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Will Kambyo do it for Gabz?

Will Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario‘s appearance in the gay-themed movie Kambyo finally work wonders on his fledgling career? In the movie, Gabz plays a hunky stranger who tags along with one of the guys on a road trip to the north. Many are anticipating what Gabz will finally show in the flick. Find out on July 5 [7 pm] at the UP Film Institute.

Harry, Harry…..

Of course, to those who watched Parola, you know perfectly well all the features, figure and form of the Harry. But just the same, in the latest issue of Frontman Reloaded, the Harry preens and poses in his characteristic candid-and-chaste mode. He appears in quite a number of shots – clear shots, that not just tease but thrill. Such a delight! Go buy the magazine now!

Wet Wet Wet

In the aftermath of the tropical storm that hit the metro and some parts of the country yesterday, here’s bikini contest veteran Bembol Cabasal, naked and wet, with nothing but a leaf to cover his privates.  Bembol was the 2004 winner of Sta. Lucia Mall’s annual Mr. Sexy Body contest.  The 28-year-old hunk also got into the finalists circle in the 2007 Subic Beach Bodies. 

Spicy: Dayal Chowdhary

Filipino-Indian Dayal Chowdhary has been modeling for quite some time now, after he first appeared as a contestant in the MTV Fashionista Best Model Search 2003 [with eventual winner Raphael Kiefer, and Brent Javier, Guiness Nabung, Jonas Cabuay among others]. The 6’2″-tall exotic model was also a finalist in the Man of the Year 2005 contest where Joseph Kidwell topped the Johnron for the title. Dayal also briefly appeared in an independently-produced movie, the psycho-thriller Seroks.

Marc Luther Dulatre whips it up!

It’s pretty amazing how twenty-three year-old Marc Luther Dulatre can possibly put up a brave front… Hmmm, let me re-phrase that. It’s pretty amazing how Marc Luther Dulatre can possibly put on the itsie-bitsie teenie-weenie bikini in public. Of course, he has a good physique and he can get away with it, too. Marc was last seen as a contestant at the Sta. Lucia Mall’s Sexy Body 2008 contest. He has won quite number of bikini contests in the past.

Errol for Sunday

Since I will be posting late tomorrow because I’m running in a half-marathon around Manila, I’ll just have to leave you, guys, first with Errol, who uncannily looks like actor Mark Herras. I sure hope this one’s enough for now – lean, cute and hairy, young and hawt, with no qualms baring for us. Errol is a regular contestant at the contests sponsored by Lips Bar in San Juan. Peace out!

Update: Kambyo on July 5!

Lex writes and tells us that their latest movie, Kambyo, has moved its preem from July 3 to July 5 [7 pm] at the UP Film Institute.  This is good because it’s a weekend schedule, as people won’t have to worry about work the next day.  According to Lex, the tickets, which will be pegged at the 100+pesos level will be sold prior to the screening at the gates.  In photo: twinkie Kenjie Garcia of Antonio fame; one of the lead actors in Kambyo.

How’s Dennis Barrion doing?

In his public profile in a social networking site, ex-Ginoong Pilipinas winner and ex-Ateneo Law student Dennis Barrion aka Denver Olivarez announced that “he will be back.” The 23-year-old guy figured in an accident last year, it must be remembered, which caused some deep cuts in his face. Reports have it that he is now recuperating and is planning to stage a comeback into the scene, sans the ugly scars. Here’s hoping that pretty soon this Ateneo Math major will eventually heal and get back into the biz.

Rayan Dulay gets lucky

To Johnron lovers, Rayan Dulay is the guy you would extremely loathe in the movie Kambyo. That is because he gets to have scenes with the Johnron in the hottest sense. In any case, Rayan Dulay, who once starred in gay indies such as Moreno, Duda [Doubt] and Bath House, is a talented theater and film actor who handled those scenes well. If you remember in a previous post, this is the bahala-na scene of Johnron. Find out why [and how] on July 3 [7 p.m.] at the UP Film Institute when the movie preems.

Kambyo on July 3!

Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario
Johnron Tanada
From left: Johnron Tanada, Rayan Dulay, Kenjie Garcia,
Harold Macasero and Gabriel del Rosario

Okay, guys, mark the date: July 3 [Thursday] at 7 p.m. Of course, the premiere night of the most-awaited gay movie [again] from the tandem of Jay Altarejos and Lex Bonife [Parola and Antonio movies], will be at the MTRCB-free UP Film Institute. Here’s the synopsis from Lex:

It’s the last summer of their university life. Cousins Macky (Rayan Dulay, Bathhouse) and Manuel (Kenjie Garcia, Ang Lihim ni Antonio) start on a road trip to look for Macky’s long-lost friend Philip (Johnron Tanada). They bring along with them their fun loving friend Xavier (Harold Macasero), who tags along a hunky guy named Aldo (Gabz del Rosario), whom he just met right before their trip. As the engine of Macky’s old van begins to accelerate, their relationships start on a new journey. Love blooms. Secrets unfold. Insecurities collide. And hidden desires set in. As they drive their way up north of Manila , this unrestrained group of three friends and a stranger explore the boundaries of their friendships, their sexualities, their dreams and the future that lies ahead of them.

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