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Andrew Wolff at the Be Bench Finals

Ultimate Bench underwear peacock Andrew Wolff was at the Be Bench Finals, and he was among the more reliable models who donned the brand’s low-rise briefs at the show. Although he didn’t get to wear one of Bench’s g-string briefs this time [unlike in last year’s Bench Fever], the huge crowd at the Araneta Coliseum still went mental when he came out on the runway.

Zaido: Boys in Tights

GMA 7 will launch on Monday, September 24 its newest primetime series, Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan [Space Cops], based on Japanese tv program Shaider. Dennis Trillo [middle], Marky Cielo [left] and Aljur Abrenica will lead the series. The tv show is originally aimed at kids and 80s kids [who grew up with the metal hero series Shaider] but it looks like there is great anticipation from the gay guys too, as the buzz is on the lead actors’ bumps and blobs in their tight pants.

Comely: Edwin Bagto

Twenty-seven year-old Edwin Bagto participated in the Mr. Valentino 2007, the magazine’s Coverboy Model Search at the Metro Bar last summer. The tall chinito from Tabuk, Province of Kalinga unfortunately did not get the top plum, but he surely got noticed among a sea of unclad men and boys in said contest. Edwin Bagto is a nurse by profession.

Winning Moments

Haroun Morales seemed resigned to runner-up status, as he locks arms with
winner Carlo Guevara at the Be Bench Grand Finals.
At the Valentino Magazine Coverboy Model Search, ultimate winner JV Roxas
feigns surprise as his name was called. Runner-up Andrew Morgan hugs him anyways.
Runner-up Aljarreau Galang tightly embraces winner Andrew Smith at the
Mossimo Bikini Summit: Take It Underground Finals, while dazed John Lopez
as second-runner-up wonders whether the judges really did their math.

What is it about the human touch that reassures and validates us in every occasion? In sad times, it is called comforting or consolatory. In happier occasions, it is celebrating or congratulatory. This is expressed in the embrace, where the arms close in poetic motion to, in some sense, solemnize the moment. The closeness of the bodies create an intimacy, where solidarity is shared. There is where memory, longing, hope, celebration, reconciliation, and healing spring forth.

Shower with your lover

Models are Engie and Chance David ,suggesting ways how to spice up your relationship by showering with your lover. Maybe using your hands as the washrag, you can soap each other up and explore every inch, nook and cranny of each other’s body. This will elicit erotic, sensual, spiritual and physical energy in both of you and will also serve as a tool to help you learn invaluable information about one another’s bodies. Aside of course, from saving on the water bill.

Marco Antonio Aranas of Be Bench

Cebu City produced quite a number of good-looking bets in this year’s Be Bench Model Search. This is really not that surprising since the Queen City of the South has always been a treasure trove of good-looking male models, usually mestizos settled there. One of the Top 30 Finalists at the Be Bench Model Search was twenty-year-old Marco Antonio Aranas, a card member of the Models Association of Cebu [MAC] and frequent runway-meister for Cebu’s top designers. Too bad, he didn’t make it to the Final 12, but the photogenic lad is surely showing a lot of flair and potential.


Model only [No relation to post]: JV Roxas

As I passed by the long queue in the neighborhood McDee’s this morning, the news about LA banning fastfood joints because of rapid obesity rate increases in the city, came to mind. Of course, there are a lot of studies which point the accusing finger at fastfoods as one of the major causes of obesity. Now that there is a certain vigilance in some cities abroad about fastfood menus – along with changing tastes in most consumers, how come the authorities here are not doing much to control this problem via the fastfood joints? How about a proscription on tasty but heart-clogging trans-fat cooking oils, legislation to mandate calorie counts on menus, and even a cap on new fast-food franchises in the Philippines. I guess everybody’s busy in the circus that is politics in Manila.

Per Martin Grogaard at the Be Bench Finals

Per Martin Grogaard was the second guy to be eliminated from the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search. The 21-year old Cebuano baller was cast off during the episode on Poise, Posture and Composure as he got the lowest score from the judges. However, at the Be Bench Finals Night, he was there in the Underwear Fashion Show with fellow eliminees. The 6′-tall mestizo easily got hold of the frenzied crowd that night with his height and looks. And it seems Per Martin Grogaard is on his way to becoming famous after all.

Missing Reggie and Christian

Reggie Curley and Christian Vasquez have a lot in common. They both started out as male mannequins for Manila’s top designers before going into showbiz. They were Cosmo centerfolds for quite some time. The guys came out of nowhere then: Reggie from Pampanga to beat the top models at that time in the Bodyshots 1996 contest, and Christian from Bacolod who cornered every modeling assignment in town. The boys met when they did the Vagina Monologues-ripoff, Penis Talks. After that, they formed a male act called Barako Boys, which didn’t last long as it immediately got disbanded. These days, Reggie [turning 30 this year] and Christian [30] are nowhere to be found, as showbiz offers are getting scarce for them. Too bad, these hot papis can still give them young actors a run for their treadmills.

The Be Bench boys in briefs

Who’s the hottest? The top three boys at the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search finally reveal themselves in Bench underwear. Ultimate winner Carlo Guevara [middle] surprisingly looks trim and fit despite his boyish mien. Brooding runner-up Haroun “Ron” Morales [left], a Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 alumnus, is the hot stuff. And eliminee John James Uy [right], who was the front-runner during the weekly eliminations but got waylaid during the finals night, is showing some promise with his boy-next-door demeanor. So, who’s the hottest of them all?
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