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Andre and Herson

Minor league models Andre Endique [left] and Herson Barias ham it up – in masks – for the camera. Andre tried to grab the top prize at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009, but was thwarted in his bid by a better-prepared Jiro Shirakawa. Yet, Andre got noticed in the competition, and has landed some big projects for tv and print ads. On the other hand, Herson with the long tongue, has also done some rounds in the bikini pageant circuit to relative success. Maybe he’ll do Mossimo, too, next year to up his street cred.


Is he hot or not? With size-under jockeys, form-fitting and skintight, does he turn you on? His name is Silver Morres, a frequent feature in the bikini contests about town. The 27-year-old guy is also one of the members of the Tornados, a boy-group with the primary objective of singing and dancing sexily on stage. The group, however, has not caused quite a stir yet.

Jayson Coming

Remember Jayson Colis of the long-gone Viva Hotmen group? Well, he is back, at least in this site, when he was sighted in some small fashion show some time ago. He was called “the hottest Viva Hotmen member” back then when the group was just starting. Fresh from his win at the 2002 Ginoong Pilipinas pageant, this now-27-year-old hunk was immediately cast in the sexy boy-group. He did a couple of direct-to-video soft-porn flicks for Viva, and the last time we saw his nekkid 6′-frame was in the Coco Martin starrer, Masahista, as one of the masseurs.

Jerrymie Sweltry

Cebuano model Jerrymie Ferrer is one hot guy. This 27-year-old hunk is one of the busiest models in the Queen City of the South. He has also done Bench’s biennial bikini and jeans show in Manila. This is no mean feat because only a handful of local models were picked for the show in Manila. At home, he has won numerous bikini contests – Mr. Body Shot Philippines 2007, Mr. Jamaican Nights 2006, Mr. Slimmers World 2007, to name a few.

Mike’s Time

Now that Starstruck auditions are underway [they are currently in the New Jersey area now, looking for kids with good looks and star potential], former winner Mike Tan‘s fate in showbiz comes to mind. He’s handsome but something went amiss on his way to stardom. As a grand winner, GMA should have spent more time and money by now into grooming him for bigger projects. Yet, he is still one of the actors in the background, sometimes donning briefs or bikinis for some shock factor. He is not getting, at the moment, top billing in the marquee. Maybe the search committee or judges at the reality show Starstruck should really look for one who is good looking and talented.


He used to be known as Marc Anthony Patiag when he competed in the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2006 won by a hunky Jerome Ortiz over the cute chinito Hermann Weber. Now, he is known as Marc Jacob, lead actor in the Cinemalaya movie Latak [Residue]. Twenty-two-year-old Marc was born in the Philippines but he grew up in Canada. Before Mossimo, he decided to take a break from college in Canada to come home and re-discover his roots. He has since stayed. Latak is his first movie, which will be shown from 18-24 November 2009 at the Robinsons Galleria. The trailer looks appealing in YouTube.


Erstwhile bikini open vet Jeff Luna is doing the independent movie circuit with gay themes lately. It seems like he’s the new preference of small directors and production groups who are churning out the rather bold and daring flicks of the male-to-male variety. It must be the fact that Jeff Luna has been acting and primping for the cameras sans reservations. Maybe we’ll see more of him in the future, as long as he has projects and offers along the way.

The Colt

If there is one thing leading-man-of-the-moment Dingdong Dantes has not done yet, it’s the theater. He has proven his hosting and dancing skills, plus he can whip up a thing or two in the acting department [tv and the movies]. He has not yet taken theater, though. Maybe he can do Equus, that play by Peter Shaffer about a young man with a sexual fascination for horses. The most famous guy who played that role was that Harry Potter kid who had scenes where he had to ride a horse, bareback and naked. Now that would be a good start.

Level Up

I would like to believe that Coco Martin made it in ABS-CBN because of sheer talent. Well, the fact that he is cute also put in the plus factor. From his small and humble beginnings as an indie movie actor, usually with gay themes, Coco has jumped into the small screen as one of the leading men. It is not actually a sellout to commercial and cutesy fare as Coco still portrays his roles with the same versatile and natural ability, full of nuance, as he did in his indie flicks of yore. Now, he’s gotten popular mainstream, to countless viewers of the station’s shows, thanks to his exposure on the prime time hit Tayong Dalawa.


Model-turned-actor Christian Vasquez is busy still on tv. He’s playing support these days in ABS-CBN’s shows and soaps. The 32-year-old hunk is not complaining, though, as he gets to work continuously and on a regular basis. He is also a favorite lately in the indie movie circuit – he has finished three flicks already this year. Christian Vasquez may not be as lustrous now as the time he started his career in showbiz, but this hunk daddy from Bacolod City is still very much around, quietly working in the background.
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