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Ian is In!

Not to be left behind, one of the top four male Starstruck qualifiers, Ian Batherson is busting some moves in the show to stay on top of the heap. He has admittedly faltered in some of the reality show’s segments, which put him in the dangerous bottom three. Somehow he still manages to evade eviction. In the crucial days leading to the finals, will Ian still be on the path to stardom or will he get waylaid along the route?


This is the future of promotional stills for a movie and the perspective is bold, brash and brazen. I’m kidding, of course. That’s just Jeff Luna promoting Summer Boys, which is now available on DVD. Everyone’s one-upping one another in independent queer movies these days. The frontals have become a dime a dozen or a peso aplenty. Pretty soon, the dick shots will become commonplace. Not that I’m a bit complaining except that once in a while, a little tickle to the imagination does some titillating trick.


Speaking of Starstruck, GMA-7’s reality search for new talents has simmered down to four remaining male contestants and the rivalry between two boys in pole position is reaching its boiling point. Twenty-two-year-old nurse Rocco Nacino [left] is up against the more formidable [read: rich] 19-year-old student Enzo Pineda. The two boys are slugging it out for the top prize – a guaranteed contract with the network plus lots of money and goodies, via text votes and a panel of judges’ unanimous nod. Who’s your bet?

The New Prince!

There’s a Last Prince, and there’s a new Prince waiting to happen in the GMA-7 backlot! Here are new photos of Starstruck alum Prince Stefan, who has improved a lot since his days as a wannabe in the reality show and as a bit player in the major network. He is now flashing a more mature [and sexier] image, thanks to an attractive and more defined, chiseled physique. Now here’s a threat to the throne of GMA-7’s Last Prince a.k.a Aljur!


While we’re on the topic of bulges and regular bikini open contestants, here’s Benson Hill, an old hat in the thongs-and-things competitions for guys. This 24-year-old native of Balanga, Bataan who is now based in Cabanatuan City has a gym where he works out regularly. During the bikini open season, he goes around the metro and the provinces in his tiny and tight skivvies. Of course, we’ll be seeing more of him this summer!


Cute boy Justin Royce Dizon is another one of the familiar faces [and bods and bulges] in the bikini contest circuit. He has done the rounds of the competitions – from Ginoong Filipinas to Metrobodies to Istilo Modelo. What sets him apart, though, from the rest of the boys in tiny underwear is the fact that he goes to a nice school [San Beda College in Manila] taking up a nice course [A.B. English]. At least that’s how he lists his uni profile in his resume. Of course, he’s also unique because he has a big fat something embedded somewhere in that size-under lycra.

Rain Rain

Twenty-one year-old Rain Javier gets introed in the new indie flick SRO [Standing Room Only] and my, the intro’s quite cocky! A native of San Juan in Metro Manila, Rain used to be known as Carlo Morris Galang in the bikini open circuit. He’s a student at the Global City Innovative Colleges in Taguig City. Just recently, he won the Man of the Year 2009 – Metro Manila in ABS-CBN’s noontime show Wowowee. Watch SRO to see Rain or Carlo in his full nekkid [and frontal] glory starting 3 February 2010 in selected cinemas.


It’s a Monday and I’m too lifeless to make a post. I’m cut-and-pasteing then this article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated yesterday. It’s a blind item, which means you’re supposed to guess who the characters are. The title’s “Frolicking in Paradise.” Here goes: The great outdoors never fail to offer gorgeous sights …. and sounds! Mole was intrigued to spot Handsome Hunk vacationing in a scenic Palawan resort. Nothing wrong with HH frolicking bare-chested in the sand. But why was HH accompanied by Cutie Singer in this beach holiday? HH allegedly made beautiful music with CS in paradise, said a source. Note: Photo above has no relation to article re-posted. See, it’s not even the beach!

Sagwan Boys

At this time of the year in 2009, promotions were underway for the indie flick Sagwan introducing two bikini contest veterans – Dennis Torres [left] and Ryan Dungo. The boys were bold and daring in the movie which got a double X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. Sagwan made waves further by pitting the MTRCB against the University of the Philippines [UP] when the movie was shown in the university’s Film Center sans cuts. MTRCB asserted it had jurisdiction over the university, which in turn denied such interference. Just the same, the damage had been done – UP stopped the showing of gaycore indie flicks. And what happened to the boys? They are back in the bikini contests.


The younger one on the left is Adrian Asor while the other’s Bembol Cabasal. They competed against each other three years ago and Adrian edged out Bembol for the Bikini Frenzy title. Back then Bembol was already old [in bikini open years, yeah], late 20s actually, and yet he was still packing it in with a hot bod and nice physique. Bikini open season is coming in a few months and let’s see who’s bringing in the goods in itsie-bitsie teeny weenie bikinis!
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