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Summer time means fiesta celebrations in the countryside. The usual festivities have gone beyond mere religious ceremonies to more pomp and pageantry. Some have even included bikini competitions in their programs. Even the guys from the city – veterans in the small-bar contests in the metro – travel all the way to the provinces and towns to compete in tiny teenie thongs in front of a relatively conservative crowd. It seems that bikini contests are becoming regular fare in fiestas in the countryside. In photo: Benson Hill.

Fabio HD

Brazilian model Fabio Ide is starring in his first movie here in the Philippines and he’s doubly excited about it. D’Survivors tells the story of a group of models stranded in an unknown island. “Chaos reigns as they try to survive there along with the other survivors. The current spoof boasts of a breath-taking locale, a paradise island of blue waters, white sands and lush green vegetations; and a handful of beautiful people, mostly supermodels, and talented comedians, who all let their hair down, so-to-speak, and came up with a real-funny rib tickler.”

Tan and Sizzle

It’s the weekend! Time for some sun, sea and sand! How about a vacation to some beach with beautiful turquoise waters? Our model for today is Jay Diaz, one of the actors in Heavenly Touch, the masseur movie starring Marco Morales and Paolo Serrano. Jay stands 5’10” and was discovered in bikini competitions.


It’s all about beating the summer heat. Wearing light clothes sure helps. Take for example male mod and Bodyheat 2007 winner Marco Odejar [top photo] at one of the shows in the Philippine Fashion Week last year. He’s comfy in white breezy fabrics. But of course, nothing beats gauzy clothes like the ones worn by bikini open vets Jed Rivera [left, bottom photo] and Fhons Feleo.


Twenty-four-year-old model Kenjie Zabala has an erection and he wants us to vote for him in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s poll for “Steamy Studs Online. The 5’10”-tall native of Olongapo City was a contestant at the 2009 Mossimo Bikini Summit [he didn’t attend finals night]. Now, he’s the latest addition to the Filipino group of male entertainers in Macau, along with the Johnron, Jude Marco, Raymond, Surio, Keiser and Paul Anthony.


Although the summer heat’s intensifying as temperatures soar in the metro to record levels, model and bikini open regular Dave Concepcion is keeping his cool under the oppressive sun. Thanks to tiny speedos, the 23-year-old Dave is not feeling the intense heat. The cute chinito stands 5’9″ and is a native of Lucena City. He has been in and out of bikini competitions in the past few years, occasionally winning an award or two.


Where’s Piko Suzuki a.k.a. Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon? He’s the cute Filipino-Japanese guy who made it as one of the contestants in the reality show Survivor Palau. Prior to the show, he was a student of Criminology at the Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila. When he’s not busy with school, he takes on the ramp in tiny teenie under- and swimwear for the bikini contests. Times like these [the bikini open season], Piko’s sorely missed!

In Town

German-Thai actor and model Markus Wiedenmann is in town to explore possibilities of working in the crowded industry. So far, the 27-year-old hunk has landed a gig as Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s hunk for March. He has short hair now but the photo above is one of the better images of him – you know, the bump-and-a-lump one, a picture from Image magazine of Thailand.

What’s Your Color?

What’s your political color? Is it red, yellow, green or orange? These days, colors play a lot of influence in the campaign period for the national elections in May. The mere sight of a certain hue will readily identify a candidate. Apparently, the political color scheme has invaded the bikini contests. Trey Acuna is wearing green, probably to show his support for the administration party. On the other hand, Julian Binarao is donning orange to affirm his allegiance to the leading candidate. What is your color?


Twenty-year-old Matteo Guidicelli is enjoying renewed fame on prime time television as the male lead in ABS-CBN’s top rater Agua Bendita. After graduation from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. on Performing Arts in the musical theater field, he’s now home to put to good use his education abroad. In the prime time soap, he shows a bit of skin, shedding his prim-and-proper image.
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