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The Bubble Bunda

Bunda means bottom, of Brazilian Portuguese origin. Did you know that “bubble butt” has at least two connotations, which are at odds with each other: it is either a small, round and firm pair of buttocks resembling a pair of soap bubbles next to each other, or a large rear end, seemingly about to burst from the strain. In both cases, the term implies an appealing shapeliness about the buttocks. The guy showing his butt off above is Mark James de la Cerna, one-time model of underwear and swimwear.

JIM attempts at being artsy

That’s Josh Ivan Morales for you!  How about, for a change this time, Josh Ivan Morales of Antonio fame, covered and not totally naked?  Well, at least he’s not dangling his dong. Here, he attempts at some fantasy shoot, artsy in a way, like some harbinger of abundance and prosperity. Does it work for you?  No? Ok, go to Pat’s blog [link] where you can see some hardcore JIM in the Manila Exposed series. Have a nice day!

Harry leaves

Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel of Parola has apparently left showbiz to become an overseas Filipino worker [OFW] in Macau. This confirms earlier reports that cutesy Mr. Chua has gone to Asia’s gambling capital to look for greener pastures. Remember the Johnron blabbing about it earlier in one of the posts? All the while, I thought he just went to Macau for a trip. Here’s hoping the adorable cub comes back and makes movies and does photo shoots again. Like the one above, of course.

How was your weekend?

Okay guys, loong weekend is over! Time to move your ass and work! I know you had a 3-day weekend and I hope it was fun for you.  Now that you’re having the blues going back to work [or school], maybe I can give you a bit of cheer with this person named Matthew Belino, 411 not available yet. He was listed in the gay rag as a model, which I am skeptical about, since I have not yet seen him model anything.  Just the same, he’s one hell of a tease this Belino guy, don’t you think so?

Lance Howard lunges forward

When I was younger, I used to stare at the glossy calendars with half-naked women [usually in tacky shiny swimsuit] posing beside sparkling sports cars.  The attention to those women wasn’t so much in the prurient state but more on the silly imagination of replacing those images with men in undersized underwear [tacky and shiny, too].   Now, with immense technology, i can do just that. For example, here’s Lance Howard, a 6’1″-tall male model who’s getting visible again in the runway modeling circuit after some hiatus [He joined Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 –  the one won by Dennis Barrion].

JC and Richard

Richard Gutierrez [right] and JC de Vera ham it up for the camera backstage at the recently concluded Bench underwear show at the Araneta Coliseum.  Although the two guys didn’t don the skimpy skivvies, they were shirtless and smoldering, nonetheless.  JC de Vera, who is waiting patiently in the wings as the next big leading man in showbiz, is being managed by Richard’s monster mom.

King for the day!

Clearly now, Mr. King is the most popular naked guy in the latest issue of Climax magazine. Out of nowhere, these stories – probably similar to those of the raw and biting characters he portrays in the movies –  suddenly got the spotlight in the comments pages. Some baaad, some good, some blah, some great.  Anyhow, Kristofer King is back for today’s entry. To entertain you. And, of course, to remind you to buy the Climax issue.

Coverboys did a successful US tour

Okay, there is really no sarcasm in the “successful” and the “US tour” bits. Really. I’m happy for them, the Coverboys of ABS-CBN. A motley group of handsome, hale and hearty young men going shirtless [and showing their Bench Body and/or Penshoppe underwear bands] while singing.  For sure they must have wowed the crowds in the school auditoriums in Chicago and L.A. Good thing for them. Successful concert tour, eh! Welcome back, boys.

Jed see-through

Don’t mind the Christmasy costume.  Just focus, focus.  Here are photos of that cute little twink Jed Rivera aka Jed de Vera when he was still a finalist in Manhunt Bikini Open, an out and out contest featuring boys [which also included Tondo boys Cris Quizon and Fons Feleo] in gauzy-gossamer underwear.  And Jed, with the lean and nicely-cut bod plus the hairstyle, is so freakin’ cute like a 70s teenager!

Sleep is a luxury.

Finally, the week’s over! The looong weekend is here. I’m planning to get more sleep. I read somewhere that when you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, your body attempts to both preserve and replenish its stores of energy until adequate sleep has been achieved. The result would be a higher rate of weight gain, reduced motivation to exercise, and a reduction in the benefits that accrued from previous exercising. That is a real bummer! So here’s to more sleep this weekend! [Jeff Luna is sleeping.]
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