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Even when he was still playing for the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers, 20-year-old Franciz Allera was already a headturner. The 6’4″-tall hunk now plays for the Philippine Basketball Association under Coca Cola [he was a second round pick in the 2009 draft by Burger King until he was traded to Coke]. Franciz is a native of Cagayan de Oro City, where he went to high school and played varsity hoops for the Dole Philippines School. With his good looks, fine bod and imposing height, Franciz is also a runway model when he’s not busy with his PBA duties.

Dream Guys Friday

Prolific naturist and exhibitionist Marco Morales tirelessly makes another movie of the same-sex-sexing-it-up variety and it’s up for screening next month – 4 November 2009. The new flick entitled I Love Dreamguyz will have mighty Marco initiating into queerdom come relative newcomer and cutie Jay-L Dizon [top photos]. I Love Dreamguyz tells the story of a group of boys called, uh, Dreamguyz who land a contract in Japan as hip-hop dancers.


This a scene from the new movie Ang Laro sa Buhay ni Juan, which is opening on 21 October 2009 in selected gay-friendly theaters of Robinsons Malls [i.e. Galleria, Ermita, Metro East and Bacolod]. The nekkid guy is Ace Ricafort, a young lad who takes the term “daring newcomer” to new levels of interpretation. The movie is about a live-sex performer named Juan [played by seasoned actor Ray-An Dulay] and how he contemplates in a couple of hours how he will leave Manila for good. The Parola and Antonio troupe led by Altarejos and Bonife crafted this film, under BeyondtheBox Production.


It seems that his woes are not yet over. JC de Vera‘s afternoon soap [and only regular show, so far] has ended and no project’s in sight. There was a time when he was one of the busiest leading men of his home studio. Thanks to his manager and the mess that he got into, he’s now free to sit down, relax and ponder on his career caving in. Proof positive of his stellar power these days: the offer for him to be the male lead in a bargain-basement afternoon show of D-list performers was also withdrawn.

Swarthy Paolo

Do you like ’em tall, dark and shaved? Paolo Laroza is one hot hunk! The 5’11”-tall male model has been in the industry for quite some time now. He even went into the movies for a time, when he appeared as one of the background dancers in the gay-themed movie Twilight Dancers. Twenty-five-year-old Paolo Laroza, who is also a fitness instructor, was also one of the featured hunks of Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine in its 2007 list of hot bachelors.

Rock Hard

Rough and rugged Jordan Zuniga is a 27-year-old freelance model from Bataan province. His mighty fine physique landed him a spot in this year’s Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s 69 hot bachelors list. Prior to the magazine exposure, he has done fashion shows for Jag and Bergamo. Jordan Zuniga is a graduate of Management from the Philippine School of Business Administration [PSBA].

Marco Festival

Boldest actor Marco Morales‘s new movie Pipo is opening tomorrow, 7 October 2009. Of course, he will show a bit of skin here and some flesh there in this movie helmed by the Butas and Big Night director, Alejandro Ramos. Pipo, which is the story of small-time hustlers, also stars Tyrone Perez. In November, Marco’s other movie – I Love Dreamguyz will also be screened.


Whatever happened to male model Jobo Roa? After winning the modeling tilt Body Shots 2008, industry insiders were expecting that his rise to the top of the business would be quite,uh, meteoric. After all, he was the surprise winner in the prestigious contest for top models. The 20-year-old hunk from Cagayan de Oro City is still in the biz, regularly seen in the Fashion Week events as one of the male models on the busy runways. As for the high-profile projects on tv, it seems that the offers have been pretty much scarce.

His Break

The newest tv commercial of Robin Padilla, that is, the Skyflakes Crackers tvc showed three cute hunks beside the action star. Suddenly, Robin blurts out the “Ito na ang break mo, kagatin mo” line to one of the guys. The guy who was given his three seconds of fame in the tvc was Ryan Garalde, a 22-year-old model. He was one of the featured boys of Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine in its 2008 edition of 69 hot and new bachelors. Hot!


Veteran bikini open contestant Jhim Paulo Reginaldo is letting it all out. If he looks familiar, the 5’9″-tall model from Quezon City has done the rounds of male personality contests [with skimpy underwear segments] plus some Lips Bar appearances in the past. Twenty-one-year-old Jhim Paulo was last seen as one of the daring contestants in Bed Bar’s monthly Bed Bodies contest.
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