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Butt boy is Charles Delgado and the other one’s Rain Javier, introduced as a comer [newbie, I meant] in the independently produced flick SRO [Standing Room Only]. The setting’s an old cinema called Maharlika, and the boys go a-hunting for sexual favors and tricks inside the dark and dingy halls. SRO is produced and directed by Cleo Paglinawan under Sunflower Films. Showing date starts on 3 February 2010 in selected theaters.


Not to be outdone by the upstarts, local clothing brand Folded & Hung thrusts Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka into the battle ground of underwear ads to see who’s king and, well, hung. Methinks F&H is succeeding – what with a muscled handsome hunk for its model, it didn’t go wrong! Now, I’m not so sure if this was put in one of the billboards in the metro. This is one heck of a hazard on the streets – some nearly nekkid guy with one huge bump for all to see. Dang! Happy Friday everyone!


Someone from Cotton Club sends this photo of cutie Jason Abalos bowled over by the responses and comments – positively and salaciously overwhelming – from you guys. Although Jason has previously made an appearance in swim trunks, this is the first time that he really goes sexy – bulges, warts and all, in tiny cotton briefs. This 5’10”-tall actor is really piling up on his street cred with his latest move to don tighty whities in public. Of course, it’s not diminishing the fact that he’s one of the better actors of his generation. Now, if only Cotton Club will send more thong photos, pretty please?


The newest celebrity underwear model in town is Jason Abalos, who took over the Cotton Club reins from young hunk Aljur Abrenica last year. Cotton Club is one of the newer players in the industry that does briefs, boxers, shorts and tops. In its press release, Cotton Club said that the 23-year-old award-winning actor “is the right fit” for their products and that he “fits Cotton Club to a T.” Okay then Cotton Club people, put out more photos, ads and billboards of Jason in size-under briefs [and that T-back you just mentioned]. We’ll be the judge of that!

Happy Birthday!

Yes, you! I do apologize I nearly forgot about your birthday today. How old are you now? Thirty-three, eh. Not bad. Hopefully, you will get past that stage when people start asking when you’ll get married and start a family. People will get weary, believe me. And while they are at it, you’ll still be a big star, the only leading man of top-notch, first-rate and A-one caliber. I’m heaping praises not because it’s your birthday, but because you really are. Well, plus the fact that I have to make up for all the nasty stuff that people in this site have said about you. Don’t mind them – they’re all in the gutter. So there, I hope you have a happy one today. By the way, are you back from El Nido where you spent vacation with your good friend Mark?


The new guy in bikinidom come is Paolo Dionio, a 21-year-old Nursing student from the University of Perpetual Help System in Laguna. He was the winner in last year’s Metrobodies Search for Model of the Year, an annual bikini open sponsored by Metro Bar in Quezon City. This was the same contest previously won by Will Sandejas and Dexter Castro [tie]. The 5’9″-tall Paolo Dionio, with his youthful looks and hot lean bod, is surely giving the competition in the big city a run for their money. Expect more of him in the bikini open season this summer.

The Last Prince Preems!

So it’s a battle of the bulges between Aljur Abrenica and Geoff Eigenmann in the newest prime time show The Last Prince, which premieres tonight on GMA-7. Of course, I meant it in a good way for Geoff, who’s still cute and adorable in that costume. While Aljur is definitely rockin’ it, ripped and ropy in that body, Geoff is well, robust and able-bodied. Watch the fantasy show tonight for the visual treats!


While we’re on the topic of caught-unawares, here’s another candid shot of a cute boy – ex-Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 contestant Andre Endique. This adorable tv commercial model is not just a pretty little face with a nice little body and a little .. uh, he is also talented. He’s a singer, dancer, host and composer. He is good at the violin. The toned bod he owes much to swimming and tennis. So there, talent casters and tv producers take note of this smart and skilled little kid!


What will you do in this situation where you suddenly find a sexy hunky nekkid guy in your small bathroom emptying his bowels? Will you be disgusted? Or you’ll take a good swipe at the goods – the choad not the load, the penis not the feculence, before closing the door again? Model-athlete Andrew Wolff is sorely missed in the scene. Whatever moment, episode or spot he is in – as long as he is bareskinned, of course – is greatly appreciated.

Beach Boy

Our TGIF boy is 21-year-old model Eric Soriano. This 6’1′-tall cutie was one of the hot new bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine for 2008. He has modeled for top brands and designers for TVCs, print ads and the runways [Philippine Fashion Week series and Bench Blackout]. His most distinguishing feature is the huge tattoo of a dragon covering 95% of his back all the way down to his buttocks. Happy Friday, everyone!
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