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Speaking of Starstruck alumni, 2009 winner Rocco Nacino walked the ramp for Bench in the Philippine Fashion Week series held recently. He wore a funny black shirt with orange scarf. Exposing a bit of flab, er, flesh, he’s trying to be sexy. On the other side of town, down by sleaze town, 18-year-old bikini open veteran Bryan Manzano – who, incidentally, tried out for Starstruck – also went on stage in orange neckwear and swimwear. Who’s sexier?

Locker Room Boys

Who wouldn’t want to be caught inside the locker room with Mike Tan [left] and Paolo Paraiso? Some steam perhaps with Paolo, sweaty and all? Or maybe the showers with a wet, wet Mike? The two hunks are still on GMA-7, biding their time and waiting for their money shot. Patiently. For now they do bit roles in the soaps and shows of the network.


Well, whaddaya know! I thought I’m through with the college ballers post, but seen at The Strip earlier today were the members of the University of the East Red Warriors, the school’s basketball team. The coach [with shoulder-length hair, newly rebonded, and who could easily pass off as the taller twin brother of that rich person who sells budget cologne, yes that person who won Celebrity Duets on tv recently, whatshisname] was herding off the boys – Biboy Enguio, Jhon Rey Sumido, Kit Rosopa, Sam Razon, Adi Santos, Kenneth Acibar, Garrick Ayala and prized player Paul John Lee [photo] around the bright lights in the big city. It must be the blinding neon lights or I find them all cute and sexy and tall. The boys, who are staying at The Orleans Hotel, are heading to Los Angeles pretty soon to watch a Lakers game, a treat from the UE Alumni Association.


So let’s take a break from all these basketball talk and turn our attention to male model Marx Topacio. I’ve always liked him – fine bod, nice face and good demeanor. And while he used to play for varsity hoops [sorry, I couldn’t get past the basketball connection yet, tee-hee], not much has been heard about him turning tricks. Unlike his friend Ram Sagad who is part of some group of boys providing commercial comfort, Marx refuses to do so and decides to concentrate all his efforts on modeling to earn his keep. So there, not all basketball players do the rough trade.

Pro 3

When professional model Ian Leonel Porlayagan was just starting out, he used to appear in the Wet and Wild Bikini Contest of a small bar along Timog Ave. in Quezon City. Back then he was noticed for his fine skin and chinito features. Then a simple boy from Nueva Ecija trying his luck in crazy Manila, he would go home to “an aunt” in a small hole in the dark bowels of Recto Ave. in Manila. Slowly, he rose to relative fame, vacating his sleazy bikini contest fame for more prestigious competitions such as Mister Philippines 2007 [he won]. After that, he got invited to Cosmo’s annual Bachelors Bash and the Fashion Week series. He has also moved to Peak Tower in Salcedo Village, Makati, sharing a small one-bedroom unit with a loud homosexual, an organizer of a male pageant. Ian Porlayagan has since moved out of that apartment and into the welcoming biceps of a rich benefactor. He now lives a comfortable life. For now. Ah, the luck of the trade!


Model and Century Superbods 2007 winner Ram Sagad is still part of the team. You know, that team of models who are invited, recruited by a rich guy to be his posse and whatever. It’s a fine bunch – sexy, shirtless models walking the beach, cavorting and partying. Ram Sagad , whose lean and gaunt boyish frame is an exception to the team’s standard of robust and muscled men, was enlisted because of his Superbods title. The team boasts of winners in modeling competitions and bikini contests. Ok, there! I didn’t mention varsity and basketball player in this post.

Pro, Too

Ah, the fortunes of 6’2″-tall male model James Zablan! What will he do now? How will he go to the gym, take frequent trips to Boracay, go on a shopping spree? Now that he has fallen out of favor with his generous patron, it seems that the 29-year-old hunk is back to taking modeling jobs on the runway. Time was when he had it all as the best boy of his benefactor until some scandal and scrimmage happened over unrequited love, backstabbing [the real meaning, no double entendre there, I think], and roids. Oh wait, didn’t James play for the FEU Tamaraws when he was a student? Just thinking out loud…


Since he looks a bit like professional basketball player James Yap, who has been getting a lot of press lately in the comments page about ballers-on-retainer, I am posting this photo of freelance model Jadel Lee. This post, however, is not about Jadel Lee, who has an incredible body, mean sex appeal and dubious background. This is about the professional ballers who are getting hired. Since they have the means now – as they are earning lots of money from playing on the hard court – I doubt if these league ballers still want some guy sucking on their penises while they hold on to the promise of a few thousand pesos or the latest Zoom Kobe Vs. But who and how were they prior to turning pro, I mean professional basketball players? Anyone?
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