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I don’t care if Monday’s black. Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack, Thursday never looking back. It’s Friday, I’m in love! Yes, it’s another Friday! See how time files by so faaast! After the longest holiday in Philipine history, many were dragging their feet last Monday back to work. Now, the weekend’s nearly here and it’s time to unwind and relax again. To ease you into the weekend lazy mode, Ram Ace Bautista is here once more. Remember him?

Swarthy: Alvin Aguilar

Alvin Aguilar is tall, dark and handsome. This 5’11”-tall hunk who is making heads turn with his exotic good looks and muscled physique is an Abaknon, from Samar province.  According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts website, the Abaknon “live on the island of Capul on the northern tip of Samar in the San Bernardino Straits, south of the province of Sorsogon.”  Alvin Aguilar, who is 21 years old, has already modeled for major brands and fashion retailers on the runway.  He is a graduate of the Capul Agro-Industrial School in Samar.

Paolo Serrano, intense.

So, I’m just wondering in idle time about this sexy guy Paolo Serrano and maybe he can do what Marco Morales has been doing of late, i.e. letting it all hang out in the big screen to the delight of mothers and pubescent boys alike.  And, sans any denigration, let’s admit that this handsome fellow once performed in front of the [PC] camera with stiff determination, so the idea of frontal nudity on screen would not be totally lost on him. I believe that  Paolo Serrano can truly whip it up – no pun intended, of course – and maybe, just maybe give our dear guy Marco a run for his money in the acting-while-nekkid-throughout-the-entire-movie department.

Dishy: Jude Marco Sy-pongco

Twenty-four-year-old Jude Marco Sy-pongco is a familiar face in the male bikini pageant circuit. A native of Escalante City, Negros Occidental, Jude Marco was the Maharlikang Pilipino – Metro Manila 2005 titleholder.  He is a tv and movie actor, too, in most ABS-CBN shows. Aside from that, he is a theater actor under the Gantimpala Theater Foundation.  The charming model-actor is now working in Macau.

Marco more and more!

Heck, this site could very well be now the Marco Morales Adoration Society, so we can use a couple of photos for this Monday. After the longest holiday [11 days!] in Philippine history, people will be trooping back to the salt mines, and what better way to start the week by posting these photos of gay fantasy Marco. Not exactly of the frontal nudity variety [you’ll see those in the premiere of his movie Butas on January 12, 7.30 p.m. at the UP Cine Adarna] but the photos reveal how truly gorgeous and sexy our man Marco is. Happy Monday!

Piolo against Marco

I think Piolo Pascual‘s movie, Love Me Again  [Land Down Under] is going up against Marco Morales‘s Butas. This is not entirely a news flash but I think there’s no competition there. One’s coming from a well-oiled machinery – and I’m referring to his studio, silly. The other one’s an independently-produced flick with “lots of male frontal nudity.” And while the household help may not be flocking to the movies to see Marco Morales take a shower au naturel or copulate with a curly-haired woman with monstrous mammary glands, the shiny happy people are eagerly anticipating this Butas caper on January 12 at the UP Film Institute and on January 15 at the Robinsons Malls’ cinemas.

Local Zorro?

So the image above [from the bar formerly known as Lips] is the best I can come close to a representation of the subject – GMA-7 is reportedly doing a local version of Zorro and Richard Gutierrez is going to be the masked swordsman. This one’s confirmed because the teaser just came out during the holidays and Richard Gutierrez is seen as the black-clad master swordsman fighting in the scenic hills. Now, I wonder how this series will go because Zorro’s typical character is that of a hero living in the Spanish colonial era of California. I’m pretty sure the writers can skirt around the basic elements of the story and maybe readjust it to local settings. Or else Richard’s monster mom will throw a fit.

Marco Morales is wholesome

At least in this photo for Cosmopolitan [Philippines] magazine as Hunk of the Month of July 2007. [It was the time the magazine put handsome actor Piolo Pascual on the cover as he unwittingly declared that it has been his “secret dream to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan.”] Anyways, Marco was the featured guy and boy, he looked cute.  And nobody thought at that time that the singer-dancer-actor who is Australia born-and-raised would be so cocky in the movies, e.g. Walang Kawala.  He’s the new gay flavor-of-the-year de facto, and I just wish there will be more movies for this boy.  His latest, Butas [Loophole] will have its director’s cut preem on January 12  7.30 p.m. at the UP Film Institute.  

Luis Manzano is on a roll

VJ-model-host-actor Luis Manzano is hopeful in the new year.  He will soon fly to New York City to shoot his scenes for Star Cinema’s movie with a gay twist, the creatively-titled A Mother’s Story. He says he’s pretty much excited about this “most challenging” movie in his entertainment career, not because of the kissing scenes with his male co-star but because he’ll be working for the first time with his mother.  Great!

Froilan Moreno in Butas

Another supporting actor in the most-anticipated movie of January, i.e. Butas, is Froilan Moreno. He was previously featured here as a 21-year-old centerfold of a gay magazine. Reportedly,  Butas will have twelve [12] frontal nudity scenes of Marco Morales alone [some photos were sent to me earlier but I’m not at liberty to post yet], plus those of Froilan Moreno. And the girl.  Set the date of the premiere: January 12, 7.30 p.m. at the UP Film Institute. Regular showing in theaters is on January 15.
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