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The Beach 3

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I’m actually cleaning out some space on my drive and found these other shirtless photos of cute guys and a hunky exhibitionist. The first two photos on top are those of Chris Cayzer, Mark Herras and Rainier Castillo taping for a Sunday drama anthology called Dear Friend. On the other hand, the other photos are of Bench bikini guy Rafael Rosell who loves showing and teasing us with his butt crack. Rafael Rosell‘s pictures were taken in a lonely beach somewhere in Phuket, Thailand.

The Beach 2

It’s actor Jericho Rosales with a teener named Marc Josef Elizalde clowning around at a La Union beach – a surfing destination. While Jericho has missed his chance at an A-list confirmation, way up there with the leading men of his time, still, he is a fine actor with classic good Filipino looks. When he is not busy with his acting and singing careers, he hangs out with buddy Josef and a host of younger surfers in San Juan, La Union to unwind. And wait for the Big Kahuna.

The Beach 1

Two guys on an Ilocos beach. Both are sexy and oozing with appeal. The one on the left is Richard Lopez, a familiar face in the contest circuit. He’s gone from the bold and daring Valentino Cover Boy search [where he won as third runner-up] to the Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 pageant, all with relative ease and skimpiness of the you-know-what. The guy on the right is Marco Posadas, a regular too in bikini competitions. He competed at the recently-held Hataw Super Bodies 2009. He, unfortunately, lost.

Becoming Jerby

The TGIF guy is Jerby dela Cruz, up-and-coming male model and the winner of the Lakan ng Bulacan 2008 contest. He just needs a little scour and scrub and he’s good to go to the big league. In fact, he was cast in the recent Philippine Fashion Week as one of the exclusive runway models for the A-list designers. He has a bright future ahead of him in the modeling biz. And bargain-basement bikini contests are not exactly bettering.

Bayaw Tops

Here’s a pr from the makers of Bayaw – “Due to the box office success of BAYAW during its premiere at the CCP last July 21, Cinemalaya has decided to show the movie once again to cater to the overwhelming public demand. BAYAW will have its second run at CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute Theater on 26 July 2009, Sunday at 3:30pm. Tickets are available at the CCP and through Ticketworld.
BAYAW has been officially recognized as the Top Grosser for the NETPAC Competition category and will be the only film in the category to be allowed a second running. The Cinemalaya NETPAC World Cinema competition is comprised of a distinct group of films by independent producers that were shortlisted by the screening board of CCP to premiere during the festival. This is a separate category and competition from the films that were granted funding by the Cinemalaya organization. A winner for this category will be determined by a distinct group of international jurors and announced during the Cinemalaya Awards Night.
The success of BAYAW confirms the magic touch of its director, Monti Parungao, who is also the same person behind the success of gay flick, SAGWAN. Direk Monti describes BAYAW as a movie that combines action, mystery, suspense with the gay genre. The film topbills new indie movie king and GAWAD Urian nominee, Paolo Rivero together with comebacking actor, Janvier Daily.
BAYAW is a story about the bond between two brother-in-laws. Nilo Vergara (Paolo Rivero) is a policeman who lives an ordinary life with his wife, Pia Jacinto (played by Kaye Alipio, Philippine Survivor castaway). Their lives take an unfortunate turn when Nilo loses his badge due to a frame up and is forced to depend on Pia for his livelihood. Pia becomes burdened and resentful of the responsibility of taking care of her husband and her drifter young brother, Rhennan (Janvier Daily). One day, Rhennan witnesses Nilo accidentally killing Pia after a heated argument. Both in-laws decide to run from the law and become fugitives. As the story progresses, the real events behind the death of Pia is slowly revealed through flashbacks and shifts in character point-of-views.
BAYAW also introduces new indie actor, Andrew Miguel, star of the controversial straight-to-video release, FRESHMAN. Andrew plays the character of Erick Cana, the mysterious figure who saves the two brother-in-laws in the most unlikely times. His devious and sometimes, mischievous intentions complicate the lives of the two lead actors but his connection to Nilo and Rhennan is finally revealed at the end of the movie. Visually edgy and groundbreaking, BAYAW is ultimately a deep look into the unique and complex relationship of two brother-in-laws that borders between family ties, brotherhood, camaraderie and love.
Theater release of BAYAW is set on 2 September 2009 in Robinsons Galleria Indiesine. Movie trailer is posted on .”


Michael Sarmiento is a 22-year-old nursing graduate of the University of Pangasinan. When he is not busy in school and hospital duty, he is a freelance model in his native Pangasinan and nearby areas. Last summer he competed at the Mr. Ilocandia Bikini Open and he placed second-runner-up, besting the other contestants who came all the way from Metro Manila. Tall, fresh and sprightly, Michael Sarmiento has a bright future in modeling. Someone sign him up!


Beefcake Benson Hill has been in the pageant circuit for quite some time now, most recently as one of the more prominent contestants in the Ginoong Pilipinas 2009 contest. He didn’t win the title, though. Benson Hill owes his mestizo looks [and surname] to an American grandfather. This tall native of Balanga, Bataan lists his occupation as a businessman and a gym instructor in his own gym. No wonder he has a well-defined bod.

Paulo Avelino is ready

The thing is, when Paulo Avelino was still young and barely legal he ran away from school and family in Baguio City [where he was born] with a person he barely knew, and he was trusting and unquestioning with the freaked out fancy of making it big in showbusiness, which he tackled with delirious optimism and buoyancy as shown by his patience in going to auditions, VTRs and go-sees for tv commercials and bit roles on tv, until his big break came when he surprisingly made it as one of the finalists in GMA-7’s talent search Starstruck in 2006, and although he did not win and Aljur did, Paulo went on to join the GMA roster of talents and started to get noticed glitter by glitter, er, little by little, such as this important role in Aljur‘s All My Life on prime time tv, which is really a far cry from the former fledgling teenager [he is now 21 years old] residing in a small condo unit in Makati City with another innocent-looking and wide-eyed guy from the province named Harrison Chua a.k.a. Harry Chua a.k.a Harry Laurel of Parola fame, and that’s an entirely different story.


The guy in his jockeys by the pool is Rico Vargas, a 20-year-old emerging figure [or fixture] in bikini contests. Rico , who has chiseled features [read: sharp but pleasant and sexy], is a native of Dagupan City but he is now in the big city to fulfill his dream of making it in showbusiness. He was last seen as a contestant in Metrobodies 2009 Search for Model of the Year held last summer. Will Sandejas and Dexter Castro both won that contest.

The Brothers Younghusband

Between the footballer brothers James and Phil Younghusband, who’s hotter? James is the older and taller one. He’s turning 23 this September. Phil is the younger one as he is turning 22 this August. While both play football with passion, James is the middlefielder while Phil is the striker. Aside from sports, both brothers are into modeling and endorsement deals. Of course, Phil is the more visible one as he joined Celebrity Duets last year, snagged some underwear deal and endorsed a health drink.
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