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Introducing: Michael McLeland

Here’s another hottie, who goes by the name of Michael McLeland. Apparently, another fly-in model as he has lately been spotted in fashion shows and tvc castings. Michael stands 6′-tall and was last seen at the Bench Blackout show wearing horns and undersized underwear. I don’t have the 411 on the guy yet but know-it-all fucks who lurk in this site can autofill the details on this shoot [Manila Yacht Club], where he came from, age, preferences, etc.

Sexy Boy: Benjamin Besa

Twenty-three year-old Benjamin Besa was a former teen actor in GMA 7 before moving to ABS-CBN as part of the Star Circle Batch 15.  He is, of course, now fully-grown. And sexy despite his boyish mien.  At 6’2″, Benj was also a contestant last year in the Mr. World-Philippines contest.  The hazel-brown-eyed Benj, who is half-Spanish, was last seen as one of the models at that show in Araneta last week.

Aki one more time!

Okay, I just can’t seem to get enough of nipo-brasileiro model Akihiro Sato.  I downloaded from YouTube [and converted to .flv file] his  Nescafe Raindrop Jewel commercial where he prances in the rain and I play it every time. I swear, I think he was literally sizzling under all the falling water. Photo above was taken when he was still modeling in Thailand, where he stayed for a long time prior to moving to Manila for more commercial projects.

Carlo v. Ron

At that flesh show last week, two young guys who made some lasting impression were Carlo Guevara and Haroun “Ron” Morales. Who do you like best? Will it be the young-ish and reluctant boy-in-briefs Carlo? Or the sexy and brooding Haroun? The two were the top finishers in the Bench modeling search, where Carlo edged out Haroun at a nationally-televised finals night at the Araneta Coliseum last year.

James Blanco is rich!

I’m just thinking out loud, don’t mind me: So I’m reading this glossy showbiz rag, and I saw this beautiful house with modern lines and crisp geometries. Turns out, it’s the new house of erstwhile teenybopper James Blanco, who’s now married with kids. And I’m wondering – with envy, of course, how the 5’8″-tall actor put up such a big house. Remember he quit school [B.S. Marketing at PSBA-Quezon City] eight years ago just to pursue his showbiz career. And he made just a handful of movies. And he is now a bit player on tv. His family must have been rich. His father must have taken care of his money very well. He must have made use of his Smart, Metro Pacific and PLDT stocks. I dunno. I’m just thinking out loud, don’t mind me.
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