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Contestant no. 10 – manly, angry and hardy, is James Versoza. He recently won Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown, which wasn’t really much of a showdown because he was the clear winner from the start with his brawn, charm and moxie. The 24-year-old hunk is no stranger to winning contests of the bikini variety as he won in 2007 the Generation East Model search and 4th runner-up at the Mr. Mapua competition.


This is 6’2″-tall model AJ Winkler, who used to model for Bench before moving abroad for modeling jobs. The 25-year-old hunk from Cebu first burst into the local modeling scene via the 2004 MTV Fashionista Model Search [as Mr. Intercontinental-Philippines]. He was one of the more in-demand runway models during his heyday.


Never mind the Kiss-like makeup – rouge lipstick and all. The package is downstairs and it’s a whole lot of mass! It’s Jay Barcelina again, cocky and ballsy in more ways than one. This 5’11-tall and 20-year-old Engineering student from Taytay, Rizal is quietly and seriously making the rounds of the contests in town. He did a near-miss at the Heatwave 2009 contest where he landed first runner-up.


For your dose of chinito charm, here’s Richard Pangilinan, a student of Criminology at the Angeles University Foundation in Pampanga. He’s quite known in the male personality competitions in his city and nearby areas [provinces] as he has been winning some of dem contests in his itty-bitty underwear. Happy Friday everyone!

Benjamin’s Thang. Again.

Now that Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka is back in town to rouse and revitalize Folded & Hung‘s underwear line, rival Bench Body‘s best bet to counter the nipo-brasileiro‘s briefskrieg is Benjamin Tang. The 23-year-old Eurasian [a potent mix of German, Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese blood] looks mighty fine for an undergarments model. Proof positive is the image above, taken back stage at the Bench Uncut show, where Mighty Benjamin proved too big for his britches.


One of the well-known rules of bikini contests is that smaller swimwear [or briefs] means bigger chances of winning the top prize. Of course, an appealing face and toned bod are deal breakers, too. But nothing beats close-fitting undies in competitions where all the men are scoring equally well in the face and body department. The guy in, uh, constricted bikini is Ramon “JM” Layson, Jr., a 5’10”-tall Masbate province native who’s trying his luck in the metro’s [underwear] modeling scene.


Contestant no. 4 – in denim ‘kinis [dang!] – is Jon Alfred Talde Abo a.k.a. Ace Lawrence Lee in the bikini pageant circuit. The 5’7″-tall native of Olongapo City has been quietly making a name for himself in the tiny thongs contests outside the metro. So far he has won Mr. Bikini Bodies 2009 [Mabalacat, Pampanga], Mr. Body Shots 2010 [Subic Bay], Mr. Pogi Subic 2010, and Globe Tattoo Sexiest Body 2010. Whew!

Welcome Back!

So, you’re back! That’s great news. At least for all of us here waiting for you to come home to Manila. We’re actually anticipating the time when you’ll be again in those giant billboards, with nothing but your hardihood and those Folded & Hung briefs. That’ll give ’em Bench boys a run for their money. You were always the one – the guy who pump-primed underwear ads here. So, cheerio! Welcome back, Hideo!


Contestant no. 5 is R-Jay Basbas from Las Pinas City. He’s a student at the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA where he’s reportedly a varsity player. R-Jay is now into joining bikini competitions, too, when there’s no school. Recently, he was one of the finalists of Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown held a month ago.


Time was when boys had to wear speedos – lycra and nylon and elastane, in the swimwear category of every bikini contest. Nowadays, the thinner the fabric, the better. So it’s gauzy, gossamer or maybe the more conservative cotton briefs from Bench, where the shape and size of the penis is most prominent. For the teasing, of course. In photo: 25-year-old Merick Lumagui, winner of Kouros Male Model Search 2006 and Subic Beach Bodies 2008.
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