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In your face!

Between concerns on the Dow and the Philippine economy, I’m thinking that the best way to spend the day sans worries would have to be in bed with a nice and good-looking guy with puffy cheeks and wonderful body and big legs and a pinkish penis – snuggling, kissing and canoodling like there’s no Tuesday, until all energies [power and potency, included] are spent.  I wish.  And then again, I’m just trying to amuse you. That and the dick above. Smile, it’s a Monday.  

Aljur dons short shorts

Is Aljur Abrenica, that cute kid down by the GMA 7 studios, being groomed as a sexy actor? Discovered through the reality show Starstruck, the 18-year-old Aljur has – ever since he won the Ultimate Hunk title in the show – been positioned in the sexy teen category. He, in fact, landed in StarStudio magazine’s top 12 “most sizzling boys under 23.” Now, that’s a considerable feat for this young guy as he is starting to get noticed.

Aki is here to stay

It looks like top-model-of-the-moment Akihiro Sato is extending his supposed-to-be three-month stay here in Manila.  As commercial, ramp and tv offers keep coming his way, the 6’1″-tall Brazilian of Japanese descent, has decided to stay for a while. He has reportedly enrolled in Filipino and English courses at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. And he  takes the public commute [buses and train] from his Makati condo to school.  Suddenly, I want to ride the MRT, too, and look for Aki in the crowd. I heard he is very polite and accommodating.  


Look who’s here! He’s back and he’s rather coy this time. He forgets to cover some parts and there’s a glimpse of those elusive jewels. Ram Ace Bautista, the tease from Cavite, has not been heard of lately.  Maybe he’s busy with some stuff.  Maybe he’s in school. Or holed up in his condo. But just the same, there have been occasional sightings of Ram Ace Bautista, somewhere in Baclaran, early mornings when he takes the bus home to his native Kawit, Cavite.  Maybe you’ve seen him lately?

The Strangers

Happy Saturday! In deference to and commemoration of whatever masked festival is happening right now somewhere in southern Philippines, here are three naked strangers covered and concealed – well, at least their faces are hidden.  Of course, this photo was snapped from you-know-where in San Juan, Metro Manila. Credit goes to the boys for putting up a brave front. And to the producer-organizer for the what-were-they-thinking costumes.  

Pretty please with sugar on top?

Yes, I know I just posted some photos barely a week ago.  But then again, these pictures of Gerald Anderson  are hard to pass up. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, can I tease and torment you again with these photos?  These were taken in a Boracay resort, with a wet, wet Gerald confidently showing off his young and developing bod. Happy Friday!

Marx gorgeous 2

So, you are saying now that Marx Topacio is not that hot? That he looks ordinary and plain?  I’m turning a deaf ear to that.  He’s of the tall, dark and handsome variety.  The thing is, maybe you [yes, you cosmopolitan OFW you!] have been desensitized in your location – be it London, L.A. or Lusaka – about that certain  look, but it’s not every day that you encounter a guy who looks like Marx here in the tropics. Marx Topacio is a standout in this part of the world, that’s what I have been meaning to say.

Marco in military chic, too.

Yeah, I noticed it too. First it was very apparent in the Brent Javier photo. And now, here comes Marco Alcaraz in the military-inspired photo shoot. I’m referring to the hardware, the guns strategically placed near their crotches, like phallic symbols. While Brent Javier’s gun points up, Marco’s weapon trains down. I must be thinking too much. Coincidence or the stylists just didn’t notice.

Three men

Now, here are three guys to choose from, and here’s the question: The best looking guy among the lot is [from left to right] –
a. Vince Canizares
b. Eduardo Fagundes
c. Bruce Quebral
It’s a motley group of models, really as Vince Canizares is a mestizo Filipino-Spanish, Eduardo Fagundes is totally Brazilian, and Bruce Quebral is the moreno Filipino. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but the three models have not been very active at the moment. Too bad.  Now, if you ask me, I’ll go for Vince first.

Brent in military chic

Brent Javier is set to star as one of the lead actors in ABS-CBN’s Humingi Ako sa Langit, a Grey’s Anatomy-esque primetime soap. Prior to that, he appeared in his debut movie Loving You, which I think bombed at the tills. Just the same, my favorite Bench underwear model is determined to be an actor – a radical shift from his male model persona.  He admitted that he has always given acting prime consideration, and that it was about time that he did some tv and movie acting.  
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