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Rainy days forecast

Since we are seeing the end of summer with the intermittent, but very heavy, rains in the afternoons, it seems like we might just say buh-bye for now to hot and sexy guys in bikinis [and Bench-underwear-turned-swimwear-WTF!]. But don’t despair just yet, as the wet and wild guys of the rainy season will soon appear like the proverbial mushrooms-during-the-rains. Just look at the models above, in photos taken at the little bar that could, Lips Bar. That might be the fashion forecast -however tacky it is – for now.

James Renacia. Blistering.

Thanks to filipinagurl for the photos and the email. Here’s James Renacia, once a contestant in the 2007 Slimmers World International Bikini Bodies [in an upset win by cutie Carl Rosadino]. Twenty-four-year-old James Renacia represented the Trafalgar [Makati] branch of SWI in the contest. He stands 5’7″-tall and lists his occupation as a “businessman.” He is also a good friend of beleaguered Paolo Serrano.

Wholesome Wednesday

Here’s a fully clothed Ram Ace Bautista for today. Well, at least covered in fabric. Since Ram Ace Bautista doesn’t like wearing clothes, it may be such a big change if I get to post an image of him with clothes on. Tee-hee. Anyhow, there have been some sightings of Ram Ace in the smaller bikini contests in the metro – in bars and clubs, and there is one common comment: the guy totally loves going skimpy and threadbare.

The 1000.

This is post number 1000 and I’m hitting a few thousands more! Thank you for all the contributions and emails you sent, guys. I can not possibly answer all the mails, but let me answer the frequently-asked questions – I do not know their telephone numbers. I have a job. I’m not in the entertainment sector but I have wonderful friends in the industry. And Ido Victor is a real person. Here’s to the next 1000!

Paolo Serrano saga

Aah, the power of the web log. After the phenomenal rise of the blog of the Aussie who got crossed by a Filipino grifter, many took heed and wrote their own against people who hurt them. One of them is up against Paolo Serrano, recent subject, too, of a video scandal. Apparently, there are serious allegations against the guy and his friends [a girl friend and a bikini open guy] ganging up on the poor and hapless blogger. If you have time, go search for the blog. Makes for an interesting reading, if only for the gossip and gore factors. Peace out!


This is your virtual summer fashion show: lots of straw hats, big beads and pieces of diaphanous fabric. Of course, you know where these images of daring guys were shot. Richard Guebar is there some where. The rest, I don’t know their names. But just the same, here’s a treat in these times when the rains come a-pourin’ late in the afternoons, as summer fades.

Mondays with Enrico Mofar

Today is the day when an inner voice tells you to just call in sick and stay in bed.  You know the day. Mondays mean struggling out of bed, making your way to the shower and hurrying off to work.  Don’t you just wish you were in bed all day, lazing around, with no worries? Just like what 28-year-old dance instructor Enrico Mofar is doing. 

Where is Harry Laurel?

Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel is gone-a-missin’ again.  The cutesy member of Viva’s Men of Provoq has lately been making himself scarce.  Johnron says that the daring star of Ang Lalake sa Parola has been busy lately with out-of-town appearances and shows.  In fact, according to Johnron, Harry was in Macau recently on a trip.  Wherever he is and whatever  he is doing now, Harry is sorely missed on the big screen. 


Lex Bonife of the Antonio and Parola movies, sends the photo above and writes:  From the makers of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” and “Ang Lalake sa Parola” comes a heartwarming story about four gay men , their friendship and a road trip that will change their lives forever.  Kambyo stars Kenjie Garcia [of Antonio], Rayan Dulay [Duda, Moreno, Bath House], Harold Macasero [I think he is that guy from the 90s afternoon soap of GMA 7, Anna Karenina], and the Provoq guys Johnron Tanada and Gabz del Rosario.  Screenplay is by Lex Bonife and Direction is by Jay Altarejos.  Lex says that he does not want to announce the schedule yet as they are not done with the editing. The target date for the premiere is June.  So there! By the way, that’s Johnron Tanada in the photo.

Jobo Roa wins Body Shots 2008!

Jose Bernardo “Jobo” Roa from Cagayan de Oro is this year’s surprise winner of Body Shots 2008, a modeling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP].  The 19-year-old dusky charmer bested the heavy favorites in the competition, as no one expected him to finish ahead of the pack earlier.  Jobo was a Cosmopolitan magazine bachelor in 2007, and a finalist in the Mister Philippines 2007 pageant [won by co-Body Shots contestant Ian Porlayagan].  Since Body Shots claims to be the “the definitive search for the next top models” in the country, Jobo is expected to land deals for products, brands and fashion shows.

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