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Mark John Sellado stamps his class!

Twenty-year-old Mark John Sellado is one of the male contestants in the Mr. & Ms. Expo World – Philippines search.  He is a good friend of the good-looking Pacquiao guy, who is also one of the candidates in this year’s pageant.  Mark John is one of the exciting reasons why you should watch this year’s contest at the Metro Bar on 6 October [Monday] at 7 p.m.  Who knows, the 5’9″-tall model might just seal it and go on to represent the Philippines in the international finals in Guatemala City in November.

Who is Laxzy?

Laxzy Rem Villar is a 20-year-old model who has done the bigger fashion shows in the metro.  He was in the recently-held Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash show – in the group wearing straw necklaces and printed boxer briefs.  At the Bench Fever extravaganza held two years ago, he was in the Olympics portion – that group wearing medals and carrying trophies.  Prior to these, the Letran College student was named as Best in Swimwear at the Circle of Ten Image Model Search 2006 [in photo ].

Raving about him

Him being Rayver Cruz, a tall 19-year-old dancer and actor inside the premises of ABS-CBN. His real name is Raymond Oliver Cruz Ilustre and he has been in the business for nearly a decade already [as a child actor]. Now that he has grown taller, he hopes to land more serious roles on tv and the movies.  I never took a second look at him before, until recently when he came out as no. 10 in StarStudio magazine’s “most sizzling boys under 23.” He is getting hawt, don’t you think so, guys?

Hiro Torobu is Ginoong Bicolandia

Eighteen-year-old Hiroshi Torobu is the new Ginoong Bicolandia, the biggest annual male pageant held in the Bicol Region [consisting of six provinces].  The 5’9″-tall student of San Beda College [Manila] was the top favorite to win the contest.  Hiro is also one of the more popular contestants in the Mr. & Ms. Expo World – Philippines search, which will now be held on 6 October [Monday] at the Metro Bar along West Avenue. Photo of Hiro courtesy of the Expo World press kit.

Candid Gerald

Oh my. Comments page, I think, under the previous entry on ABS-CBN’s next big star, Gerald Anderson, is full. So I’m putting one up here – featuring candid and most recent photos of the young actor in the beach. Shirtless and shooting a tv series. And proving to one and all that that StarStudio magazine photo was not photoshopped for the most part. Gerald Anderson’s star turn is up around the corner and nothing [and no one] is going to get in the way. The boy is really turning out to be a fine young man!

Mark Dee looks like …

This entry is about Mark Christopher Dee who looks a bit like ____ . You have to fill in the blanks. I think he looks like someone – an actor, model, athlete – but I can’t seem to specify the name. Maybe you can help me out, and of course, go easy on the nasty comments [e.g. he looks like Eugene Domingo].  Mark Dee is 20 years old, a native of Urdaneta, Pangasinan, and an amateur model who once posed for the late-lamented gay mag, Valentino.

Up Close and Proximate

The photo of Gerald Anderson below was taken from ABS-CBN’s entertainment rag StarStudio Magazine.  The magazine featured the top 12 “most sizzling boys under 23” and Gerald made it as no. 1 while JC de Vera of rival station GMA 7 placed no. 2. The magazine is, I think, taunting and stumping – pitting Gerald against the rising JC.  Note that there are other under-23 actors in ABS-CBN who could have been conveniently put in no. 2.  The photos above are high resolution –  click on them and you can see JC’s little hairs, appendicectomy, and that scar on his upper lip. Which make him all too sexy and human.   

Gerald Anderson is waiting in the wings

This might just have to be Twink Week!  For the next post, here’s 19-year-old Gerald Anderson, resident cutie and top teen draw at ABS-CBN.  I’m not so sure but I’m thinking he is being groomed to be the next big leading man in his studio, this early.  He has not been vacant with work, as a weekly tv show has already been scheduled for showing in the coming month,  with his perennial showbiz love team in tow.  And the shirtless photos released most recently rather signal his transition from the teenybopper image to a more serious [and sexy] figure. I’m not complaining.

Matteo Guidicelli drops his pants!

Filipino-Italian karter and actor Matteo Guidicelli turned 18 years old last March and he now has a license to bare for Penshoppe’s underwear line. In the clothing brand’s latest ad campaign for its briefs dubbed as Undercover, Matteo figures prominently in the background – more specifically, as one of the boys supporting main image model, Akihiro Sato.  Maybe in due time, Matteo will drop his jeans for more revealing Penshoppe briefs.

Justine of Manhunt

His name is Justine and he’s a dancer-entertainer at Manhunt, an all-male theater-bar in Ermita District, Manila. The photo is somewhat dated, probably from early last year, but just the same, it might be of interest to some of the finicky-fussy readers of the site.  He looks quite young, cute and chipper, which factors make for one fine Saturday morning visual treat.
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