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Ivan Montes Nude

The nekkid guy is Ivan Montes, one of the background dancers in the Johnron’s instructional video, Hubad: Striptease Sessions for Daring Men, which was released way back. He stands 5’9″-tall and has appeared in a couple of bikini competitions before. In Hubad, he goes all out as he gives outstanding support to the lead actor.

Fresh Man

He’s “a new face, a fresh stud and a gorgeous hunk.” That’s how the video package describes newcomer Andrew Miguel in the new sexy flick Freshman. I’m not so sure about the story but the cover of the DVD [and VCD] says it all: Catch him as he tells his story, as he enjoys the HEAT and as he shows us what he’s got!” Well, the last time I heard, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB], which is now entrusted with the task of reviewing and approving DVDs and other optical media, disapproved the movie from being released for commercial purposes. I guess we’ll have to wait for a while, as sooner or later, we’ll see Freshman on the shelves of SM stores.

AJ Tonight!

Tonight will be the finals of summer’s biggest bikini competition – Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4. One of the favorites to win is 5’11”-tall student AJ Ona [in photos]. Make a rush to the show tonight at the Techno Wave Bar in Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City to find out if AJ Ona will romp off with the top prize. Guest performers include Will Sandejas, the controversial Cappuccinos and some girls.

The Johnron Tops

I bet you’re missing the Johnron, huh? Well, except for the intermittent vacations and visits, he will not be seen here for quite some time as he’s up to his ears in work in Asia’s gambling capital, Macau.  In fact, he’s one of the more popular entertainers at the disco where he works as he is charming and likable.  In the meantime, here’s a nice little photo of the guy when he blazed through with his provocative shots for videos and movies.  Happy Saturday!

Marco Morales Mighty

The headline in a showbiz site read: Marco Morales says he has more to show other than his private part.  Of course, there’s always good old acting chops, plus what do you call that part where the sun does not really shine?  Seriously, I’ve always liked Marco Morales and whatever he’s showing – be it his penis, kidneys or tonsils – I would gladly appreciate.  I have no doubts he’ll stay in the biz, as he’s sexy and articulate and determined. Marco’s starring in two movies coming in May – Big Night from Butas producers and Heavenly Touch [in photo] from Walang Kawala makers.

Ginoong Magayon

Relative to the Harry Chua post yesterday, someone sent recent photos of the Ginoong Magayon 2009 contest, a male personality contest held every year during the Magayon Festival of Albay Province. Harry was one of the contestants and most-watched. Unfortunately, just like in the Mr. Albay 2004 contest, he did not get the title. Harry is, I think no. 15 in the pictures. The proclaimed winner was the one in the red tie.

Rafael Morales Winsome

The cute chinito‘s name is Rafael “Raffy” Morales, one of the official contestants in this year’s Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4, summer’s biggest bikini competition.  This 23-year-old native of Las Pinas City is one of the early favorites to snatch the title on finals night this Saturday, 25 April 2009 at the Techno Wave Bar in Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City.  His more famous brother might lend moral support during the finals, who knows.

How’s Harry?

Well, he’s always a favorite in this site as he’s cute and daring and innocent and sexy. Harry Chua had his ups and downs in his showbiz career, but he’s fighting on. After getting his big break in the Parola movie, he disappeared for a time [and gained weight]. Now, talks are rife that he might do a movie with the Johnron on the condition that he should lose the excess fats – fast! And what is Harry up to now? He competed in a local bikini pageant in Bicol and auditioned for a reality show in a major network [no updates yet]. Of course, he is still trying to drop the sandbags and sinkers.

Studs No More

Whatever happened to The Studs, that motley group of boys put together by GMA-7? Indie movie actor Coco Martin has gone mainstream and jumped over to the other station for a regular soap.  GMA-7 contract artist Mike Tan, who’s getting more delish as he matures, is also doing projects for his home studio plus some theater on the side.  Dion Ignacio gets supporting roles in GMA, while JC Cuadrado has gained some poundage and lands hosting jobs in quiz bees.  The younger ones, Edgar Allan Guzman and Felix Roco are waiting on the wings. 

Wacx Mendoza Butt

The nekkid guy’s name is Wacx Mendoza, last seen as one of the back-up dancers of the Johnron in the video Hubad: Striptease Sessions for Daring Men.  Of course, the 27-year-old guy provided ample support to the lead star of the video, which was produced as an instructional flick to “sexually charge up your partner with sensual dance moves.” Wacx Mendoza, who stands 5’9″-tall, is also a bikini pageant regular.
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