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My next entry will be on Sunday night or maybe Monday morning because I will be doing an out-of-town trip now.  I won’t be bringing the MacBook as I will be doing trails and stuff. Which means, I will be off for quite some time. I will just have to leave you guys with photos of these men, daring enough to pose nekkid for the camera. I don’t have their names, but these were taken a couple of years ago. Backstage. From a national male pageant.

WTF?! Dingdong appeared briefly!

At the recently concluded Bench Blackout show, it was a big letdown how Dingdong Dantes went on stage and  dramatically, no, furiously dropped his pants for a very brief moment. And then blackout! I guess that’s the purpose of the show’s title after all. And as for those gratuitous flashes of butts from Sam and Jake and Diether, Google them. I’m pretty sure you’ll be lucky to see them elsewhere.

Tondo Boys: Cris and Fhonz

Cris Quizon [left] and Fhons Feleo are probably the most daring cute boys who ever came out of Tondo, Manila.  Cris Quizon is from Balut, Tondo while Fhons Feleo is from Magsaysay near the Don Bosco School.  Cris is 18 years old and stands 5’10”. He is reportedly a black belter and a basketball player.  On the other hand, Fhons is 19 years old and stands 5’11”.  He won the Hot Bodies 2006 Bikini Open.


TGIF! Here’s to an enjoyable weekend to all, however you planned your Saturdays and Sundays. Lots of things to do this weekend. Tonight will be the show at the Araneta Coliseum, Bench Blackout. If you are tired of the artista hype, why not hie off to that bar in San Juan where our guy Friday, 23-year-old Alfred Mendoza, teases and taunts for our flights of fancy 


It’s Will Devaughn, Derek Ramsay and baller Chris Tiu, for an oatmeal commercial [Nesvita Oatmeal 3-in-1]. I’m not so sure how they came up with the casting, but I’m guessing it’s the tall, handsome and .. there’s a dark one, a mestizo, and a chinito, all with good genes and backgrounds.  Nevertheless, although the tv commercial came out last summer and we only had fleeting images of the guys in the beach, here are photos of the three hunks together for a lasting impression. 

John Harren Cuevas. Angelic.

Whatever happened to one of the better-looking members of Viva Hotmen, who went by the name of  John Harren Cuevas After doing the straight-to-video movies Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance he disappeared forever.  John Harren was a product [and winner] of bikini contests, such as BodyHeat Model Search, Mister Caloocan City 2002 and Mr. Face and Body Bikini open 2003 – prior to joining the Viva Hotmen. He joined the group when it was just about to disband. 

Bench Chinese

Someone sent this photo to my mail and funny, because I was wondering -at first, how Bench Body underwear actually scored a show somewhere in Tomas Pinpin, Juan Luna or Ongpin in broad daylight! And then again, I just realized that this photo of hot male mod  Ram Sagad was taken in China during a road show for Bench. In front of a lunch time crowd composed of wildly appreciative Bench fanatics, natch!

The young and the shirtless 2

Both started out as models and as contestants in glitzy bikini contests before hopping on the showbiz bandwagon as actors and hosts.  But their stories are now studies in contrast.   AJ Dee [left] used to be the most-favored boy in ABS-CBN before fading into oblivion.  Now, he’s merely doing theater and some occasional cameos in movies. On the other hand, Victor Basa is more busy with shows and gigs in ABS-CBN plus some independent movies on the side.

Abel Jimeno graduates

Abel Jimeno is now a college graduate. Unlike other models who chose to pursue their so-called careers to the point of dropping out of school, sexy hunk Abel Jimeno finished a university degree [Mechanical Engineering] at the Mapua Institute of Technology.  The 22-year-old part-time model was a runner-up at the Mr. Sexy Body 2008 contest. He has done ramp modeling and tv commercials, too.

Jay R in the mood

So, singer Jay R is not moving to ABS-CBN yet, as he finally made his appearance [after a long absence] in the GMA 7 Sunday noontime show where he is a regular.  He is now busy promoting his new album Soul in Love, plus upcoming concerts and spot appearances with other singers. Keeps him busy. At least, he’s not done and over-the-hill yet.  Too, he will be in the Bench Blackout show this Friday as one of the celebrity models.  
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