This is a cool poster from the new movie Bayaw, which is an entry at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition. If the poster’s concept looks familiar, it’s because the producer Climax Films Studio is the same publisher of the daring Climax magazines. The movie is entered in the NETPAC competition of Cinemalaya. NETPAC [Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema] is an international non-profit organization composed of Asian critics, film educators, and festival organizers. The group gives out its award in select international film festivals to promote Asian cinema by choosing exceptional films and discovering new talents. Bayaw hopes to win the prestigious award.
Comer Andrew Miguel is in the movie as a mysterious guy with an important role in the lives of the in-laws, portrayed by Paolo and Javier [who have interesting scenes of the frontal nudity variety]. According to the producer of the movie, the film “wanted to explore the complex relationship that can possibly develop between two in-laws forced into a difficult and dangerous situation. It is because of these extraordinary circumstances that a unique bond formed between the two in-laws—a bond bordering family ties, brotherhood, camaraderie and love.” Mark this date: 21 July 2009 [Tuesday] 9 p.m. at Venue 2 – Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino [CCP Little Theater]. That’s the premiere night of Bayaw. See you there!

Patrick Rivera still at it

If he’s utterly familiar, that’s because he has been in almost all contests of the bikini variety for the past few years. His name is Patrick Rivera and he has gone from Lips to Hataw and Ginoong Pilipinas to Valentino and back. He has invariably changed his name from Patrick to Ken Nash, too, with the hope of getting his fifteen minutes of nekkid fame. Now in his mid-20s, Patrick Rivera is still at it, “it” being joining competitions and shows in thongs and things.

Mirror Image?

Ever since commercial model, aspiring singer and town councilor Alex Castro [left] came out as a contestant in GMA-7’s Are You The Next Big Star?, people have been telling him he looks a bit like diminutive actor Dennis Trillo. I think there are some angles where the 23-year-old Alex resembles the 28-year-old Dennis. This spitting-image issue is being played to the hilt by the handlers of Alex, who aspires to advance in the popularity, talent and looks contest. Do they really look alike?


In the olden days, the concept of wearing tight briefs [Yacht Club, Brute or Warren brands] in pictures was confined to the bomba stars, actors who had no qualms wearing tiny undergarments to promote their movies. Now, everyone is fitted in tighty whities [and prints] and the so-called bikini shows now have guys wearing sexy briefs, instead of Speedos and Arenas. Thanks to local brand Bench, which took the underwear business in the late 80s out of the bedroom and into the entirety of fashion, wearing jockeys and intimate things in shows, movies and advertisements [and even profile pictures for social networking sites] is now socially acceptable. And nobody’s complaining! In photo: Jeff Luna – freelance model, indie actor and bikini open regular.

Which Body Type

Which body type do you prefer most on a man? Excluding the fat specimen. Do you like the guys who are at least 5’10” tall and on the “larger” side? Like Jon Hall [left], who is not extremely muscular yet fit and proportioned, not blubbery fat but heavy with muscles underneath? Or do you go for the tall and thin one? Like Sassan Shokouhi who is slender like those lean but up to snuff basketball players? I find the physical attributes of the former more appealing, if you ask me. How about you?

Bullet Dennon

Yes, that’s his name – Bullet Dennon Baldonado. He competed in last summer’s Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown 2009, the centerpiece bikini show of Starmall group. Unfortunately, this 5’10”-tall student didn’t get the top prize [winner was chinito hottie Carlo Atienza]. Yet, Bullet Dennon is plodding on as he’s only 19 years old and still trying to develop his bod for future competitions. He has the looks and the height, so let’s see how his [bikini open] future goes.