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Waiting to Exhale

Literally, that is. Raph Almeda maybe holding his breath for a while but he surely has a great body. The 21-year-old model was highly visible this year in the fashion runways. Despite losing the top prize in the Body Shots modeling contest last year, he was chosen as one of Candy Magazine’s “cuties” and one of Cosmopolitan [Phils] Magazine’s “hot new bachelors.” Too, he declared in Cosmo that he’s willing to give someone an “intellectual orgasm” as he considers his brain the sexiest part of his body. Right.


Twenty-five-year-old Rhodge Lendel “Raj” Bermudez looks sexy in a bikini. That’s because he has distinctly large hips to carry them undersized thongs. If he looks familiar, he has been around the bikini shows and contests in the metro. He did try theater a few years back but I guess he’s into modeling more. Happy Monday everyone!

On Fire

Twenty-four-year-old Chris Onghay could very well be a “perfect fit model” for men’s fashion. This is the industry standard to perfect a pattern for manufacturing clothes. Chris Onghay fits the mold because of his nice bod and proportions. He was in Heatwave and Body Shots last year, but he didn’t win any awards and prizes. Yet, this BS Computer Applications graduate of the College of St. Benilde is now an in-demand male model for the runways.

Nick Disrobed

Nick Dizon is no stranger to the shedding-of-clothes-in-public style. The 22-year-old has appeared as one of the contestants in the now-defunct Valentino Magazine Cover Boy 2007. He did not win that one, although he did go and participate in the weekly bikini [and lack of it] competitions of Lips Bar in San Juan, Metro Manila. I think he won one of the contests there – Glamour Boys 2007.

Too Lem

Twenty-three-year-old Lem Pelayo‘s modeling career nearly came to the end of its tether when his one big chance at popularity [and prosperity] – that is, the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009, didn’t actually go his way. Of course, Jiro won that one, and now, Lem is back to zip and zot. He should hurry because his contemporaries in the contests and runway shows have all been advancing in their respective paths to fame and fortune – Jiro, Paulo and Suzuki, to name a few.

Whatever happened to Luis?

The before-and-after photos show the difference. Luis Alandy used to be so hot a couple of years ago, when he was getting projects as a bit player on tv and in theater [he did that Vagina monologues knockoff, Penis Talks]. Now, in a candid photo, he looks like he gained some poundage and lost that appeal. Maybe it’s because of the basketball accident that waylaid him in showbiz for some time. Now that he’s back on tv, maybe he’s shaping up to get that fine form he once had.

On The Move

Before Sadatsugo something got accepted into Survivor Philippines [Palau], he was doing this in small stages in the metro. The Tondo-native who traces his ancestry to some Japanese blood, has been in a lot of stages and platforms where bikini contests were conducted. So you see, it pays to have patience and lots and lots of luck. He is now known as Piko Suzuki or Suzuki Aragon and he’s in the prime time show Survivor, where he will get into the consciousness [in terms of name recall] of a lot of viewers. In the meantime, he wore that when he was still a relative unknown.


This is the traffic hazard along EDSA in the Guadalupe area of Makati City. Male model Akihiro Sato is trying to lift his shirt for some abs exposure in this ad for Penshoppe’s Recut jeans. Although the billboard is a bit tame as compared to the other notorious EDSA ads, this image of Aki with nice skin and flat stomach and low-rise jeans is enough to raise some temperatures of the arousing kind.


For quite some time, 21-year-old aspiring singer and actor Dex Quindoza lingered in the sidelines, hoping for that one big break from his station GMA-7. That is because GMA-7 was the one which introduced him to relative fame via Starstruck, the reality tv search for new talents. He didn’t win that one and he went back to school in PMI Colleges somewhere in inner city Manila. And then he came back as one of the contestants in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. He didn’t win that one either, but he sure landed some projects. After a short-lived stint with the group YM, GMA-7 is reportedly taking him in again and will soon groom this young hunk for its soaps and shows.


That’s Herson Barias, a 19-year-old regular in competitions of the things-and-thongs variety. Quite tall at 5’11”, this native of San Pedro, Laguna placed second runner-up at the 2008 Heatwave Bikini Showdown behind eventual winner Kish McBride. Herson is biding his time in bikiniland as he hops from one contest to another, hoping to land projects on the runway and in tv commercials pretty soon.
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