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Rayver Cruz gets noticed

Methinks Rayver Cruz has a lot of potential in showbiz once he stops trying to be consciously cute.  He is tall and quite good-looking, so he should block those studied and calculated moves as if he is still in the twinkie cupcakes mode.  Now that Starstudio magazine has included him in the list of “most sizzling boys under 23,” Rayver Cruz should take heed and move on to more serious yet cool roles.  I’m thinking too much, actually. 

James Luther’s back!

James Luther is back for a tease.  Which reminds me again – after all the small-dick, big-dick talk, we go behind the man.  How important is the size of a man’s butt to you? Or does it matter at all?  Some people want them round and plump and fleshy. Others prefer lean and flat. I’m going for the fat and bouncing variety, if you ask me. There’s something about a man with a bubble butt. What’s your take?

Dingdong Distracting 2

I was driving early this morning going back to Makati [from a trail run somewhere south], when I saw this billboard of man-of-the-hour Dingdong Dantes in Magallanes Interchange, right beside this ad of a half-naked Piolo.  I couldn’t help but slow down and gaze and gape and godawful me I just put myself in a precarious situation all because of these shirtless guys.  I’m noticing lately – most of the sexy billboards in the metro are those of guys, e.g. Dingdong in Guadalupe, Piolo in Magallanes, Jon in Cubao, Aki in SLEX, and so on.  Not that I’m complaining but where have all the girls gone?

Are you a size queen?

Are you looking for a 9-inch kielbasa?  Or is a 3-inch wienerwurst adequate enough for you? In short, are you a size queen? Is bigger actually better? I’m asking because I’ve been thinking lately how much is ample and sufficient when it comes to the penis.  It turns me off when I encounter a banger that’s puny and pitiful, as much as it also scares me if it’s monstrously huge. Consider this: A comprehensive worldwide study, undertaken since 1942, has come up with a general penis size guideline.  With over 11,000 participants, the survey places the average erect size of the adult penis between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth. Now then, will you settle for small, average or large?

Winner: Jason Abalos

Jason Abalos won his first Best Actor awards recently for the indie flick Endo at the prestigious Urian Awards and the Young Critics Circle. His sensitive portrayal of a miserable contractual worker got the approval of the movie critics. The 21-year-old actor was also cited by StarStudio magazine as one of the “most sizzling boys under 23.” It seems like things are doing pretty well in his career. It helps that Jason Abalos is one heck of a cute moreno kid. And tall, too. I’m waiting for the day when he goes all-out sexy as he declared one time in a magazine interview that he’ll do just that once is body is “fully developed.”


The pic came too soon.  Yes, he is Filipino as he can be.  And I’m particularly glad that it’s already Thursday, just one step away from Friday.  Which means I can start thinking already about my weekend.  Let’s see.. there’s the Fashion Week, some scheduled run this Sunday, dinner with long-lost friends found through Facebook.  Lots!  I’m loving my Thursday.  It gives me some frivolous glee. What are you looking forward to?

Drew is getting hotter

Twenty-eight year-old tv host Drew Arellano is getting sexier than ever.  Blame it on his passion these days for basketball, running and triathlons.  Drew revealed in a recent interview that after his hosting stint in the morning show of GMA 7, Unang Hirit, he engages himself in training, which entails lots of physical activities.  In fact, I see him most of the time in the weekend races, in regulation triathlon compression tights – one of the reasons I’m truly enjoying my runs lately.  

Enchong or Gerald?

Let’s do the choices thing again. If you were to select your boy for the rest of your Boracay Island stay [3 days, 2 nights, economy fan room but with free breakfast], and the options are – Enchong Dee and Gerald Anderson, who would it be and why?  Now, this is a tough one, if you ask me.  I prefer the Filipino-Chinese kid. And the Filipino-American cutie, too.   I can’t seem to make an absolute choice. Who is your bet?

Day Break

Okay, lay off on the dick pic first, guys.  Next one’s next week, or a month from now. And besides,  the Dow gained more than 400 points, so there’s a glimmer of hope out there.  Enough of the naked guy first.  For today, here’s Coco Martin [standing, back to the camera] and Paolo Rivera from the movie Daybreak, which will soon be doing the rounds of the international film festivals.  

John Lopez gets axed from Survivor

Male model and camera-conscious contestant John Lopez finally gets eliminated from the Philippine edition of Survivor.  I saw him lately around my area and boy, he looked like he went straight under the sun for days. But it sure made him look sexy – like some battle-scarred model.  Too, it looks like GMA 7 has plans for the male mod, as news releases were made earlier during the day in the major broadsheets regarding his exit from the show.  We’ll have to find out soon.
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