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Piolo abs

If Sam Milby is in the previous post, of course Piolo Pascual can’t be that far behind.  Fresh from his appearance as the first Filipino actor invited to the Paris Cinema International Film Festival, Piolo Pascual will next be seen as the hunk-ender at the Bench Blackout show.  Which just means, that if you are the main man in the finale, you are that important!

Sam oh!

Now, Sam Milby is one of the more prominent celebrity endorsers of Bench. However, in the previous talks [and negotiations] about who gets to go first in the Blackout show, Sam’s name was not even mentioned as one of the top dawgs. Instead, the billing rumble was among Dingdong Dantes, Richard Gutierrez and Piolo Pascual.  Nevertheless I would like to believe that maybe an important slot and position was already allocated for Sam Milby during the show. Will find out on Friday!

Repost: Carlos Concepcion

Carlos Concepcion is again in the limelight, courtesy of that blog that originally exposed, via hatred for a notorious gay grifter, Manila society’s quirks and quacks.  When Carlos admitted that the risque photos that came out last year were actually him, the issue died a natural death. Now, his name is being dragged into another issue in the mold of the Jojo Veloso scandals ages ago [to the uninformed, Veloso was the talent manager accused of exploiting his male talents big time].  I heart Carlos Concepcion and I would be crushed to hear baaad things about him. To deal rationally with the issue, here’s the link of that account in that blog.

Emmanuel Vila hangs freely

I’ve been hearing stories about the grand opening sequence of Bench Blackout this coming Friday. Supposedly, the models will all be nekkid wearing only the skimpiest of materials and costumes. Now, that’s something to look forward to. Anyhow, maybe the costume makers of the show will take a look at how Lips Bar does the teasing. Photo above shows Emmanuel Vila, a runner-up in the Tropical Bodies 2007 bikini contest, wearing a, uh, some material that looks like crocheted rags.

Will Martin Richard be in Blackout?

I’m asking because Martin Richard, the male model most-conspicuous in all Bench shows, campaigns and events, is connected with the banned modeling agency.  Unless, of course, he changed handlers and is already in good favor with Bench.  Martin Richard is a mestizo model who stands 6’1″.  He never fails to appear in all the Bench shows and was, in fact, one of the lesser-known models in a celebrity magazine-catalog for the underwear company.

Mimoy one more time!

The special for the weekend is one sexy smooth cutie who goes by the name of Michael “MM” Millendez.  Aka Mimoy, the 25-year-old native of Bacolod City [now based in Makati City] was first seen as one of the better-looking and more decent contestants in the annual Subic Bodies 2008 bikini contest. Unlike other bikini open contestants who merely wait and lurk out for the next competition for the prize money, Mimoy holds a day job as a real estate agent. 

Will Andrew be back at the Bench show?

Will Andrew Wolff be at the Bench Blackout show next week at the Araneta Coliseum?  It seems like the promo for the big Bench show does not include much of the hunky guy?  Of course, he is one of the most awaited hunks in the show as he had a history before of showing his big buns. And making a grand tease! Find out on 25 July if the big bad Wolff will be there! 

Alken absent

One of the more promising Viva Hotmen then was 6′-tall hunk Alken Miranda.  He was described as the shy and quiet member. Noticeably, he was also one of the more goodlooking guys in the bunch. Yet, when the group disbanded, he disappeared from the klieg lights.  Too, his manager went on to concentrate on the career of a dark-skinned singer  [the one who was rejected as a Viva Hotmen member, ejected as a singer by GMA 7, and gladly welcomed by ABS-CBN].  Too bad, Alken Miranda could have made it even better in showbiz. He is sorely missed.

Jay in demand

There’s a movie in Cinemalaya 2008 that is  giving film critics something to talk about. Writer-director-producer Francis Xavier Pasion’s Jay is the story of two Jays – one living, and the other dead. According to the director: “The film defamiliarizes the operations of media, tv in particular, in bringing us their stories.  It shows how media can subtly give us their own version of the truth.” Too, although there are gay characters in the movie, the first-time director clarifies that this is not a gay movie. Baron Geisler [photo above, left], who is co-starring with Coco Martin, reportedly had a frontal nudity scene “which was integral to the story.” I think the next schedule of Jay will be on Saturday July 19, 3.30 pm at the CCP MKP Hall.

Joey Alday drops it

It’s Thursday once again! It’s that time of the week when the fun starts to happen. That’s because the weekend is just a day away. For a wicked Thursday, here’s Joey Alday from you-know-where. He stands 5’9″ and with a mean and lean frame.  Twenty-three years old.  Regular contestant in the weekly contests of the little bar that could. Wicked!
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