Monthly Archives: September 2008

Cosmo Bruce

It’s Cosmo season once again! Turns out, baller-turned-model-actor Bruce Quebral is one of the guys featured in the top ten bachelors.  In his CS3-ed photo for the magazine, Bruce is seen showing tufts of hair in his pubic mound.  Now, I’m thinking Bruce has found his regulation pose and angle, i.e., showing off his pubic hair in public. Remember, in the recently-concluded Bench Blackout show, he was also seen lowering his briefs to reveal generous amounts of those kinky little hairs down there. Maybe next time he can lower his briefs more.

Ram Ace as requested

There you go! I hope this Tuesday will be a good one for you. And to spike things up a bit, here’s the usual cheer giver – Ram Ace Bautista in an easy, breezy white bottom.  I’m wondering if this weathered bikini pageant contestant has already taken the DNA test to establish his claim that he’s the son of the ex-senator and actor Ramon Revilla Sr.  And then again, if his claim’s true, he might not take the barenaked path in showbiz anymore. 

Polo briefs

While everyone’s haggling for the next Bench underwear endorsement deal, 26-year-old actor Polo Ravales [Paul Patrick Rodil Gruenberg in the real world] went the Folded & Hung way. As endorser of the local clothing brand, Polo Ravales gets to have his own space and time wearing F & H’s underwear line. Hopefully, Mr. Gruenberg will be seen next in F & H’s thongs and t-back line, however tacky.   
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