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Paulo More

More photos of rising actor Paulo Avelino. These were taken on the set of his prime time show on GMA-7 – All My Life starring Aljur Abrenica. In case you are wondering about the funny costume, he’s playing the role of a model and that’s how male models in his soap opera world wear clothes. The less-clothes scenes of Paulo are getting him noticed, though. Probably it’s part of his transition from sweet-sixteen roles to adult characters on tv and in the movies.


The cute kid’s name is Arvin Barazon, a 22-year-old fresh graduate of Communication Arts from UST in Manila and an aspiring theater actor. The 5’9″-tall campus figure is also the winner of the Lakan ng Meycauayan contest in Bulacan. He competed in the Lakan ng Bulacan pageant, which was eventually won by up-and-coming model Jerby dela Cruz. Of course, Arvin Barazon, with his looks and built – plus, a little buff and burnish – has the potential to make it in modeling and maybe, showbiz.

Body Survivor

Speaking of 2008 Summer Bodies contest, one of the guys who didn’t make the cut was Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a. Piko Suzuki. Yet, this 21-year-old former Bodyshots contestant is poised for the big time as he’s launched as one of the Survivor Palau regulars. This would mean constant tv exposure and, of course, name and face recognition due to the fact the show’s on the national prime time slot of GMA-7. Which means, whether he wins or not, Piko Suzuki has already outpaced [and outstripped] his contemporaries in the bikini contests – seedy or otherwise – that he has patiently joined in the past.

Franz and Chriz

The theme is show-your-butts-in-a-red-background. Top photo is that of Franz Sioson a.k.a. Fronnie Sioson, a 25-year-old bikini open vet, who placed first-runner-up at the 2008 Summer Bodies contest [won by model Raph Almeda]. Franz also tried his luck at the 2008 Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body competition, sponsored by Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Unfortunately, he did not win. Lower photo is that of Christopher “Chriz” Villarba, a 23-year-old bikini contest regular, who placed second-runner-up at the 2008 Summer Bodies contest. Too, he joined the 2008 Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body contest and he didn’t get the top prize.

Harry Surviving

He could have been doing this right now in Palau island where the Philippine edition of the Survivor reality show franchise was recently shot. One-time famous actor Harry Laurel a.k.a. Harry Chua auditioned for Survivor and got past the second round. Unfortunately, he got cut in the interview portion and I’m not so sure if this was because of the no-celebrity-in-the-show clause. And then again, Harry Chua‘s not really a celebrity – he got famous in the highly successful Parola movie and that was that. Too bad, Harry’s not in the show. He could have spiced some things up in there. Plus, it would have resuscitated his showbiz career.


These are scenes, of course, from the the movie Showboyz shown recently. Top photo shows Kristofer King prepping his pud to penetrate Topher Baretto. Which makes me wonder – Why was there a need for King to make it hard to shoot the scene? Was there really an actual penetration in this particular schtick, reminiscent of the 80s pene movies? Lower photo, on the other hand, is not that of King’s but of some bit player, who really had to make his penis stiff and strong to pull off an act – I mean, pull some chair and a case of beer. Life is hard.

Marx and Luke

Cute and sexy models and athletes, but each one’s totally different from the other. Marx Topacio [left] is a baller while Luke Landrigan is a surfer. Marx is skin head while Luke has wavy hair. While Marx has made modeling his bread-and-butter for now, Luke is a full-time surfer and instructor at a surf school in La Union when modeling offers are not in the way. Both are hot of course. So, who do you like best?


The first movie of Brazilian model Akihiro Sato is now showing at the Robinsons Galleria IndieSine – Handumanan [Remembrance]. It means we should all go and see it, if only to support Aki most loved, who is doing his acting debut in this independently-produced flick about finding one’s self and all those serious matters about discovery and love and friendship. Cutie Jason Abalos is also in this movie, which is produced by Red Room Productions from a grant by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts [NCCA].


That’s how you can describe freelance model and bikini open regular Jake Mendoza. Companionable. Gracious and giving. Affectionate and amiable. The 22-year-old native of Bacolod City who has since made Quezon City his home in the past few years was last seen as a contestant at the Ginoong Pilipinas 2009 contest. Unfortunately, he did not win the title. Also known as Mark John Sellado, this 5’9″-tall cutie is slowly making a name for himself in the bikini pageant circuit because of his charming and welcoming ways.

Caption These

What seems to be on Chris Tiu‘s mind, looking at Derek Ramsay that way? And why are they happy together? Your thoughts might be wandering a far bit to the prurient side, but these guys are conservative in real life. Derek has never gone sexy in public, beyond the straight male’s shirtless-in-jeans or in-board-shorts pose. No bikinis or jockeys, too. The same goes for baller Chris Tiu, who is so fuddy-duddy he refuses to even take his shirt off in public. Cute. So, for fun, let’s just caption these photos now.
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