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He is fairly new in the metro but nineteen-year-old Gerard Sison has been getting pretty god exposures in the modeling biz. The 6′-tall hunk, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, came to Manila with the purpose of getting into its runways. So far, he’s one of the male models in-demand as A-list designers and clothing brands [Folded and Hung, for one] have been employing his services. The Filipino-Australian teener was also one of the featured models at the recently held Cosmo party [in photo].

Carlo was there

It looks like Be Bench Model Search grand winner and ex-future matinee idol Carlo Guevara lost a lot of poundage for the Cosmo party held recently. When he was still in TV5 doing the teen show Lipgloss, he was a teen cub. Adorable, still. At the Cosmo Bachelors Bash, he went on stage to reveal a leaner body. The crowd went howling and hooting when he went on stage to show some flesh.

Bayaw Tomorrow!

The movie of Paolo Rivero [in photo], Janvier Daily and Andrew Miguel entitled Bayaw has finally been approved by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] for commercial showing starting tomorrow. Here’s the official word from the producer, Climax Films: “Cinemalaya NETPAC World Competition top grosser Bayaw has just been given the R-18 rating by the MTRCB. After weeks of meeting with the MTRCB panelists, the controversial film has been re-edited by director Monti Parungao so that the integral scenes that people want to see can still be seen. Audiences are advised to keep a watchful eye. Bayaw will open on 23 September 2009 in the following theaters – Robinsons Galleria, Ruben, Remar, Gotesco Grand, Gotesco Ortigas, Isetann and New Cinema Cebu. Also watch out for screenings in Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Bacolod, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Novaliches and Robinsons Metro East.” So there!


The recent Cosmo event made superstars out of two cute guys – Aljur Abrenica [left] and Gerald Anderson. The audience that night were also pitting the two against each other in an apparent rivalry since they belong to different [and warring] networks. While ABS-CBN’s Gerald is in pole position as he started out earlier in showbiz, GMA-7’s Aljur is gaining ground. It’s an exciting competition, if there really is one. Both are young and fresh and starting to get noticed as sensitive actors.


The cute guy’s Marvin Wijangco a.k.a. Marvin Raymundo in showbiz. He’s in the doesn’t-need-to-work category because his family is rich and his manager lives in Forbes Park and knows a lot of big people and showbiz is just something to while away his time and he gets modeling assignments from Bench and affiliates and he gets to hang out in glitzy places a lot. He was selected to join Manhunt last year, and although he didn’t win the top prize, he wowed the other contestants with his singing and dancing skills, thanks to his stint in Coverboys.

Big Ejay

Cosmo centerfold guy Ejay Falcon is getting a lot of good breaks lately. After his Cosmo magazine stint, the Filipino-French kid who won the teen edition of the Philippine version of Big Brother is trying to prove to everyone else that he can really whoop it up in the acting department via Katorse, an early evening drama series on ABS-CBN. Ejay Falcon is also out to beat off rumors that sheer talent got him the prime projects in his home studio and not that he’s the current flavor-of-the-year of a tv exec.


The guy with the real rock-hard abs is Rey Talosig, Jr., a 28 year-old model-in-demand and former member of GMA-7’s noontime show hunks group – Take 5 [with cutie Carlos Concepcion and boldie Douglas Robinson]. He was the second-runner-up in the recently-held Century Tuna Superbods, too. This Broadcasting graduate from the University of the Philippines [Diliman] was not included in this year’s Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s list of hot bachelors because he is already married with a kid.


Sig Aldeen is a Filipino-British model who recently came back to Manila to try out show business and modeling. The 20-year-old hunk was only eight years old when he left Manila for London with his family for good. When he turned 18, he started walking the runways of London, Milan, Paris and Miami. His portfolio includes modeling for big brands like Adidas, A & F, Hollister and Sony. He was recently featured as one of the 69 hot new bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine.


Whatever happened to Haroun “Ron” Morales? For a time, he seemed to be the next big thing over at ABS-CBN. He had projects and assignments right away after winning first-runner-up at the Be Bench Model Search, won by teener Carlo Guevara. Now, the former bikini pageant regular is just one of the boys, bit players in his home studio’s soaps and shows. Sadly, too, his Bench exposures are getting rare.

Aljur is Happy

He is happy because of the projects that are going his way. Aljur Abrenica, at this time, could not ask for anything more. The once-fledgling actor who won a reality search on GMA 7 is off to the path of stardom. His recent runway experience at the Cosmo Bash firmly established his street cred. Too, his new movie – formerly named I’ll Be Waiting For You now changed to some kilometric title – is up in the queue and he’s excitedly waiting how it does in the box office. Of course, a prime time soap is in the offing , most probably with his love team still.
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