It’s a medley, a mishmash! They are the Masculados Dos, a new sing-and-provocatively-grind group of cute guys with nice bods. Take your pick as they take on the country by storm with their singing and dancing prowess! Okay, the last line was a shameless PR plug, but seriously, the guys are sexy and good. Orlando Sol [bottom photo third from right] is a singer with a nice butt. Chunky-hunky Enrico Mofar [bottom photo, third from left] is a good dancer. The rest of the guys are taking off their shirts and they look fine [refer to the bottom photo] – Dart Kamboozia [leftmost], Ozu Ong [second to the left], Robin Robell [fourth from the right], Nico Cordova [second from the right] and Lexter Lazaro [rightmost]. The group’s promoting their album Masculados Repacked under Universal Records, with their carrier single “Ganda-Ganda, Sexy-Sexy.” You have to buy the original CD to see the photos of the guys in the pack.

Joanel Lara Hot

Look at the abs! The model with the body to-die-for is Joanel Lara a.k.a. CJ Lara. He used to be one of the go-go boys in the gay parties of Circuit Asia, together with his equally-hot brother Gerald Ford “G-Ford” Lara. His other brother with the rock-hard abs was also named after a U.S. prez, Lyndon [no pic here, though]. Joanel was seen in the the first few editions of the Bench underwear shows. He also appeared in TVCs and print ads.

Back Stage

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you? I love naughty boys back stage before a show or a contest. They are free to let it all hang out. Sort of like releasing some tension. Relaxing some nerves. Let’s see.. upper photo during the Bench Blackout show, from left, some guy who looks familiar but I do not know his name yet, nervous Jiro, charming Edouard and steady Rye. Lower photo, on the other hand was taken at the Mossimo Bikini Summit finals night. From left, impish Andre, pensive Dex, puckish Lem, and edgy Geron. So there! Happy Monday everyone!


This is the image on that giant billboard of corned tuna along busy EDSA covering one portion of the Boni Avenue station of the MRT. It’s so hot because Derek Ramsay‘s in it. He’s just shirtless with his jeans on, but the image is sultry, sweltry. Here’s one lusty and brawny guy, a real man in showbusiness, who’s oozing with all the charm and animal magnetism. I’m swooning. I have to stop now.

Raymond Rams

Whatever happened to Raymond Cabral [Raymond Ramos in real life]? Remember the new guy from the indie movie Tutok, which was shown last summer? He looked so fresh and new then. And willing to drop his pants sans reservations. This 21-year-old native of General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite was also noticed in the acting department, for his “sensitive portrayal of a conflicted rebel up in the mountains.” He has since done guesting stints on tv shows. Happy Birthday Raymond!


Model-of-the-moment Raph Almeda wouldn’t do that! Someone’s using Raph’s name to extort money from unsuspecting [read: dupable] persons. The modus is old and has been used several times already, and yet some still fall into it. Rule No. 14 is – Do not just deposit money into some stranger’s bank account, on a mere hint of lust. Here’s an email I got recently from, quoted in full –
I tried to call the number of Ralph Almeda posted in the comments section of your blog, and someone answered, supposed to be Ralph Almeda. We agreed to meet, and he asked me to deposit the amount of nine thousand pesos first to the account of a certain Benjamin Yap Jr, at the Metrobank, account number 3094268932, which I did in December 15, 2009. We agreed to meet that same evening after he got my money. Before the time of the meeting he texted me that the sister of his girlfriend was at the hospital and he could not leave her alone, and we should reset our meeting the following night on December 16. In the morning of December 16, he was again trying to sweet talk me to deposit another four thousand pesos on the same account because he said he needs it badly for his car, which I refused because in the first place he has not done his part of the deal. Again I asked him for the meeting, he said it would be at 11pm of December 16. When I called his that evening, his phone was shut down. Please warn people that this Ralph Almeda telephone is a scam. They should not fall prey to it. I have the bank receipts to prove that I made the deposit, and that Ralph never showed up.

Now, after reading the mail, you can judge Let’s all wham, bam alakazam his noggin’ and put some sense of reason and a smattering of wisdom and discretion into his consciousness. Hell yeah!


Who wore it best? The guy on top is, of course, Gamac Mendoza, a 6′-tall regular of the things-and-thongs contests in town. He’s 23 years old and a native of Romblon. He used to have a day job as a wholesale coordinator for the Shopwise chain of supermarkets. The guy below Gamac is Gino Quintana, a 5’7″-tall comer in the bikini open arena. He won as a runner-up in the Mr. San Juan contest a few months back. He appears in small bar competitions, where he has won quite a few awards. And admirers.

Fab Boy

He is not actually new in showbiz town because the guy’s been around for quite some time. He is a member of the Fab Boys, that group of dancers supporting heartthrob Gerald Anderson in his live shows. Twenty-three-year-old Ali Claus is the tallest in his group and he’s also the cutest. Ali – who is from Caloocan City and once a student at the University of the East [UE] – has been in Gerald’s posse for a few years now, and his exposure in Gerald’s numerous shows is getting him noticed by talent agents and casters.


Oh, don’t mind the horrendous door mat disguised as a cape! The guy’s cute and sexy and his name is Yon Fronda, a 22-year-old Nursing student from Bulacan. Earlier this year, he won as second runner-up in the Mr. Sexy Body 2009 contest, won by chinito cutie Reinard Hernandez and first runner-up Josh Bustillo. Three years ago, a younger Yon Fronda, who was still using the name Yhon Fronda, entered the first ever Hataw Super Bodies bikini open, which was won by Racel Matic.


“His love is heavy and so is he.” I’m not making that one up. Director Cris Pablo [Showboys, Moreno] did. That’s, I think, the tag line for his newest movie under the Queeriosity Project, and it’s entitled Chub Chaser. As the name suggests, there is a nekkid fat guy somewhere and he’s Seff Young, the former Seff Posadas 100 lbs thinner. The kissing guy in the pic is new gay indie favorite Jeff Luna. Chub Chaser will be shown in limited theaters starting 16 December 2009. Most probably, it will be at the Robinsons cinemas and Isetann Recto.