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This picture seems odd because apparently this is the official photo of the winners of the 2009 Mossimo Bikini Summit held months back. Of course, the winner – Jiro Shirakawa is in front of the pack. Angelo Cacciatore [second from right], who was declared first runner-up, is right behind Jiro. The second runner-up announced that night was Mark Manicad [rightmost]. And Geron Lontoc [leftmost] is also in the picture, literally and figuratively. Geron was not proclaimed as one of the runners-up during the contest. Reportedly, he was seen bawling back stage after the winners were called, expecting that he will get one of the top prizes. In a post-pageant party held to mark Jiro’s birthday, Geron was subsequently proclaimed by the organizers as the first runner-up. Angelo was not present at that time. So that makes two first runners-up, I think. If you ask me, I’m a bit addled, too.


Our TGIF guy is Geoff Briz a.k.a. Geoff Rodriguez, best known as one of the Power Boys who made it big as a sing-and-dance boy group way back when the world was kinder to boy bands. He was recently seen in the Amazing Race – Asian edition where he finished a respectable second place with his girlfriend. Nowadays, he’s busy with hosting jobs and the occasional modeling work.

Luis’s Movie

Have you seen his latest movie, In My Life with his real-life mother? Although the reviews were mixed, Luis Manzano‘s acting was praised. He was reportedly a revelation in a gay role. Too, he gets to shine in shirtless sweaty glory in a scene where he plays frisbee with Rafael Rosell at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center [disguised as a NYC park]. I’m thinking of watching it this weekend.


Tall, dark and dark male model Alvin Aguilar made it to the list this year of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot and naughty bachelors. It’s a bragging right for this 5’11”-tall Abaknon hunk who is making it big in Manila’s modeling scene dominated by fly-in models. His exotic good looks, of course, and killer abs are landing him the runway projects for the A-list designers and commercial brands.


September is Maritime Month and the movie Marino [Call of the Sea] is going to be screened in maritime schools all over the country. The movie, produced by Allen Dizon [in photo], had an advance screening in SM Pampanga. Too, special screenings for members of seafarer organizations are scheduled within the month. Marino is about “the lives and sacrifices of seamen and their families, and pertinent issues like sea pirates, sunken ships, sexually-transmitted diseases and foreign employment.” Sounds like an epic, but you have to see the hunky stars in the flick – Dizon, Emilio Garcia, Rico Barrera, Marco Alcaraz, Mike Tan and Victor Basa. How’s that for a seamen movie?

Bleeding Love

The surprise model at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash last week was singer and actor Mark Bautista. He was in red jeans and covered in faux blood. Many appreciated what they saw – Mark was obviously bursting at the seams with his bulge plus he has a great body [and perky nips]. But what was his message in the red-jeans-and-blood ensemble? Could it be about bleeding love and a broken heart? Was he dumped unceremoniously by his partner in favor of a model-actor? Did his partner turn his back on him, after more than a year of being together? Just asking.

Geoff bridges

The problem with Geoff Eigenmann is his voice. No one takes him seriously as a dramatic hunky actor because of that pip squeaky articulation. Too bad, because he’s cute and he’s starting to get that body – you know, the defined and muscled type. He is already 26 years old and his contemporaries are making a go at adult roles with ease and appreciation. Geoff, on the other hand, has formidable acting genes and good looks but is still struggling with mature roles. Maybe it is high time for some image [and voice] enhancement. He deserves to be big.

Ruy F*cks

One of the hot guys featured in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot bachelors is 25-year-old Ruy Ficks, a fly-in model from Brazil. The 5’10”-tall hunk has been quietly making the rounds of commercial and runway assignments in the country, as he has been here for quite some time now. His chameleon-like ability to change looks during photo shoots has made him one of the more in-demand fly-in models. Plus, of course he has a great body to boot!


What more can Dingdong Dantes ask for, at the moment? He is an important star in his home studio. His body’s finely carved and shaped. The man-boobs have been fixed. He has a pretty and sexy and differently-brained girlfriend. Plus he is rich, now that the projects and endorsements are coming his way. If you ask me, the only thing missing at the moment for this fine young actor is an acting vehicle – something like an edgy indie movie, one that will earn him awards and boost his street cred and establish his path to superstardom.


The guy’s name is Ren Villanueva, a 21-year-old native of Ilagan in Isabela province but now based in Makati City. He’s a student at the Philippine Maritime Institute [PMI]. If he looks familiar, he’s been a regular contestant [and runner-up] in one of Bed Bar’s bikini competitions. Ren, who stands 5’7″, was also an entry in the Lakan ng Makati 2008 contest.
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