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Daniel Kenji is coming to town!

This Just In: Another Nippo Brasileiro who is flying in to Manila to sign an exclusive contract with a top modeling agency is Daniel Kenji Matsunaga. The 23-year-old Brazilian model will be inking a commitment pretty soon with Mercator Model Management, Inc., which shall handle his modeling career in the Philippines. Mercator is the same company handling Aki and Hideo, two notable Brazilian models of Japanese descent. The 6’1″-tall Daniel Kenji used to strut his stuff in the runways, billboards and magazines of Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong before finally deciding to hit our local shores.

Christian Navesis eats anything

It is such a puzzler how some people can gobble up anything in sight and still remain trim and fit. With enviable abs, of course. Take for example, Christian Navesis, who can chow down the unhealthiest of burgers and can still retain such killer bod. Maybe, it’s in his genes. Or metabolism. Perhaps, it’s the discipline and time to go to the gym. Or his ability to regurgitate after a big bite Just the same, this 23-year-old freelance actor and model is preparing yet once again for the onset of summer – bikini open season! Hopefully, we’ll see more of Christian Navesis in itsie-bitsy bikinis in the months to come.

Whose dick is that?

Ho-hum. It’s a boring Tuesday, and I thought I could liven things up a bit with this photo taken a few months back of a freelance male model.  He’s a regular bikini open contestant, quite tall at 6’1″ and bulky.  He’s never done Lips Bar, but he has traveled to Peel Bar in SoHo, Central, Hong Kong for some shows last year. Pretty soon, we might just get a good look at his handsome mug.  In the meantime, enjoy the penis shot! 

JC Tiuseco hosts

I was watching GMA-7’s morning show Unang Hirit a few days ago and I finally came across the segment of baller-model-host  JC Tiuseco.  Although he is a bit stiff unlike the animated style of Drew Arellano in the same show, JC is trying his best to learn the ropes.  In a magazine interview, JC revealed that he is pretty much excited about his new showbiz career – a big jump from his basketball days and runway spots.  In a few months, maybe JC will master the art – or facility – of hosting on national tv.  

Traffic Hazard

Well, I’m not exactly complaining. It’s just that right above that busy flyover along C-5 Road from Pasig City on the way to Makati, there’s this giant billboard of local clothing brand Folded N Hung with model Hideo Muraoka.  He’s shirtless [and hairless in the pits]! And driving past that section, I couldn’t help but look up and gape – with a heaping of sexual malice – at this fine specimen.  Hideo Muraoka is a 20-year-old Brazilian-Japanese model, now based in Makati City.

Aki doesn’t mind

He is such a sweetheart and he is sorely missed.  Male model Akihiro Sato doesn’t mind all those hands putting on make-up and coloring on his body.  He is quiet and accommodating, which traits have endeared this charming young Brazilian [with Japanese roots] to make-up artists, stylists and production people that he has worked with. Aki is reportedly still abroad doing modeling jobs.  He will definitely be back as his first Filipino movie Handumanan [Remembrance] is set to be shown this month.

John Miller stays

Question: Why does John Miller prefer to remain in Manila despite offers for him to do Macau?  I’m just wondering because obviously a stint in the Gambling Capital of Asia is more lucrative than say, an appearance in Showboyz or a session at the bar formerly known as Lips. Surely, with his Aussie-Filipino looks, this 5’7″-tall former Provoq guy would be a top draw in the entertainment places in Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau.  I’m just particularly curious.

Matt Evans to do Underage

Now that he is an adult, Matt Evans is taking on roles beyond cutesy stuff.  He is set to appear in ABS-CBN’s tv adaptation of the 80’s teen classic Underage. Of course, the original movie, shown in 1980, had Gabby Concepcion, Jimi Melendez and Mark Gil in daring roles.  Matt Evans is one of the leading men in the tv remake. However, he says that although the movie was generous with the nakedness of the guys, he will be showing only “some skin” to conform with tv standards.  Nevertheless, here’s one series worth watching, if only for Matt Evans who is getting sexier by the day. 

His name is…

…. Marty Mendoza. A reader sent in some info about this mysterious nekkid guy who kept on appearing in two [here and here] previous posts. Apparently, he appeared as one of the blink-or-you’ll-miss-me actors in the movie Sikil. He was discovered when he won Ginoong Nueva Ecija 2003 and subsequently, Ginoong Pilipinas 2003 first runner-up. Marty Mendoza was taking up BS Nursing at the Philippine College of Health Sciences in Recto Avenue, Manila, prior to joining showbusiness.

Rudolf Olivarez for V-Day!

Are you feeling blue or pink on Valentine’s Day? V-Day is the ultimate day for romantic stereotypes – Hallmark cards, flowers [red roses, if you must], chocolate candies, stuffed plush hearts, great sex in a special place. Whatever you are experiencing and whoever you are with on this special day, here’s hoping that you’ll consider the true meaning of love, affection, support, understanding and tolerance. And here’s 22-year-old Rudolf Olivarez, a part-time male model and bikini pageant contestant for V-Day!
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