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Mr. Philippines Michael “Mike” Manansala is now in Taiwan to compete in the Mr. International 2009 pageant, which will have its finals on 19 December 2009. The 6’2″-tall hunk is hoping he’ll grab the title this year for the country. This is the first time that the delegate from the Philippines was not “chosen” by talent managers, and instead, he went through a competition via a series of screenings culminating in a national pageant.


So I’m a sucker for reality tv and I’m into this Philippine version of the Big Brother show, where everyone is self-conscious and nice, and it’s too painful to watch because the “housemates” are all on tenterhooks, on pins and needles, so to speak, [but I still watch anyways] and here comes late-entrant Rocky Salumbides, the male model who made it big in Singapore for two fashion weeks and that was it, who does a short, short [no pun, really] stay in the house and suddenly decides to go out because he couldn’t stand to be separated from his woman, this hot mama-actor who’s apparently having serious and serial cougar moments the past couple of years after separating from her husband in Australia, who’s… no, that’s another story you’ll have to pry from me, because now, I’m talking about Rocky and how stupid, screwy and silly he is and his actions, knowing that a lot of people would’ve killed to be inside the Big Brother house and he is just leaving everything behind – all for a pretty woman, who I’m guessing must be so in love with Rocky in a very romantic, not lusty, way because apparently there isn’t much to shuck and sling in the Big Penis department. There.


I just forgot to point up [no pun] something that’s why I’m posting photos of sexy underwear model Raph Almeda again. It’s just that he’s the new body model for the underwear line of Soda, a local clothing brand that’s been in the market for quite some time. The brand’s actually going racy in its new line because it features the outline of Raph’s penis in its full battle glory. Does that mean that we’ll see these images, blown up or uh enlarged [no pun, again] in the Blue Soda stores in malls? Oh, and another thing: I just noticed that the shape and size of that distracting dingdong is similar to the one Johnron Tanada used, I mean, displayed in the former Soda ads. See here.

Hiro Grows Up

Remember Hiro Torobu, that 19-year-old student of San Beda College who practically hopped from one bikini contest to the other last year, from Bicolandia to Manila? Well, he’s now grown up and he has muscles! In fact, he recently joined the Slimmers World Great Bodies Competition [won by chinito cutie Christian Tan]. Unfortunately, Hiro only took home the Most Photogenic award, and lost out to the older and bulkier guys. Maybe next year he’ll get lucky.

Pulling Away

Imagine this photo a million times larger on a busy thoroughfare in Metro Manila, distracting commuters on a bright yellow sky day. This is actually that huge billboard along the river, right across EDSA in Guadalupe, Makati City, showing off a nearly naked Dingdong Dantes promoting his new line of scents for local brand Bench. Sex really sells and Dingdong works it. Now, imagine the sheet being actually pulled away.


It’s Raph Almeda again, bursting and bulging in all the proper places! He’s actually making leaps and strides in the modeling biz, as he lands projects for major designers and brands in the regular runway shows in the metro. I guess he’ll be hanging his competition bikinis for now, as he bids goodbye to the male pageants and underwear contests [where he started] and starts to climb up the modeling ladder.

Dancer in the Dark

Here’s a nice one. Shots of daring model, bikini open regular and indie actor Will Sandejas dancing in Bench Body briefs, outlining the precious little cuts and contours of his wee willy wonka. Of course, he has shown much much more in Climax Magazine, but then again a little room for the imagination wouldn’t hurt a bit. Some twirling and teasing is fun, and Will does just that. Isn’t he cute and sexy?


Who whored, er, wore it best? Left guy’s Renz Martin Tumala in a rather relaxed and loosened pair of Bench Body briefs. He’s been around the bikini contests in the metro from Hataw to Lakan to Ginoo, including the smaller pageants in nondescript bars and places. Right guy is a familiar face, Lips Bar veteran Cris Quizon a.k.a. Clark Campbell, who is in similar underwear but a bit tight and bursting at the seams. So, who’s hotter in them green-and-white jockeys now?

Miller Time

Where’s John Miller, the Filipino-Australian guy of the now-defunct Provoq group? Remember him with the green [or sometimes, brown] eyes? Stands 5’8″-tall and most painfully shy and reserved among the Provoq boys? Last time we heard of him was in that M2M4 flick, where he did not show much actually. Well, in Lips Bar last year, he had a series of shows that left little to the imagination. Too bad, he didn’t do well in showbiz. I wonder where he is now.

Victor Always

Model-actor Victor Aliwalas is on a roll in his home studio. After only two years in the country [he grew up in New York City], he has already done four prime time soaps. Guest appearances in the movies also came along. Right now, Victor is busy with shows in GMA-7, making him one of the more visible actors in the tv network. When he’s not on tv, the bandy-legged hunk, who stands at 5’10”, also models for the top clothes designers in the metro.
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