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Searching for Iago

NEW YORK CITY – UPH is also here and sometimes we meet up for a bit of talk and for some ogling at people. To while away the time, we resolved – rather giddily – to look for Leonardo Litton, that 90s actor who wore bikinis in all his movies. He has moved to this side of the hemisphere, married with kids. And then again he has grown plumpish as soon as he settled here in the Big Apple for good, judging from the pictures sent to us most recently. Surely, we presumed, we would be very disappointed seeing a cute butterball, a far cry [and a sigh] from the time he lorded over the soft-porn movies of his era with Rodel Velayo. So our attention veered towards a model who has also settled in the city – Iago Raterta. One of the top models of his time, just a couple of years ago, Iago left a bustling career to live here. Nothing has been heard about him. Too bad, because he was this exotic male model who was in-demand at home. He probably didn’t continue being a model here in NYC after his stint at this modeling contest in Los Angeles. We were hoping we could see him, accidentally. And then UPH can take his picture.

Bruce in the news

Baller, model, occasional actor and flight attendant Bruce Quebral is hogging showbiz headlines these days – issues about a secret marriage gone sour and stale. The 28-year-old hunk, who rose to relative fame via the local edition of Big Brother, bid bye-bye to the klieg lights last year to become a steward for a Dubai-based airline. Now, with rumors of a marriage done hush-hush and a slowly deteriorating relationship, Bruce is once more thrust into the limelight to clarify the matter. So far, no statements have been issued yet. I would sure love to see this moreno hunk again.


There was a time when GMA-7’s top guy Dingdong Dantes was in a league with Polo Ravales. Both started out as teen actors in GMA’s most popular teen show then. Now Dingdong has evolved into the leading man of his time, thanks to his studio’s aggressive efforts to up his street cred. On the other hand, Polo seems to have resigned to the fact that he’ll never climb up the ladder in the studio backlot. He has accepted roles in indie cinema, some rather risque, e.g. Walang Kawala. These days, Polo is doing supporting roles on tv, if not the token cute-boy-with-the-great-bod villain.

No Letup

Now that Survivor Philippines is nearing its finale, what will happen now to Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a. Piko Suzuki a.k.a. Suzuki Aragon? He had his [more than] 15 minutes of fame in the show, admittedly. The question now is: What will he do about it? Most probably, if he’s smart enough, he won’t go back joining small-time bikini contests anymore. Maybe he can do bit parts on GMA-7’s shows and soaps, like what Survivor Philippines [first edition] contestant and male model John Lopez did. Let’s see what happens next to this cute Filipino-Japanese guy.

Dreamguyz Jeans

Based on the jeans they are wearing – I would choose Marco Morales because he’s in some nice Diesels or SFAMs, and then Jay-L Dizon for the nice fit of his pants, whatever they are. And then again, I would choose them all – cute and shirtless, and start with that young-ish little boy named Miggy Valdes [leftmost], a 19-year-old student at the East Asia College in Manila. Then there’s Sherwin Ordonez, who’s getting into these kind of films lately. Plus this Mhyco Aquino kid [rightmost] who is waiting in the [indie movie] wings. They are all in the happy little flick I Love Dreamguyz, of course, which starts showing today, 4 November 2009, in gay-friendly theaters like Robinsons Cinemas.

Jiro So Fair-o!

So I found this picture of Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 winner Jiro Shirakawa when he was doing this Mossimo fashion show as just one of ’em models in tight jockeys, and I guess I’ll just have to share it because it’s pretty interesting what and how size-under briefs can do to the curves and contours of Jiro’s fine body, which is really his passport to fame, next to his cute face, and last I heard he is doing acting workshops for ABS-CBN [remember he confirmed his foothold on the giant network by showing up as one of the starlets in the annual glitzy ball held recently] in preparation for the revival of the 90s hit teen show, Gimik. Or something like that.

Cheer Up

As The Joker would love to say, Why So Serious? Awww, Piolo don’t be sad. You have a career going on for you. ABS-CBN loves you because they haven’t found the next leading man yet in their backlot. That Gerald Anderson guy is still too young. And Jaunty Jericho, Dashing Diether and Shy Sam, or even Delectable Derek have no match to your stellar power. Don’t mind the ugly talk, back-fence talk about, you know, the-issue-that-never-dies. Maybe, if you put up a charity – one that’s serious and not just lip-service charity to help the needy and under-privileged, people will see your good heart and totally forget the fact that you are not exactly having girlfriends of the romantic variety. I’m just thinking out loud.
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