Bright as Yellow

Model and actor Jon Avila [formerly Mullally] is expanding his showbiz horizons. He is now a singer, dancer and tv host. His job in ABS-CBN’s Sunday noontime show ASAP requires him to sing and dance, sometimes sans shirts. He is also one of the hosts of TV5’s Shall We Dance, where he gets to show some twist and two-step skills. After the career-changing stint at the Big Brother House a couple of years ago, Jon went off to a lukewarm start in showbiz. Yet, he refuses to be content with just the usual bit roles on tv, as he’s all set to do almost everything to remain in the klieg lights. No wonder he is still very much around unlike his contemporaries.

Metro Body

Sunday’s delight is someone to really watch out for: 26-year-old commercial pilot Kemuel Akut. If he looks familiar, he was one of the more prominent hunks in the recent list of 69 hot and new bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. Originally from Illinois, the tall, dark and handsome Kemuel is now in the country working for one of the major airlines. When he’s not busy flying, he does modeling on the side under the name Ken Viterbo or Kemuel Viterbo. This December, he will be featured as one of the half-naked hunks in a local magazine’s annual racy section.


This is the new traffic hazard along EDSA in Guadalupe, Makati City – a huge billboard of the Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka for local brand Folded and Hung. I think this one’s for the new underwear line, a bold and brassy business move that’s going headway against the once- formidable rival, Bench. Now, does this mean another wave of those briefs-and-thongs boards along the busy thoroughfares of Manila? I wouldn’t mind, of course.


So it is definite that actor-singer Sam Milby has left local clothing brand Bench for its rival Folded & Hung. This is the first ad that came out, and while you may have to squint a bit for the finer details of Sam’s excellent form and figure because this was lifted from some rag, that is Sam alright, sexy and sure. In fact, this ad is quite similar to the one he did for Bench a couple of years ago [see link]. Now, will Sam also do the underwear and shorts ads of Folded & Hung just like what Joem Bascon did before?


See, here’s another one of those Piolo pics, most recent, exclusive and, oh my gawd look at that stomach! He still and always looks hot, despite the tacky colored denims with paint splotches, courtesy of Bench. And then again, last weekend he was hot in those short shorts, 80s runner’s shorts actually, at the first-ever Timex Run held at the Fort in Taguig City. He did an impressive time of 47 minutes in the 10-km run. That is fast for a beginner.


Just in case you were wondering about that hulking guy in tighty whities at the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine annual flesh fest, his name is Ricardo Carpentieri. He’s a 25 year-old Brazilian who’s trying his modeling luck in Manila for a while. He appeared in the fashion shows of Bench underwear and Wrangler, in addition to the commercial and print ads for top local brands. The 6’2″-tall model has been in the business for five years now.


Virtually all the top male models have crossed over from the runway to the tv backlot. Except maybe Don Mendoza, the Philippine bet to Manhunt 2007 international male pageant. His contemporaries at the Dasmarinas Village house have all gone to work for tv – Marvin Wijangco and Zanjoe Marudo. Now I’m wondering what went wrong along the way. Maybe he fell out of his porcine manager’s good favors. Maybe he’s just not into showbiz. Maybe.

Re-posting Rocky

So there’s a new guy in the Big Brother House. I learned about this because I got some emails yesterday requesting for a re-posting of that dick-a-day photo of male model Rocky Salumbides. Apparently, the Search option in the site is no longer working and I have not yet fixed the problem. So this is the LINK to that wonderful picture of Rocky, as the only Filipino featured in the coffee table book Superstars by top photog Leslie Kee. Guess who will now get all the votes in the House!

Orlando Shines

Finally, Orlando Sol gets his due in the nekkid-in-the-indie-flick-circuit bandwagon. And he gets to star with the guy who’s cocky and sure – Marco Morales, in the new movie Halik sa Tubig [literally, Kiss on the Water]. Whether Orlando will get to show his erect penis in this independently-produced feature or not remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though, Marco will again flash that legendary putz.


The only question left to ask, after posting this picture of hot hunks: If you were given a chance to choose just one guy from the photo, who would it be and why? Maybe you will pick Paolo Paraiso, hot daddy yet all too yummy. Or maybe the short boyish one, Luis Alandy. There are still others who go for the man-on-the-street appeal of Jay Manalo. Or the hunky former models Christian Vasquez and Reggie Curley. And what’s the name of the chunky one with the buzz cut? Carlo Maceda! The first winner of the annual Mossimo Bikini Summit, most memorable because he appeared then in tight briefs showing off the huge bulge of his penis. I’ll take them all, if you ask me. These Barako Boys of yore.