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Will Sandejas reinvents self

Here’s a couple of did-you-know-thats: [1] Will Sandejas of Sikil fame is now a singer. Well, actually he is devoting more time to singing these days rather than acting. This is not that surprising since the 24-year-old actor used to be the lead singer of the now-defunct Replay band before he joined the movies via the bikini contest route. Recently, he was included in the Pinoy Idol semifinalist group,but unfortunately he did not make the cut for the top 24. Currently, he is doing gigs around the country. [2] Sikil, which just came from a successful Visayas showing, is now back at the Robinsons Galleria for another run. Those who were not able to catch the movie [approved without cuts by the MTRCB], can see it starting tomorrow till Tuesday.

While we’re at it ….

….. here’s half-Jordanian, half-Filipino Hamudi Khileifat, one-time underwear model of that series of underwear shows in Metro Bar, until he had a falling out from his manager-show producer. Just the same, he went on to do shows for Lips Bar, and then he appeared with Ram Ace Bautista for Bed Bodies of Bed Bar in Malate District. He is now a freelance model.

More Nekkid Boys Attack!

The Boylets are back. One of them could be your friend, neighbor or lover. Or in the case of one rather funny comment – the son of your friend’s driver. These boys – short, dark, fair, thin, tall or big- are unclad. I think this contest has been discontinued, or maybe it has not gotten any much publicity as the shows in Lips Bar. But just the same, a couple of years ago in Malate and Ermita, these boys were blazing the small stage in all their glory. Enjoy!

Hataw runners-up

Ace Bernal [left photo] came in as the first runner-up in the Hataw Super Bodies bikini contest held last weekend in Zirkoh Greenhills, San Juan, MM. He also entered the contest last year, and unfortunately, he did not win any of the awards. He went on to become a runner-up at last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas national pageant. Kenneth Javier [right photo], another bikini pageant regular, landed in the second runner-up slot.

Hataw Grand Winner: JC Dungo

The winner of last Saturday’s Hataw Super Bodies 2008 bikini contest was JC Dungo, who looks strikingly similar to Hataw Superbodies 2007 contestant RyanDungo and bikini open veteran Randolph Dungo. The young-looking JC Dungo was the crowd favorite and he easily outstripped seasoned contestants in the biggest bikini open this summer.More on JC Dungo soon.

Attack of the Nekkid Boys!

No, these were not taken at the famous Lips Bar in San Juan. These photos were shot in the old Spirits Coyote Bar in Malate District two years ago, where the grand finals of the contest called Boylets was held. Of course, you need not imagine anymore, as the boys couldn’t come any clearer, as is. Boylets, the contest among daring boys, then moved to Club Manhunt at the corner of Arquiza and MH delPilar Streets in Ermita, Manila.

Johnron’s support

The actors who will provide support in JohnronTanada‘s new movie have been cast recently. Jeff Luna [orange trunks] and Joseph Izon will be in the new movie of the most-wanted Provoq man. Of course, there will be lots of skin in this sexy dramedy, which will be shot in a yet- undisclosed location somewhere south of Metro Manila.

Fhons Feleo unveiled

Number 4 must be the lucky number for Fhons Feleo, a 20-year-old bikini open veteran from Tondo, Manila. The 5’10”-tall hunk was contestant number 4 in Hataw Super Bodies 2007 bikini contest [left photo]. At the Manhunt Bikini Open held at Lips Bar [right photo], Fhons Feleo was contestant number 4 again, finishing as first runner-up to Gabriel Fajardo. Fhons Feleo was also the grand winner of Hot Bodies 2006 Bikini Open held at Klownz [Angeles City, Pampanga].

Arousing Adrian Asor

Harry Chua‘s runner-up last year at the Heatwave 2007 bikini contest, Adrian Asor is making waves these days. The twenty-three year old freelance model was the shortest in his batch, but he went on to win one of the top three prizes at the Manila Leg of the Infinit’ Party Series bikini contest called Hot Bods. It seems we will be seeing more of Adrian Asor in the next few months as the hot, hot summer continues.

Vintage Jake Cuenca

I just dug up these old photos of Jake Cuenca, Bench Body’s favorite boy in briefs. The first photo [white briefs] was taken backstage before the Bench Fever show at the Araneta Coliseum held two years ago. Back then, Jake looked like a little boy [with a stiffy!] lost amidst half-naked models. And he still had those abs. The second one was taken at the Be Bench finals night last year, where he just grabbed his crotch on stage, much to the delight of the crowd. Obviously, Jake had grown quite a bit.
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