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Jude Marco in red!

Ah, the many different faces of Jude Marco Sy-pongco! Here’s one taken four years ago, back when he was only twenty years old and competing at the 2004 Mr. & Ms. Bikini International Philippines. That time he was up against the likes of pro models Carlos Concepcion, Guiness Nabung and his bestest friend Miggs Espina, Bembol Cabasal, Verlyn Hizon and Jadel Lee. And then the more daring ones like dick-a-day featured guys Randolph Dungo and Cherroy Curamen, plus porn flick lead Marko Maristela were also in the contest. It was a big group of guys, actually. Some became quite famous. Some went on to become bit players in the movies. Some just dropped their briefs for posterity. Although Jude Marco didn’t win at that time, he is surely winning them over now in Macau!

Brimful of Justin Royce Dizon

Yeah, Mr. Big’s name is Justin Royce Dizon. Of course, you noticed it too, huh? A chock-full of surprises maybe underneath the speedos? Plus he is cute. He is 19 years old, a student and he is 5’8.5″-tall. Not bad, eh? Justin was last seen as a contestant at the Face of the Year contest, held a few months back. Although he did not win the top prize, he sure got the attention of the talent agents [and the happy audience] that night. With the onset of summer and the bikini contests that come with it, expect to see more of Mr. Big !

Derek and Coco together

There’s a small movie, actually an episode of ABS-CBN’s drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya shown last week, that got the guys raving about the story and the actors. Entitled Boarding House, the episode starred the unlikely pair of Derek Ramsay [left] and Coco Martin. Since this one’s on primetime tv, there was no obligatory sex scene in the gay plot. In the episode, Derek is a straight man who has a history of sexual abuse, while Coco is the quiet gay guy. It’s a pretty interesting story as narrated by well-meaning friends who got to watch it. I just hope there’s a replay pretty soon.

The Cappuccinos

The Cappuccinos is a motley group of guys, formed as a sexy pack who will star in independently-produced movies, shows and concerts.  Except for a few, the members are starring in a new flick called Sagwan, which is set to premiere on 4 February 2009 at the UP Film Institute. If you ask me, my personal favorites in the group are Erie [bottom photo, leftmost], Christian [top photo, leftmost] and Dennis [top photo, rightmost].  Of course, the other guys are sexy and cute, too, and each has his own following.  Here’s wishing them good luck in their careers! Happy Monday!

AC Fernandez is a hottie!

One of the more prominent contestants in the recently-concluded Mr. & Ms. Slimmer’s World 2008 was Andrew Carlos “AC” Fernandez. He is 22 years old and a licensed Mechanical Engineer. AC is a native of Calumpit Bulacan and a graduate of the Mapua Institute of Technology. Although he failed to win the prize, this 5’10”-tall charmer was one of the crowd favorites. Mainly because of his good looks and that gold bikini!

Up Close and Marco

Here’s another one of those photos of Marco Morales. This time I decided to go with the large close-up size for better appreciation. Like, there’s some outline of a flaccid penis in there, a little birth mark [or maybe, a mole], bits of newly-trimmed hair peering out of the fibers of the jockeys, a conformation of tight testicles and brown smooth skin, of course. So, here’s the take-a-picture-and-save-it-for-posterity shot. Marco Morales is such a dream, isn’t he? I just wish Butas will be shown in regular theaters shown. Uncut, of course.

The 8th member

You’ll have to excuse the oversight. I forgot there’s another member of the new boy-group Capuccinos and he’s Ryan Dungo. He is a familiar sight to bikini-contest-watchers because he’s been in a lot of those thongs-and-triceps contests last year, most prominent of which was the Hataw Super Bodies [he won]. Plus, he is the younger brother of Randolph Dungo, the re-packaged Ran Domingo of Lalamunan. FYI, Ryan Dungo is going naked all the way – one of the two guys doing full frontal scenes – in the movie Sagwan. The movie preem is on 4 February 2009 at the UP Film Institute.

Kevin and Rodjun do Lipgloss!

Meet two guys in TV5’s teen drama show Lipgloss, which is enjoying some cult following! The guy on the left is Kevin Lapena, an 18-year-old student at the De La Salle University taking up BS major in Applied Economics and BSC major in Applied Corporate Management. Kevin is the nephew of 90s hunk Lorenzo “Tata” Mara, who is also in the show. The one on the right is Rodjun Cruz, a 21-year-old actor from the famed Cruz clan and older brother of ABS-CBN rising star Rayver Cruz. Lipgloss is a teen drama series, now on its second season, every Saturday at 6 p.m. It chronicles the lives of rich students in an exclusive school called Linden High. The real come-on is this: the guys are mostly swimmers in the show, so expect to see a lot of them shirtless, wearing speedos and board shorts most of the time.

Butas moved January 28

How about storming the gates of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] at President Tower along Timog Avenue in Quezon City and badger the review personnel to approve for commercial showing the Marco Morales flick Butas without cuts? Because, guys, the regular showing of Butas has been moved by the producers to January 28 and that is still temporary pending the green light from the MTRCB. Apparently, MTRCB is making Butas pass through the eye of the needle, most recently. Of course, for those who missed the UP uncut screening, it will be such a thrill to see Marco Morales prance on the big screen once again, with stiff determination, right? Oh, MTRCB should just give the go-ahead for this movie, without cuts!

Rod Ortiz of Cappuccinos

Yay! It’s Friday! We are down the Cappuccinos line and we have Rod Ortiz! He is a 21-year-old student of the Southeast Asian College, Inc., the one beside the United Doctors Medical Center in Quezon City. Rod is a native of Bataan province and hopes that his stint with the new group, Cappuccinos, will open doors for him in showbiz. The boy-group is coming out with a movie Sagwan this February but Rod is not in it, though. Maybe in the next more daring project? TGIF!
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