Float On

His new prime time soap may not have done well in the ratings game but Dingdong Dantes is unfazed as he is still one of the top and hottest matinee idols of his generation. Aside from the tv soap, he has a hosting job [Starstruck] in his home studio plus guesting parts in the other shows. The 29-year-old actor is also getting prime projects lately, the most recent of which is that San Marino Corned Tuna deal, which reportedly made him a few millions richer.


Twenty-three-year-old male model Arvi Matthew Encelan has been walking the runway for Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s Bachelors Bash for several years now. The 6′-tall model started in Cosmo’s 2004 edition when he was still a cute and gangly teen. At the recent Bachelors Bash party [in photo], he is now a strapping and sturdy hunk. Arvi was rumored to have a video showing him wanking the monkey. He has denied it.


What’s next for male model and Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 winner Jiro Shirakawa? After winning the top prize in the annual bikinifest edging out the other upstarts, Jiro is determined to invade show business. He’s already dropped out of school to pursue his modeling career and now, he’s setting his sight on the klieg lights of tv and eventually, the movies. To gain entry into the harsh world of showbiz, Jiro is taking the reality tv route pretty soon, where he hopes to make his mark.