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Enzo Dreams

Will Starstruck first runner-up Enzo Pineda make it big in showbiz? The tall [he stands 6′!] 19-year-old cutie was expected to top the reality show but he settled for the near-miss position. Nevertheless, he is hell bent in entering show business as an actor and performer, and many are placing their bets on this one. If only he could hire a good publicist and maybe, toughen up a bit [and avoid cutesy roles], then he will be on the right track to stardom.


This is the start of the promo for the new movie by Astral Productions, D’Survivors under the direction of Adolfo B. Alix, Jr. [remember Daybreak?]. Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga is one of the lead actors in this comedy about male models shipwrecked in an island. Of course, Daniel and the guys go sexy a la shirtless and wet and oh so dreamy! D’Survivors is starting its commercial run on 28 April 2010.
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