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More Mark

Admittedly, he looks hot shirtless. Singer and occasional actor Mark Bautista was a revelation at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash held recently. He is now basking in new found glory as a hunk. A real man with a nice body. Which means he is slowly shaking off whatever negative press he had recently with his closeness to top man Piolo Pascual and the rest of the Pop Icons, a group of singers akin to the Divas 4 Divas – Google them out. As he is now maintaining a safe and happy distance from Piolo and the rest of his male singer friends [to ward off gay rumors], the 28-year-old singer is now primed to work his ass off. I hope I said that right.


Is it just me or was there something done on Marco Posadas? The body surely improved and the abs are just seriously, uh, awe-inspiring. But the face – there is some changeover, like a fine enhancement or correction. Whatever it is, he looks better now. Too, he’s promoting his direct-to-video flick called Manila Exp..., rather Summer Boys with other sexy boys. I think he gets to show some of his stuff in there. Maybe he will spring some surprise. A big one.

Mark In Demand

Twenty-year-old Mark Nash is one of the new male models in the scene. The Filipino-American hunk was discovered by an agent in his school’s parking lot while he [Mark] was on his way to his car. That effin’ agent was rather resourceful or creeping up on cute boys in lonely parking lots. Anyhow, Mark tried modeling and “it turned out okay.” So far, he has appeared in the Philippine Fashion Week, Fashion Watch, Bench, Folded & Hung fashion shows and the Smart, Rebisco and Goldilocks tv commercials. By the way, he goes to the Mapua Institute of Technology in Makati City.

Mike Acuna Rising

Male model Michael Acuna is getting a lot of press lately. Thanks to his new direct-to-video flick Summer Boys, the 24-year-old athlete and upcoming male model is getting some buzz in the business. He’s a graduate of the University of Perpetual Help and a resident of Paranaque. Too, he’s into mixed martial arts [MMA], with specialization in muay thai and and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so you shouldn’t mess with him. Expect to see more of this guy in the days to come.

Kerbie Surprise

There must be something about Kerbie Zamora, who was one of the unexpected finalists of Be Bench Model Search held a couple of years ago on national tv. He was eliminated early in the contest but he sure was noticed by talent agents and casters. Now, he’s doing ramp and runway shows for top designers and brands. The 19-year-old cute boy definitely has gone a long way from being an anonymous teen in Cainta, Rizal.

Summer Boys

The best curio this rainy season would have to be the new video called Summer Boys. It is an all-male video featuring hunky bikini open winner Jamil Basa [topmost], daring indie actor Jeff Luna [leftmost] , beefcake model Marco Posadas [bottom], cute martial arts fighter Mike Acuna [right, in red] and fresh discovery Jayar Sales [middle]. The story revolves around five guys in a “secluded paradise” and they “play and bond.” Summer Boys will be released in November 2009 at selected record outlets.


Twenty-six-year-old model Carlo Adorador is already considered a veteran in the industry. Although he has only started modeling when he was 21 years old, Carlo has done almost every show and campaign for the past few years. As he gets older in the business where youth is one of the top concerns, this B.S. Management graduate of St. Joseph’s College in Quezon City hopes to retire from the ramp one day and get to manage his own modeling agency. These days, he’s helping out in a friend‘s modeling agency by doing administrative work. Carlo, who is the eldest of four children, still lives with his family in Quezon City. He earns a living to help out his father, who is working in faraway Oman.

Dream Guys Monday

Will veteran actor Marco Morales let newbie Jay-L Dizon shine in the new flick I Love Dreamguyz? The movie’s gay-themed, of course, and Marco will have his moments [you know what I mean by Marco moments]. But the thing is, will Jay-L Dizon get to show off his, uh, talent also? I think the two will have a scene together in this movie about a group of hip-hop dancers called Dreamguyz, which landed a contract in Japan. Find out what the Dreamguyz can offer [and show] on 4 November 2009 when it opens in theaters.

Dennis Up and Close

Erstwhile tv and movie hearththrob Dennis Trillo is keeping it steady. After his career hit a snag on the way to leading-man status, he is slowly picking up the pieces of what’s left of his once-flourishing showbiz job. He could have been the next big star of GMA-7 if not for the series of unfortunate events [and bad press]. Lately, however, he’s accepting all the projects and offers that are coming his way. Regardless of how inconsequential or trivial or inferior the show is, Dennis still grabs ’em jobs “as long as there is work.” Of course, now he’s a good exemplar for the adage that goes this way: There are no small roles, only small actors. Tee-hee.

Rock Hard 2

He’s been around in the modeling biz for quite some time already and yet Jadel Lee is still plodding on. The 27-year-old model has won a number of awards and titles in the bikini pageant circuit. He used to be a dancer for a group called Power Image, which performs mostly in mall shows. He also dabbled with theater then [remember the all-male revue Penis Talks?] Now, with his rock hard body, Jadel Lee is undaunted as he presses on with his modeling career.
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