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Alfred Vargas is giving

Look, it’s 27-year-old actor Alfred Vargas and he’s dressed for the occasion, er, season. Well, almost. Plus he brings a gift! Alfred Vargas is one of the exclusive actors of GMA-7, with starring roles in the station’s afternoon soaps. He has gone sexy and daring before in the local underwear brand Walker’s photo book, and he’s coming out in another one early next year. A stint in Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s raunchy pages also established his sexy image as an actor.

Rodel Velayo comes home

Remember Rodel Velayo, the gay teen’s wet dream in the 90s? He is reportedly coming home today from Australia where he is now based with his wife and kid. Rodel Velayo, who churned out kickass soft-porn flicks such as Itlog, Bakat and Kangkong, is here on a temporary visit, mainly to spend the holiday season. It was not revealed, however, if the 30-something actor will appear in front of the cameras while he is here on vacation.

The worker

Here we go again. After all the entries on the sleek-slick models and actors, it’s the turn of the -er, the construction worker who smells of the dry burning sun and the sweet sweat from his firm body. For some reason, there’s a certain appeal in there for the hardworking construction man – like some raw and natural charm that is at times engaging and fascinating. For example, here’s Lester Quijano, who is 22 years old, stands 5’10” and a native of Muntinlupa City.

Angelo Cacciatore, dancer.

In the heart-warming movie Billy Elliot, the 11-year-old protagonist pursues his passion for dancing the ballet and declares that he’s not a “poof” – it’s just that dancing is “like electricity, electricity!” Our entry for today is not a poof either but he’s as graceful and nimble as a seasoned ballet dancer. Angelo Cacciatore is a ballet dancer who studied his craft in Italy for eight years before coming home to the Philippines. He is one-half Filipino and one-half Italian, and he’s here to stay to pursue his love for dancing. In between the pas de valse and the pas marche, he has appeared in tv commercials and fashion shows, e.g. the Bench show held this year, as one of the underwear models,


Here we go again. No, not the nekkid boy, but I’m referring to the season – the Christmas season. It’s that time of the year when almost everyone’s on a heightened sense of giving. Although it is still my favorite time of the year because of the unlimited food, insane parties and cheap gifts, Christmas season can really drive someone nuts. Imagine the traffic and the crowds.  Maybe, and I’m just thinking out loud – the reason why most people wish for “Peace on Earth” during the Christmas season is because they really want some peace and quiet at this time. Image above: Vincent Villaver, part-time model, bikini open contestant.

Enchong Baby!

Enchong Dee is such a joy to look at, he is so freakin’ cute! The 20-year-old champion swimmer, who participated in the ASEAN and Asian Games as part of the Philippine team, is now busy in ABS-CBN as one of the resident cuties in afternoon soaps and variety shows.  Prior to joining showbiz, he was taking up Sports Management at the De La Salle University in Manila.  Too, he is one of the more prominent models of local brand Bench.  

Redux: Geoff Taylor

Here are more images of sexy model and singer Geoff Taylor. Of course, he can smack-dab fit into those speedo-style briefs, no matter how tacky and garish they are. That is because he used to be a model prior to joining showbiz as a singer.  The 5’11”-tall native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan is now busy concentrating on his singing career by appearing in out-of-town shows.  With such looks and talent [and bod!], Geoff Taylor will soon be on his way to fame. 

The Macau connection

Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel [left] and the Johnron
What’s with Macau and the boys these days?  It seems that every Tom, dick and Harry is off to work in  some secret happy place in the gambling capital of Asia. For instance, Harry Chua was reported to have gone there with Prince Stefan, earlier this year.  And then, when I made an entry about the Johnron a few days back, there’s this info that he’s working his ass off [and I mean this figuratively] in Macau, too. Meanwhile a friend tells me that wannabe model Ian Porlayagan went there for a visit.  Plus a group of other male models from Hoo to Surio. So, now I’m considerably curious and particularly puzzled as to these goings-on in Macau, which until recently had no prominent gay scene. Perhaps the famous Filipino DJ from HK and Macau –  J.C. can, uh, brief us on the matter?

Have you seen Versus?

Yes, I’m referring to that direct-to-video movie of Paolo Rivero and Paolo Serrano [in photo]. It’s supposed to be the story between two neighbors who develop a liking for each other and the ensuing sex scenes get to be told in graphic detail.  The blurb for the video says that it’s all about “the stages of gay love.” Now, interesting enough, while Paolo Rivero goes daring [with a bit of frontal exposure in a long shot], the formerly controversial Paolo Serrano – who exposed himself barefaced in a DIY amateur video a few months back – is rather coy and sweet and reserved in Versus. Which means there are no, uh, delightful scenes of this guy in the movie, unless you have a thing for pubes.  Oh well, there’s always the amateur video…

Fierce: Jerrymie Ferrer

Jerrymie Ferrer is a 27-year-old model from the Queen City of the South.  He has won quite a number of titles in the male bikini contests held in Cebu City. Too, he’s one of the regular ramp models in the runway shows of the city’s top fashion designers.  The 5’10”-tall hunk has also been featured in the biennial underwear shows of Bench in Manila.

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