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Where is Hideo?

It seems that Brazilian-with-Japanese-blood delight Hideo Muraoka has not been very visible lately. Unlike in the past when this 21-year-old hunk was in almost all the runway shows, campaigns and parties in the metro, his presence these days has been very, uh, scarce. Although he’s still in the website of local clothing brand Penshoppe, the new campaign now features British mestizo Justin Hill. I wonder where he is now.

Aljur does All My Life

Teen actor Aljur Abrenica gets the biggest break in his career as he headlines GMA-7’s new prime time melodrama All My Life starting 29 June 2009. Aljur takes an early shot at leading-man status in his home studio with this late evening soap, after the success of his afternoon drama [which got high ratings, to the surprise of his handlers and tv execs]. Aljur has indeed gone a long way from his Starstruck [a reality contest and search for new actors] days as a fledgling talent. Now, he’s in the big league with the launch of this romantic and family-oriented drama.

Comer: Jefferson Payumo

Cute and sexy guy’s name is Jefferson Payumo from San Fernando, Pampanga. He is an 18-year-old Criminology student at the Angeles University Foundation [AUF]. At such young age, he is already a veteran in male personality contests in his province – e.g. Mr. AUF 2007, Mr. San Fernando, Mr. Sinukwan Festival, Mr. Wet and Wild and Istilo Modelo. The 5’9″-tall hottie wants to be a successful model in the big city someday.

Shirtless four

Four shirtless guys, wet by the pool. There’s the stud Dion Ignacio, [left] fledgling actor and performer. And cute Mike Tan [center, standing], who’s not getting the big breaks in his home studio despite his looks and height and formal training in acting. Edgar Allan Guzman [seated] has practically done everything to find his niche in showbiz – hosting a noon-time show, singing with a boy-group YM , going sexy with The Studs, and acting nekkid in an indie flick. Lastly, JC Cuadrado, [right], who has gone back to hosting jobs for corporate affairs plus acting in some afternoon drama series on the side.  Who’s the hottest one?

Super Manuel!

Twenty-eight-year-old Manuel Chua rose to relative fame via ABS-CBN’s Fear Factor where the “struggling businessman” was one of the hunky participantes in Argentina. Now he is an actor as he is one of the leading men in Precious Hearts Romances presents Bud Brothers, an afternoon series in Channel 2. In the drama series, he goes daring and bold [not of the courage variety but more in shedding clothes] plus he gets to show his acting talent. Judging from the publicity photos alone, I’m pretty sure this is going to be one hot series every afternoon.

Coco’s Position

ABS-CBN – where Coco Martin is a talent – puts an intelligent and creative spin to the Serbis situation:  Coco Martin is hot property these days and at the height of his preparation for one of the fantasy roles in the new series Agimat, video clips of his controversial sex scenes suddenly appear in the internet.  Too, according to the smart spinmeisters, he wasn’t aware that the French version [with the penis shots] will reach our shores, despite that thing called technology.  In any case, he says that he’ll do anything for his craft including exposing his privates because his body is part of acting. Or something to that effect. Right. I agree. In the meantime, that’s Coco Martin up there, sans boils in his buttocks.

Jason Absolute

Hot actor Jason Abalos should be given better roles on tv. His Best Actor awards from the top critics [Gawad Urian and Young Critics Circle] are testaments to his fine craft.  The tall, dark and handsome 23-year-old from Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, however, says he is not complaining about the roles handed down to him by ABS-CBN, as long as there is work.  He considers showbiz as a long-time job, although he is now studying at the University of Santo Tomas. Methinks Jason Abalos deserves better projects more than those ham and blah actors in the studio’s stable of talents [and non-talents].

Guess Who?

I didn’t know he appeared as an underwear model for local brand BlueSoda.  You can recognize him by those cute and luscious lips, the biceps and chest, and the bulge. This hunk did a lot of movies of the sexy variety. Some went straight to video.  While the movies were bold and brazen, he didn’t go full frontal just like his contemporaries in his now-defunct sexy men’s group.  He is sorely missed these days as he’s found his calling abroad, in some new, bright and fancy city. Who is he?

“Gotta Have That Body!”

That’s the current catchword of beleaguered Belo Medical Clinic in this traffic hazard, er, EDSA billboard of actor Piolo Pascual.  It’s a double entendre, but whatever it means, everyone’s craving for that body, finely cut and curved in the proper places.  I’m thinking Piolo Pascual is getting better despite getting along in years.  After his stint in Cannes for a movie he produced, he’s busy yet again with tv and film projects. Too, he’s producing another flick, this time a comedy formula with fellow Bench and Belo hunk Dingdong Dantes in the cast.  

Guess Who?

He has a lean and mean body. He joined the bigger bikini competitions such as Mossimo and Bodyshots but, unfortunately, didn’t get the top prizes. In a surprise move last year, he posed salaciously for a gay rag. Prior to full-time modeling, he graduated with an Electronics and Communications Engineering course from the Mapua Institute of Technology [MIT]. Apparently, he’s in review school now to fulfill his dream of becoming a licensed engineer. Who is he?
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