Monthly Archives: May 2009

New Hunk in Tutok

There’s a new movie called Tutok and one of its main draws is this hot new hunk who goes by the name of Raymond Cabral. Award-winning actors Allen Dizon, Emilio Garcia and hunky newcomer Victor Aliwalas are also there in the top billing for this drama-suspense flick about media exploitation. According to the media pack, “film also dwells about sex and it is Raymond who adds this ingredient in this otherwise serious film. He is out give Marco Morales a run for his money. Watch out for Tutok as it opens on May 27!”

Zanjoe is Wet

Model-comedian Zanjoe Marudo reminds us that summer’s last few days are here as the rains are coming. Nevertheless, here’s one steamy shot of the 26-year-old gangly actor and erstwhile male model, who is getting top billing status in the new ABS-CBN soaps Lovers in Paris and The Wedding.  Which means, he’ll just have to leave comedian status for a while and get serious [and sexy] in his new roles on tv.  

Andrew Miguel Dips

Newcomer Andrew Miguel finally dips and tests the waters this summer, as his video Freshman is all set to be released.  A few more fine tuning on the cutting room and the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] is finally giving the green light for its release. Of course, the delicate scenes won’t be completely wiped out. Just wait for further announcement soon.

Joem So Fine!

This photo used to be a traffic hazard along C-5 Road until it was replaced by another distraction. Now, Joem Bascon‘s image is exposed in most Folded & Hung stores, the most prominent of which is a big reproduction in its Market!Market! Mall location where you can see every hair and pore on his fine skin.  I’m thinking this Joem Bascon is going to be big, thanks to F&H’s marketing strategy of pushing him into our collective consciousness. Confident, manly and sexy, the 22-year-old actor’s star is rising quickly and shining brightly.
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