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Teen Hunk

You want more sleaze? I’ll give you sleaze. Here’s nineteen-year-old Mark Revilla, a very recognizable face [and body] in the bikini competitions in town. Recently, he won as Mr. Sex Appeal or something at the annual guy fleshfest a.k.a. Ginoong Pilipinas 2010.


How about an ex-varsity hoops player? His name is Emmanuel Mago, a 6’3″-tall professional model. This 28-year-old hunk from Camarines Sur used to play for the Emilio Aguinaldo College [EAC] Generals. In 2007, Emmanuel, a virtual unknown, competed against more seasoned male models for the Mr. World-Philippines title. He represented the country that year in the international pageant. This Business Administration graduate from EAC has since jumped into the more exciting runways and catwalks in the metro.


Back to regular programming. Back to posts of regular guys -younger ones – in tiny ‘kinis, short shorts and bitty briefs. It’s Jhon Mark Marcia, a recent runner-up at the Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown 2010. He’s utterly familiar because he’s appeared before in the defunct Lips Bar’s daring shows, the bare-all ones. Now, he’s doing the rounds of the male competitions in more decent shorts.

Big Daddy

There’s a hoo-ha out there for burly mature men so here’s prime beef, er, example – Richard Nazareth. This 6’3″-tall [c]hunk used to dominate the runways in the 90s in addition to the fact that he lorded it over in various TVCs and print ads during his heydays. Now, he may be past his modeling prime [age: 40 years old] in the lean and mean category but he sure is still hot these days. In the big daddy department, of course.

The Brothers Morales

One of the most favored Bench underwear models [and actor] Haroun Morales [left] has a brother and his name is Rafael, cute and twinky with a nice bod to boot. While Haroun is making a name for himself in showbiz via tv soaps and shows, Rafael took the path well-traveled – the racy, risqué bikini route. Rafael has since retired, hanging up his tiny ‘kinis for a life abroad.

More Brent

Here’s Brent Javier again, zero body fat in chintzy briefs. Just the same, he is still cute like a puppy. After his failed bid at entering showbiz [he did a couple of movies and a tv soap], he’s back to modeling on the runway, TVCs and print ads.


A typhoon hit the country yesterday and plunged the island of Luzon into darkness as electricity was knocked out. In a situation like this, what happens to that cottage industry of bikini contests previously scheduled? Do they still go on, pitch dark or shine? Of course, they still continue. The [bikini] show must go on. Images above are that of Vigilio Jaboli a.k.a. Mark Daniel Alarcon [left] and Mark Revilla, old hats in the men-in-briefs competitions.


Now that the rainy season has kicked in, spending time in bed with some chunky-hunky and hairy guy is a good idea. Like this guy in the photo above. Lucky contestant no. 13 is Gamac Mendoza, a familiar face in sexy competitions in town. This 6′-tall native of Romblon is busy in the metro as a freelance model, underwear contestant and a supermarket sales clerk.


It seems like Jeffrey Surio is back in Manila after his entertainment stint abroad. This veteran bikini open contestant and underwear show regular was missing from the thongs-and-things scene for a while, as he had to work in Macau with the Johnron, Jude Marco, Kenjie, Raymond, Paul Anthony, and Dennis. Jeffrey still has that fine form and he’s ready to go back to work. In his tiny briefs.


The things I discover in the mail! Looking at this photo made me summon into mind The Clientele’s spoken-word Losing Haringey, tweaking it a bit: When I look back at this there’s nothing to grasp, no starting point. I was inside an underexposed photo from 1994. Strongest of all was the feeling of 1994-ness: dizzy, illogical, as if none of the intervening disasters and wrong turns had happened yet. I felt guilty and inconsolably sad. I felt the instinctive tug back – to school, the memory of shopping malls, cooking, driving in my mother’s car. All gone, gone forever.
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