a theme of highlighting different continents around the world [directed by Monti Parungao], promises to deliver a grand time for us all.

Tease: Dino Manuzon

Dino Manuzon aka Dino Dizon, started out in bikini contests before getting cast in the big screen in the bump-and-grinder flick, Twilight Dancers, where he played one of the background dancers. The 27-year old native of Nueva Ecija province was first seen as a contestant in the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open 2006, an annual summer event held at the Metrobar in Quezon City.

Have fun. Watch Cruise by the Men of Provoq.

Johnron Tanada, Provoq Man

A friend sent me an email expressing his importunate desire to see Cruise by the Men of Provoq on August 10 at the NBC Tent. However, his apprehension in staying at the VIP section is that he will be confederating with the happy geezers – the moneyed chichi fossils of a bygone era. I’m thinking of a stereotype, say, the geriatric fashion designer garbed in a tunic top from his latest trip to Pushkar, slavering at the boys onstage. That is apprehension enough to my 20-ish pal – clean-cut, athletic, charming and closeted.

Yet, Lex Bonife [screenplay writer, Ang Lalaki sa Parola], who was so gracious in reserving two VIP tickets for me, was also expressing his surprise to me the other day at the demographics of the ticket buyers, most particularly the VIP seats. Lex divulged that most ticket buyers to the show are the youngish-to-the-yuppie types. Not the “predatory” [his word, not mine], slobbering, rich golden-ager.

Methinks, Cruise is for every gay and happy person who wants to have fun with the boys [There will be other guys – dancers, stripteasers, aside from the main men of Provoq]. Just check your apprehensions and worries at the doors [one separate entrance for VIP ticket holders], and have a grand time at the fleshpectacle.

For ticket inquiries to Cruise, you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.