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Men in Shorts

It’s the return of the sexy running shorts or bun huggers or whatever you call them short shorts! After years of rule by the baggies, the design of the tight fitting shorts with an inseam of 5 inches or less is totally back.  Actor and model Jon Mullally [left] recently modeled one for Bench.  Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka wore the shorts for Folded and Hung. Both men look very delish in those shorts, natch!

Who’s the new F&H model?

The streets of Metro Manila are getting more dangerous.  Along busy roads, like EDSA, shirtless photos of a Brazilian male model were fastened in the billboards of local clothing brand Folded & Hung.  The images of the male model, though not really nekkid and bulging in the [im]proper places, were such visions to behold.  I think this one’s 23-year-old Daniel Kenji Matsunaga, another hot hot Nipo-Brasileiro who just arrived in town.  He joins fellow Brazilian-with-Japanese-ancestry model Hideo Muraoka in the F&H stable.  

Aiman Still Sexy

Even if he’s not that active in showbiz unlike his contemporaries in Provoq like, uh, like the..other guys, Aiman Perea aka Niko Arellano is still visible in modeling.  He’s in practically every major fashion show in town – Bench, Mossimo and that Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine show.  The tall and hairy Niko also owns a small greasy spoon as his business. Just a suggestion: since there is a new indie movie called Bola [about the lives of varsity basketball players and their benefactors], why not cast Niko Arellano in one of the roles as he’s tall, lean and sexy?

Julian Binarao Uncovered

Twenty-year-old Julian Binarao from Cavite is a very familiar face in the bikini pageant circuit. That’s because this 5’10”-tall aspiring model has already joined and competed in practically all the bikini contests in the Philippines, from Fort Ilocandia to Bicol and back in the big city via the see-through festival, Ginoong Pilipinas. He has not won any major title yet. However, Julian Binarao is unfazed as he still continues to join ’em competitions this coming rainy season. Right on.

Jordan’s Big Night

The new movie with lots of Marco frontal nudity scenes, Big Night is finally showing on 24 June 2009 in selected theaters.  The big question is: Will co-star Jordan Herrera [in photo] also drop his pants and let it all hang out for more than three seconds in this new flick from the makers of the controversial Butas?  In Big Night, Jordan plays the owner of the night club where live sex is the main fare, courtesy of Marco Morales‘s character and a lucky woman with huge breasts.  

Ram Ace At Ease

Whatever happened to daring coverboy Ram Ace Bautista?  Summer’s almost over and he has not been very visible lately in the big bikini contests in the city. Most probably he’s doing the rounds of the local competitions in the provinces – from Fort Ilocandia to Bicolandia, where the prizes are reportedly bigger and better.  In any case, Ram Ace is still hot and here’s hoping that the bold and brassy magazine project featuring him in all his glory will come out soon.

Zanjoe Doing Well

Erstwhile model and tv comedian Zanjoe Marudo is all set to star in The Wedding, a “romance-light drama” prime time show on ABS-CBN.  The gangly actor will portray yet again the role of a poor boy who falls for the female lead.  Rounding up the love conflict is hunky Derek Ramsay. The Wedding will be shown end of June, after its tv premiere got delayed for quite some time. The romantic comedy series is expected to give a big boost to Zanjoe Marudo’s acting career.

And another hot Nipo-Brasileiro!

They are all here! The sexy Brazilian models with Japanese roots. Rafael Endo is in Manila to do work for the runways, print ads and tv commercials.  Rafael was in second year college taking up Pharmacy in his native Brazil when he stopped to pursue a modeling career in Asia. Rafael has been modeling for about a year now after he left school to do the runways and billboards of Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.  His first love, he admits, is computers [Computer Science was his first course in college].  He says that video and online games helped him master the English language.  

The Next Big Star

Will model-singer Geoff Taylor be the next big star over at GMA-7? The former Mossimo Bikini Summit contestant and Pinoy Dream Academy hopeful is competing again in the show Are You The Next Big Star? which is a reality singing competition. The 23-year-old native of Cagayan Valley hopes to win the contract and be famous. Of course, he is up against equally cute and sexy guys.

Geoff Taylor and Alex Castro

l-r: PJ Gonzales, Jay Perillo and Greggy Santos
Competition’s stiff: there’s a Dennis Trillo doppelgänger in the person of 23-year-old Alex Castro from Bulacan. Former ABS-CBN singing contestant, 20-year-old Jay Perillo is also in the contest. Tall, dark and cute 18-year-old PJ Gonzales is an early favorite with his raspy voice. And the articulate jock, 22-year-old former VJ Greggy Santos is also a notable candidate in the search. This one’s a good-looking bunch, if you ask me. Are You The Next Big Star? airs early evening every Saturday on GMA-7.

Andrew does Bola

New boy on the block Andrew Miguel is all set to the new indie movie Bola.  As the title suggests, it will be a take on the lives of varsity basketball players and their extracurricular activities.  The 5’8″-tall Andrew will take the lead and most likely, Jolas Paguia will be there, too.  Andrew Miguel is in two Cinemalaya entries next month – Astig and Bayaw. Moreover, he’s busy promoting his group YM‘s new recording album.
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