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Dave Velasco takes the spotlight

Dave Velasco is the tall dark and appealing kind. He was a contestant in last summer’s Heatwave Bikini Showdown sponsored by the Star Group of Malls. Although he did not get the top plum [snagged by perennial bikini open contestant Kish McBride], Dave went home with the Mr. Physique award. I’m not so sure but that could be the best-candidate-with-the-best-body award.

Amateur Sunday

Today we’re having them lean with long hair, arguably cute in racy-lacy underwear, and in some back alley somewhere in the metro. It’s supposed to be a break from all the glitz and sparkle of the models and actors. His name is Jay Mendoza, 21 years old, and a model of the little bar that could, the one in San Juan.

A naked JC on the telly?

Teen actor JC de Vera is finally shedding his wholesome image [and clothes], in the episodes of GMA 7’s late-night show Obra. Scheduled to run during Thursdays in the whole month of September, the Obra series entitled “Pretty Boy” will feature JC’s acting and dancing prowess sans shirt and pants because he is in a macho dancer role. There’s one big reason to stay home late nights on Thursdays, then. Bring it on, JC!

By Demand: Joshua Pacquiao

By popular email demand, here’s Joshua Pacquiao again, to brighten up our sunshiney Saturday! He’s one of the top favorites in the upcoming contest Mr. & Ms. Expo World- Philippines 2008, which will have its finals night on October 5 at the Pagcor Grand Theater in Paranaque City. Joshua Pacquiao swears that that is is surname and is not a bomba-star-fancy-name gimmick. He hopes to win the contest and proceed to Guatemala City in November for the international finals.

Kris Martinez heats up!

With the photos above, Kris Martinez is sure to light up the fire this fine Friday night, guys! The part-time actor, who was last seen in the Andrew Schimmer-movie Green Paradise, has not been busy lately. His stint in the boyploitation movie Twilight Dancers, has not been followed up by offers for serious acting parts. Still, Kris Martinez, who once admitted that he is open to gay relationships, is hoping that some freakin’ day he’ll be famous in Philippine showbiz.

Brian Bernardo works it!

Aside from Joshua Pacquiao, another favorite [from last week’s press conference] among the male contestants in the Mr. & Ms. Expo World-Philippines 2008 is Brian Bernardo. The tallest in his batch at 6’4″, fresh-faced Brian is a 19-year-old student at the St. Francis of Assisi College in Las Pinas City. He hopes to win the national finals on October 5 at the Pagcor Theater so that he can go to Guatemala City for the international competition.  

Robin Padilla will kick your butt!

If you misbehave! The key word in this site from now on would have to be TOLERANCE. Tolerance is the appreciation of diversity. It is the ability to exercise a fair and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, religion, nationality [and quirks!], and so on differ from one’s own. Which means, if you see the comments page littered with fantastic stories from fantastic people, just let them be. No one’s prohibited from writing down their fantasies and illusions. So ring out the animosities! And behave! Or else Robin Padilla will muay thai you to oblivion!

John Lopez strikes a pose

While some of his contemporaries at the now-defunct Mossimo Bikini Summit have now taken the showbiz route [e.g. Aljarreau Galang, Mr. Racho, Haroun Morales, Kim Gantioqui], Derek Zoolander-wannabe John Anthony Lopez is quietly making a name as a top model in the country. He’s been seen in the fashion runways lately for top designers and commercial brands. Noticeably, he’s the only moreno model in the local brand Folded & Hung’s underwear line.

Billy Crawford is sexy now

Regardless of the photo manipulation [see before-and-after pics above], 26-year-old international singer Billy Crawford is hot now. I have always seen him as the cute tot beside the Venerable Showman of Philippine TV, but now that he is one of the top ten hot bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine – shirtless and wet, wet ,wet, I’m looking at Billy Joe, er, Billy Crawford in a different perspective. Way to go!

Where is John Miller?

Provoq guy John Miller is, how’d you say it, uh, not progressing in his career.  I like John Miller not only for his mestizo [he is Aussie-Filipino] looks but also because he’s the most reserved yet one of the friendliest in his group.  Quiet and unassuming, John Miller seemed like a reluctant showbiz player.  But he can be oh-so-daring at times. Well, most of the time and he is so endearing. Too bad, he has disappeared from the limelight, after doing those bits for the tacky underwear shows. 
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