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Remember Joshua Pacquiao, the cute guy with the mean surname? I just remembered him because apparently he’s not included in the list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot and naughty bachelors. Surely he has some famous stock [surname packs a wallop!] and looks [adorable] and body [hawt!]. His good friend Mark John Sellado‘s in the pack. So now I’m wondering out loud – why is Pacquiao not in this year’s selection?


Leading-man-of-the-moment Dingdong Dantes is in the funny movie [and surprise hit] Kimmy Dora and he gets to have a pool scene. Of course, he’s just one of the come-ons in the hilarious movie which guarantees laugh-a-minute scenes, or so I heard from friends who have seen it. I’m trooping with friends and relations to the theater this weekend, this long weekend to see this flick. Perhaps, you should see it too.


Funny are the comments about Cosmo’s selection of 69 bachelors this year. The general consensus is that just about anybody else is in the pack – from A-list to Z-levels. One even went far in saying that the bigger irony is that some of the guys have shown their penises and scrotums in movies and photo shoots before and they have the double-dealing temerity now to pose as coy boys with their pants on. And to think this is Cosmo magazine, the repressed girl’s favorite rag. In photo: Mark John Sellado, one of the 69 bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine in 2009.

Andrew Miguel makes it

Boyish Andrew Miguel is included in the 2009 list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot bachelors. It must mean something that he’s in the pack – that is, he must have done some deed to get noticed by those who made such list. It could have been the Freshman flick, or the Bola movie. His stint in Bayaw could have gotten him in the selection. Incidentally, Bayaw‘s commercial showing was postponed by the producers due to the fact that the MTRCB still slapped the movie with an X rating.


One of the guys who was inexplicably shut out of the winners’ circle at the recently-concluded Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 was Kevin John Zaldarriaga. The 5’11”-tall hunk was a favorite in the contest because of his well-proportioned, muscled body. Unfortunately, he didn’t win any of the major awards. Twenty-one-year-old Kevin John is from Bacolod City and has been modeling for quite some time in the southern city prior to moving to Manila for more opportunities. He is a Nursing graduate at the St. La Salle Integrated School in Bacolod City.

Sexy Jervy

Nineteen-year-old Jervy Arahan is trying his luck in the bikini open circuit. The 5’10”-tall native of Manila has appeared in the Face of the Year Modeling Search last year, the Circle of 10 Image Model search this year and the Generation East Model Search 2009. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the major titles in those contests. He’s unfazed, though, as he’s willing to wait it out and see where his magic blue bikini will take him.

Baad Ozbot!

Jonathan “Joe” Ozbot is a 22-year-old model from Iloilo City. He is now based in Manila as a professional model. The 6’2″-tall Filipino-Italian hunk has been a favorite model of A-list fashion designers and commercial brands on the runways. Too, he recently appeared as one of the 69 “naughty bachelors” of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year.

Paulo’s Turn

Now that his only soap on tv, All My Life is about to end its run on GMA-7, new drama actor discovery Paulo Avelino does some second-guessing on what project the network will offer him pretty soon. Will it be a role worthy of a star turn or leading-man status? Or will he still do supporting roles [with more shirtless and sexy scenes, though]? Whatever the case may be for this 21-year-old, he’s taking his own sweet time to success. Too, he may not have gotten into the top ten roll of centerfold guys of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year, but he may be in the list next year. Who knows?
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