Turn up the heat!

Sex in the shower
is so overrated, baby.
The space is so tight
there’s no room to move.
So since I can never slip inside,
I’ll just sit here outside
the clear glass door
and watch you rub your body
all over with soap.

– John Solomon, Your Voyeur

That’s Joseph Izon by the shower, in shots fantastic, showing us how to beat the summer heat. Joseph Izon seems to be getting a lot of notice lately, as his home studio has been giving him projects – guest stints, actually, in its shows. Indie movie producers are also eyeing the hunky moreno for their feature flicks. Hopefully, it would be the bare-all kind.

The buzz on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Despite recent backroom talk about some medical malpractice suit settled in dizzying millions of pesos, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. seems undaunted. The 6’2″-tall celebrity with the long hyphenated title – i.e. model-singer-doctor-actor, is juggling his medical work and showbiz career at the same time. So far, it is working, though, as he has appeared countless times on tv soaps and variety shows while doing his day job as one of the affiliated doctors of the Belo Medical Group. Hayden, who passed the Physician Licensure Exams in 2007, also has certificates from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery in Palm Springs, FL and the European Anti-Aging Society in Paris, France.

Who is Adriano Kartuliares?

Reader macy7984 sent in these photos of Brazilian model Adriano Kartuliares, for us to enjoy. The tall hunk from the land of the samba has been a constant fixture in society pages of late, together with his girlfriend [her name is the tattoo on his butt, photo above]. Adriano has also done advertising campaigns in Thailand, before coming over to shoot tv and print ads for commercial brands and fashion designers.

New Hunk on the Block: Christopher Villarba

Twenty-two year old Christopher “Chriz” Villarba is one the favorite contestants at the Festival Mall-sponsored Summer Bodies 2008 contest. He also entered the recently-concluded Mr. & Ms. Sexy Bodies 2008 of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall [where Arvin Macu aka Andrei Allen won]. Chriz Villarba stands 5’8″-tall, hails from Quezon City, and is married with child.

Rocky and Vince

Just when I thought my favorite models – the dark-skinned male supermodel Rocky Salumbides and the very mestizo Vince Canizares, have disappeared into the backstage [because they have not been very visible lately!], the two top male mods were recently spotted strutting the Bonifacio High Street runway for Speedo. At the show, Rocky and Vince were still true to form – showing their stuff that made them Singapore’s top models a few years back.

Christian Navesis cuts his mane

Remember Christian Navesis, the one with the long hair before? This time, he goes skinhead and still looks sexy. Recently, the 22-year-old bikini pageant vet landed second runner-up at the Mr. Sexy Bodies 2008 contest. The freelance actor and model, who stands 5’9.5″, has also appeared in the movie Twilight Dancers, as one of the background dancers.

Andro Morgan for all to see

But of course, you’ve seen all of Andro Morgan from my previous posts. And then again, I thought I might just post one more photo of the guy in all his glory. Again. He was the only one who didn’t have any reservations stripping in the video Masahe M2M, as he did a full frontal. Andro Morgan, a graduate of North Fairview High School, previously appeared as a bit player on tv and first runner-up at the Valentino Magazine Coverboy Search.

Gossip Girl 2

BORACAY – Holy Week in this island had it so full of celebs and models, everyone’s craning their necks for the next popular one to pass by [hopefully, shirtless]. Niko Arellano was his usual perky self, in a group of equally tall and slim but fit guys, save for one who’s older and the one-of-these-guys-is-not-like-the-other kind.

JC Tiuseco also drifted along the beaten path, shirtless and so delish, with another male mod, while John Lopez alternated with Adrian Racho in the stylish Marlboro booth. Speaking of Marlboro, a sunburnt and shirtless Horeb Sibal of CloseUp to Fame, roamed the bars and restos with other models, offering Marlboro packs. As usual, Carl Rosadino was tramping through the paths, this time around with cute and young gay guys from Manila.

Actor Paolo Contis, who is hot in person, was well-behaved at the happening Juice Bar, and so was JC Cuadrado, cutesy in his regulation board shorts and white shirt. Bench hunk Bruce Quebral, with girlfriend in tow, was gamely posing with people, while charming Victor Basa worked the Del Monte Fit ‘N Right Challenge crowd.

Surprisingly, the muscled queen and his consort, together with the models entourage were nowhere in sight during the daytime. At night, they come out and party, like at the by-invite only Philip Morris event at Hey Jude.

And Lance Onate was spotted at the new Boracay Holiday Resort, rooming in with a toned mestizo guy his age.

Photos above are of Chris Nepomuceno and 19-year-old commercial model and GMA Talent Center artist Joseph Marco with an unidentified male friend, having fun at the beach.

Emmanuel and Joeffrey

There is now a growing consciousness about Lips Bar – the little bar that could, located at 152 Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Reyes St., San Juan City, Metro Manila near the J. Ruiz station of LRT-2. Recently, a group of Filipino friends based in Chicago asked me to go with them to the place. They said they heard about this bar from friends in Manila. They were not disappointed when they watched the shows there. Photo above is Emmanuel Pontera [left] and Joeffrey Javier, recent contestants in a show organized in Lips Bar.