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Dusky Mod: Jeffrey Bautista

For lovers of tall swart Filipino guys, here’s Jeffrey Bautista, a 24-year old freelance model from Laguna. Last seen at the Cosmo Air 69 Bachelors’ Bash, Jeffrey is a sales staff in The Bellevue Manila, a 4-star hotel in Filinvest City, Alabang. He was also a contestant in the annual Mr. Kouros Male Model Search [2006].

Whatever happened to Mark Jacinto?

He is probably in his early 30s now, but way back in the 90s Mark Jacinto was a young and brassy wannabe who became gay magazine fodder. He started out in the Ginoong Pilipinas pageant where he represented Pangasinan province. Unfortunately then, he did not win the top plum. However, some people took notice and took him under their wings, casting him in their fashion shows. He did a couple of B-movies until he disappeared from the limelight eventually.

The 600: WTF! Another Piolo doppelgänger?

This is the 600th post. I didn’t realize I’ve been posting for quite a while until I saw the post counter earlier. Here’s another Piolo Pascual copy, but not actually spit and image. As to Piolo again, most of the comments here were all sympathetic towards the heartthrob. One reader summed it up, saying Piolo is the most successful actor of his generation and that he doesn’t deserve all the mud heaped against him.

Bruce can’t hear a thing

Bruce Angelo Quebral, the 25-year-old baller-turned-model-turned-actor, professes his great love and affection to his girlfriend, the nationally-abhorred Big Brother alum who fast-tracked to notoriety due to her scheming ways. Despite the bad press that the girlfriend has been getting, the mild-mannered Bruce remains loyal and supportive. He has ignored the advice of close friends and family to ditch the bitch. Incidentally, he was dropped from the cast of Regal Films’ Desperadas, his first movie supposedly, due to schedule problems.

It wasn’t Piolo?

Poor Piolo. He has to parry every rumor everyday about his gayness. Recently, veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis wrote in her column that she saw Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby in a huddle at the poolside resto of the Sofitel Hotel [formerly Westin Philippine Plaza]. She reported that the guys hurriedly left when they saw her, reason for her to conclude that the two celebs were on a date in a public place.

Piolo refuted the claim: he was in a Timex commercial shoot in San AntonioVillage, Makati at that time; and Sam was in a salon also on the other side of Makati having a haircut. Maybe it wasn’t Piolo at the poolside. Maybe it was his double, Rico Lazaro [see comparison above] in a huddle with a fellow model. Now, who could be that Milby lookalike?

Jon and Victor

Now that model Jon Mullally has entered the Big Brother house, will model-actor Victor Basa keep a special eye on the hunky housemate? The Big Brother house looks boring with the cast of bland models now, but people are hoping Victor Basa does a grand reveal to a ditzy buxom woman in the garden. Or maybe Jon Mullally opens up in the confession room about his friendship with singer-boyband member Lance Onate, back when Jon was still living in Isabelle Condo in Makati. The drama is about to start.

Four Naked Guys

The four naked guys above were contestants at last summer’s nuts-and-bolts see-through extravaganza – The Search for Valentino Coverboy. They failed to win any of the top prizes but they got to pose anyways for the magazine for their 15-minute of pulp fame. JP Aquino [upper row, left] is 21 years old from Marikina City; Miller Terrobias [upper row, right] is 19 years old from Pasay City; Vicente Icain [lower row, left] is 23 years old from Pasay City; and, Alfred Fernandez [lower row, right] is 22 years old from Quezon City.

“Do Me Daily”

At the finale of the the Cosmo Air 69 Bachelors’ Bash, the boys were in jockeys and identical shirts with the print “Do Me Daily, Cosmopolitan Lady.” One of them was Janvier Daily, who is in the news lately because of his moonstruck girlfriend’s last-minute refusal to enter the Big Brother house. Of course, her reason was that she couldn’t stand to be physically apart from Mr. Daily daily. For all it’s worth, it only goes to prove her passion and ardor for the guy. And that crazy woman apparently is not a size queen after all.

Andrew Wolff checks if he is cut ….

…. out to be a student. When Andrew Wolff came back from the UK [where his family is based] in March 2007, he declared during the press conference for a glutathione product that the reason his father allowed him to go home to Manila was his plan to finish school. He proudly stated in one news report that his studies will be “his top priority” and that he can “give up modeling if needed.” He even confided to the movie press then that he wasn’t “too keen on a career in showbusiness.” Now, it looks like showbiz and modeling still top Andrew Wolff’s to-do list in Manila. Reports have it that he is entering the Big Brother house soon – enough to disrupt the placid lives of the other model-housemates who entered the big house last weekend.

Bursting at the Seams: Arvin Macu

The Gay Pride flag boy’s name is Arvin Macu, a freelance model from Olongapo City. He has appeared in fashion shows and ads with best buddy Jeffrey Surio. The 24-year old stud, who was recently named in the Mr. and Ms. Body Shots 2007 as the Photographers’ Choice Awardee, also appeared at the Cosmo Air 69 Bachelors’ Bash held recently [second photo].
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