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Summer’s End

Is it really the end of summer? No more hot, hot heat, with bikini-ed guys in endless ramps and stages and catwalks? The finis to beaches with boys in speedos and Bench cotton briefs [yes, they do that in the provinces] and unsexy Quiksilvers and Billabongs. Time really flies so fast, the boys are a-changing! In photo is cute Heavenly Touch bit player Jay Diaz.

Top Draw

How about erstwhile model, tv clown and occasional actor Zanjoe Marudo as Bench Uncut poster boy? Does he stimulate you enough, shirtless in 800-peso jeans? Will he wear small briefs on the night of the underwear show? People are guesstimating that this Bench biennial show could very well be the most boring yet as there’s no top draw to look forward to. Remember they had Dingdong a couple of years ago? Now, Jake in briefs would be so blah, as he’s always in size-under skivvies every time. My best bets would be Aljur in tiny jockeys, or even this guy with his rumored boyfriend, a fellow endorser, on stage together in the finale. How’s that?

Illegally Low

In the wake of the onslaught of Bench Uncut‘s bilboards around the city, rival Folded & Hung came up with its own sexy board featuring lead model Sam Milby shirtless in low rise jeans. Sam, who was a former Bench endorser, is single-handedly taking on the Bench guys with his hot and come-hither advertisements for F&H. Now, will he wear those small F&H briefs anytime soon, too?


He did a daring exotic-dancing movie called Twilight Dancers before. Also, a racy magazine shoot. And then Tyron Perez partnered with exhibitionist Marco Morales for another gay-themed, nudity-laden flick called Pipo. Still, Tyron’s luck wouldn’t change, budge a little in favor of that bit of stardom desperately given the eyeteeth for. Now that he’s jumped over to another tv channel, worn his clothes right and started to take serious shows, will he finally have his grand star turn?

Love Bug

Speaking of Brazilians, Dani is back on tv as the leading man of that little girl who looks like the outgoing president of the Philippines. On 20 June 2010 [Sunday], Love Bug : Wish Come True will start its airing, and Dani’s getting top billing sans the nudity and controversy, of course. The show is shot entirely in Singapore and the Brazilian hunk portrays a model in the story, along with that tattooed guy Eric Soriano.


Can someone translate this one out, taken from some Brazilian news site? I can make out our favorite model‘s name though and words like complain and jealousy. –

Saiba quem são os modelos brasileiros que causam onda de ciúmes nas Filipinas

E a tensão entre os dois grupos vem crescendo nos últimos dias, que antecedem
o lançamento da comédia filipina “D’Survivors”. O filme é co-protagonizado
por Daniel Matsunaga e Fabio Ide, ambos brasileiros descendentes de orientais.
Os dois são alguns dos nossos compatriotas que vêm se destacando no mundo
fashion do país.

Uma das reclamações contra Daniel, Fabio e sua turma vieram do filipino Lemuelle Pelayo,
modelo-que-virou-ator. Ele é o grande astro de “D’Survivors” e acredita que a presença
brasileira diminui as chances de modelos locais deslancharem. O mal estar é tanto que a
Associação de Modelos Profissionais das Filipinas criou em 2009 uma campanha para
combater o que o pessoal chama de “Calor brasileiro”. O intuito da iniciativa era o de
“fortalecer o look filipino e mostrar que a indústria fashion local é forte e competitiva”.

Do outro lado da contenda, Fabio Ide refuta as acusações. “Não é justo dizer: ‘Oh,
modelos brasileiros estão roubando nossos trabalhos. Isso não é competição. Todos
estão tentando trabalhar duro e ganhar dinheiro.”

Down South

There’s a fresh new face from bikinidom come, and he’s from Davao City. Kenneth Paul Salva is in town to try his luck in the bright lights, big city and in small ‘kinis! He’s now one of the official candidates of summer’s biggest bikini competition – the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open . Kenneth stands 6′-tall and is a graduate of BS Information Technology from the University of Mindanao. Incidentally, a go-see for the bikini contest will be held on 20 June 2010 [Sunday] from 2-6 p.m. at the Penthouse of Future Point Plaza 1 along Panay Avenue in Quezon City. Bring swimwear and photos [face and body]. For more details call Jumpstart Productions at 491.3861 or 376.7204.

Rafael Uncut

If there’s a Bench underwear show, there’s always exhibitionist extraordinaire Rafael Rosell in the list of models. Most of the time, he hogs the spotlight, taking measures to really grab all the attention. Maybe he’ll show his fleshy buttocks. Some hint of pubic hair there. And if one gets lucky, a part of his scrotum. Since the Araneta Coliseum expressly prohibits the showing of genitalia, Rafael Rosell‘s penis won’t be the main attraction for now in the Bench Uncut show in July. So what else will he show this time to surprise us? Suggestions are most welcome.

Repertory’s Equus

Remember our Equus post last time, and I thought it’s wishful thinking to have a production here in Manila? Here’s some fresh news from the mail – Repertory Philippines is staging the controversial play and they found an Alan Strang [the lead actor] in the person of Marco Manalac, a De La Salle University faculty member and Ateneo de Manila University cum laude Literature graduate. Equus will be shown at Onstage, Greenbelt 1 in Makati City from 1-9 July 2010. For ticket details, link to the Repertory Philippines website.

Oh, Jome!

The new kid on the Bench block is 20-year-old male model Jome Silayan. Now that his poster’s out, promoting the July underwear show of Bench, his street cred’s going up and up. People are asking about this guy, who’s really cute and sexy in more ways than one. I’m gushing, so just buy the tickets for Bench Uncut to see him in his undies. The tickets to the Araneta Coliseum shall be given after purchasing briefs in the 800-, 1000- and 2000-peso levels at any Bench store.
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